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RUSH: In Los Angeles, an off-duty LAPD cop paid for his Starbucks frappuccino with his credit-union debit card, alerting the staff to his profession. When he was halfway through his drink, the officer reportedly reached in and pulled out a soggy tampon.

An investigation is underway. Anyone found responsible for putting the feminine hygiene product in his frappuccinno will be charged with felony food tampering.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., a group of protesters were caught on video verbally abusing police officers. One demonstrator, who happened to be white, repeatedly called a black officer a piece of excrement. He screamed that the black cop was “part of the F-ing problem,” and called him the N-word. When warned he was too close to the officer, the protester said it was his First Amendment right to get in the cop’s face and verbally abuse him