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RUSH: Folks, this is not about the Confederacy. It’s not about slavery. It’s not about being offended by statues. That’s not what’s happening here. What’s happening is that a bunch of Marxists under the guise of Black Lives Matter and Social Justice and whatever other groups are out there are literally trying to tear this country down, not insult it, tear it down, tear it apart, rip it apart.

Have you heard the latest? They want to take down the Teddy Roosevelt statue at the Museum of Natural History on Central Park West in New York. He built this museum. He stocked its first exhibits. The guy traveled the world. I don’t know when Teddy Roosevelt ever slept, to tell you the truth. Talk about somebody that did so much with the life he was given. Holy smokes.

And the statue is of Teddy Roosevelt on a horse and standing next to him on the horse an African-American and an Injun. And it is, “Those two figures are being depicted in dependence and in slavery and secondary status. It’s gotta come down.” Teddy Roosevelt was one of the greatest defining figures in this country’s history. The fact that they want to tear it down has nothing to do with there’s a racist intent of the statue, the fact there’s an Indian there and an African-American kneeling beside Teddy Roosevelt. Nothing to do with that. Nothing to do with the Confederacy, do nothing to do with slavery.

They hate this country. And they are in the process of tearing it down. And the statues and the artwork and whatever else is simply a way of doing that. And so the question that we have is what are we gonna do? We gonna stand by and watch it, unwilling to do anything about it? Are we gonna stand up and stop it? We gonna stand up and oppose it?

You know, this same thing happened in Venezuela. Don’t get mad. Don’t get mad. But it did. There are people who were alive in Venezuela, still are, when Hugo Chavez did this exact same thing. This is what communists do. They get rid of any symbol linking the country they want to destroy to every aspect of its past, on the premise that the nation’s past is deeply flawed and irredeemable.

And there’s one Venezuelan who was a teenager at the time this was happening with Hugo Chavez, “I didn’t care. I didn’t care. A bunch of statues, a bunch of old guys I never heard of. I didn’t care.” Now he’s saying I should have cared because now look, the whole country has just been decimated. It’s been ruined. It was a petroleum superpower at one point in time and now it’s just an ash heap, by design, that somebody still wants to run and be dictator over.

Try to bring it back to some semblance where there’s creation of wealth that the dictator can steal and appropriate for himself. But that’s exactly the kind of thing that is happening here. And if you think that we can just be patient, sit by, they’ll get it out of their system, you’re sadly mistaken. They’re not gonna get it out of their system. These people are gonna have to be stopped. They are going to have to be defeated.

Now, there are certain things about these so-called revolutions, they do end up eating their own in time. But they are not going to get tired. They’re not going to wear out.


RUSH: Folks, do not doubt me on this. Trump is getting better and better on the statue topplers and defacers. He’s really comfortably getting into the role now of being the voice of sanity in all this. Now, except for… I can’t think of any other Republicans that are willing to join him on this. This is one of the frustrating things. Maybe Tom Cotton. Maybe Josh Hawley.

But Trump is still… It’s just like it was in 2017, his first year, trying to work with Congress. The Republicans thought he was toast, and so they didn’t help him reform or get rid of Obamacare ’cause they still, at that time, believed that stupid Russian stuff. So he’s got no help from Republicans in Congress. He doesn’t have any help from Republican conservative punditry out there.

More and more, those people are heading over to the Never Trumper side. (interruption) Well, okay. What do I mean? How many elected Republicans have denounced the arson and the defacing of St. John’s Church? Look, the Republican Party, folks — in the elected political world — is where the pushback ought to be happening, not from you.

You’re not elected. You don’t have a power base. They do, and they are not saying a thing. How many elected Republicans have denounced the mass destruction and desecration of these statues, these public monuments all across the country, even in their own states? How many of them are making it look like they’re outraged by it?

How many of them are saying anything along the lines of making you believe they think it should stop, and that they’re gonna do something to make it stop? On the other hand, how many elected Republicans have gone stone-cold silent in the face of these violent mobs? And make no mistake, it’s what this is. This is an out-of-control mob.

Mob rule is the order of the day. Nobody’s standing up to it. Sorry to sound like a broken record. How many elected Republicans have demanded the arrest — or that these people even be charged with crimes for tearing down these monuments and statues? Where are they? Well, I have a piece here by Christopher Bedford in The Federalist.

Let me give you a pull quote. The pull quote may contain the answer to the question: Where are they? “A society that believes in itself builds monuments, a sick society does not” build monuments, “and a dying society watches as they are torn down. While Roman kings, French monks, American Tories, and Russian tsarists were unable to defeat the revolutions that first tore down their symbols, today in the United States we [it appears] are simply unwilling.”

That does capture it, doesn’t it? Not you and me. I’m talking about the elected officials. The power base, the power base for the opposition to all this, sadly, is the Republican Party. There isn’t any pushback. But more than that, there appears to be an unwillingness to take any of it on. Why? Why is that? Is the elected Republican base really populated with a bunch of people that also hate Trump?

Everywhere statues are torn down by the mob, you know what history shows? Real people are next. If you let ’em get away with it, real people are next. “The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next.” People themselves must also fall.

And if we’re unwilling to stop any of this — and that’s where Trump comes in, because he is not unwilling. He is singularly focused and purposed precisely on stopping it.


RUSH: Leesburg, Virginia. This is Tammy, and you’re up. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Mr. Rush, we love you, we’re praying for you, and what I was — can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah. I just didn’t want to interrupt you. I was gonna say “thank you” but there’s a delay —


RUSH: I just let people go. It makes the conversation much more efficient. But I heard you.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I was listening to you talking about how come the Republicans are not doing anything about these statues being torn down. And the thought that came to me is that they’re afraid of being labeled racist by the Black Lives Matter people. But that’s ridiculous, ’cause Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by these Marxists that you’re talking about, and they don’t even really represent the true — I just think they’re being very unfair to African-Americans in the United States of America. I think it’s very wrong what’s happening with Black Lives Matter right now.

RUSH: Obviously it is.


RUSH: They’re Marxist uprising right —

CALLER: So sad.

RUSH: — in front of our eyes. They’ve got a lot of people fooled into thinking that it’s a black social justice movement.


RUSH: Violent cops and all of that. You make a good point out there, Tammy, that people don’t want to resist or appear to oppose or even stop Black Lives Matter because they might be accused of being a racist. Look, isn’t it about time we got past this? Look at crap that we had handed to us as a society after eight years of Obama because nobody had the guts to stand up to it because, “Well, we can’t. He’s the first African-American president. You can’t criticize. They’re gonna call us racists, and we can’t really deny his agenda. We don’t want to be the people seen as doing that.”

Okay. So we stand aside and let them do whatever they want to do. And they knew full well how they had us paralyzed. And now, now Obama’s gone, now it’s the same thing? We’re gonna let fear of being called racist? And I don’t doubt that this is a factor. I don’t know to what extent. I’ll tell you, I have less and less patience for it. And, of course, I am a famous public figure. I have been called all of these names for my entire career. And you know, guess what? I’m still here. I’m still here doing what I do at the same level with the same level of business success I’ve always had.


RUSH: Shana in Baltimore. You’re next. It’s great to have you here. Hello.



CALLER: I just wanted to talk about protesting and rioting.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Crazy here in Baltimore. You know, protesting is like okay, you know, a bad thing happened, but you couldn’t do anything to prevent it and, you know, now they’re rioting, blowing people up, defunding police, and it’s just, you know, we can’t do anything about it. They keep bringing it up, that they were slaves, which doesn’t really have to do with anything, and they’re trying to get stuff out of it. But for me, as a Jew, my ancestors were slaves, our whole life we were tortured in every generation, and we’re not complaining. They’re like trying to get money from the government because of all the trouble their ancestors went through, but I don’t know any of my fellow Jews that are —

RUSH: Well, you know, you – (crosstalk)

CALLER: — with the government.

RUSH: You raise a very interesting point, one that is very, very risky to bring up. And in your case, you’re Jewish. Why in the world hasn’t all of this — and it has been, and it hasn’t mattered what time of year, it hasn’t mattered which year, you have been discriminated against, is putting it mildly.


RUSH: You have been targeted for thousands and thousands of years. And the amazingly thing is that throughout out of that your culture, your identity has not been compromised. You have not allowed all of this that’s been done to you to — I mean, you may have been embittered at some point, but it has not changed who you are.

By the same token, in this country we’ve had Asians, we’ve had Native Americans, we’ve had any number of minorities. The fat, the fat are a huge minority in America. They have been discriminated against, they have been mistreated. And why is there only one group in this country that seems to have been permanently grievanced by this and unable to do anything about it? But see, you’re not supposed to bring that up, Shana.


RUSH: You didn’t, I did. I mean, you’re still not supposed to bring that up.

CALLER: No. I just wish everyone could get along. Racism is a big, bad thing, you know. My family, my relatives, we all go through it every single day —

RUSH: Shana, they don’t want to get along. We’re dealing with people here who — I don’t know. It is so tangled. There are so many depths, so many different levels to these various anti-American, pro-Marxist protest groups to explain them, I mean, to try to define them. But none of this is about getting along with anybody. None of this is about having people who they think have mistreated them stop mistreating them and treating them better. It’s not about that. It’s not about fixing anything. It’s not about correcting anything.

This is where the white, Millennial, female population is really blowing it ’cause they think it is about all that. It’s just a matter of, you know, showing that we care and that we understand and that we’ll be nice and that we agree that America stinks, has been rotten. That’s not gonna do anything but make them think they’re dealing with a bunch of useful idiots. They have no desire to get along with you or me. None.

Unless — I mean, if you will grovel and if you will admit that you’re a white supremacist, if you will admit that white privilege totally explains why you have had an enjoyable life, if you will bow down and if you will totally prostrate yourself and admit a bunch of stuff that you would never otherwise admit — and then they’ll still laugh at you while you think that you’re gaining and currying favor with them.

But the objective is not to get along. “Why can’t we all just get along?” I mean, that’s the wish, and that’s the desire. Why does there have to be all of this hate? And to a certain extent it’s hate, but what we’re really looking at here, folks, is a manifestation of Marxism being taught, inculcated, being used as a motivational tool, and we’re simply looking at an uprising that has been in the works for decades on the American college campus. And it is coming to fruition now.

Now, I think Donald Trump is hastened it. I think Trump is a new element that they didn’t factor. They’ve been at this longer than Trump was thinking about being president. Add Trump to the mix and it discombobulates them even further. And then you add to it everything they’ve tried to get rid of the guy, and he won’t leave.

Here, grab sound bite number 14. This, again, the cofounder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors. She’s on with — who else? — Jake Tapper on CNN Friday night. And he said, ” I’ve heard a lot of criticism of Joe Biden from civil rights activists. The election obviously is gonna be a choice. How do you think Biden matches up compared to Trump when it comes to these issues that are important to you?”

CULLORS: Hands down Trump not only needs to not be in office in November, but he should resign now. Trump needs to be out of office. He’s not fit for office. And so what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out. Our goal is to get Trump out.

RUSH: There you go. They’re gonna get Trump out. Now, what has this woman done? Okay. So she founded Black Lives Matter. Who is she to say Trump is not fit? You know why Trump is fit? He ran. He went through a grueling two-year campaign. He went through a grueling two-year media anal exam that is still being conducted. Donald Trump has had to endure some of the most inhumane, unfair, unreal, lying sack of garbage coverage that any American has ever had to endure. He still prevailed. He won.

Somebody that had never had run for office before won. He won the presidency, versus somebody who is a lifetime professional in the field who was roundly embarrassed, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for her, and not even Obama could stop Trump. Bill Clinton couldn’t stop Trump. Stormy Daniels couldn’t stop Trump. Black Lives Matter will not stop Trump.

But who the hell do you think you are in the first place? What have you done? Who the hell are you to say that anybody is fit or unfit? And of course without a compliant, supportive media, nobody would know who this babe is and she wouldn’t have any kind of credibility whatsoever.


RUSH: Keanna in Ft. Lauderdale, you’re next. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. I hope you’re doing well.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I am. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I just wanted to comment on the removal of the statues. For example, I heard about the removal of the Ulysses S. Grant statue. I just think it’s really counterproductive to the movement considering Ulysses S. Grant fought for the Union, and also dedicated his presidency to helping black people in his two terms. And also, I just wanted to talk about how you mentioned earlier the Marxist ideology, and I have to agree with you. I think this is a direct attack on America and our values, and it’s also a reflection of our school system and what we’re teaching our students.

RUSH: Oh, hell, yes! That’s where all of this has been fomented. You’re exactly right. This is where these people have been trained, if not here, in schools elsewhere. Nope. Nope. That is a hundred percent right — and not just at academe, but it’s also happening at various high schools and middle schools. This stuff has been taught patiently and purposefully for decades now. No, no, no. You’re exactly right, and I’m so glad you called, Keanna.

Thank you very much.

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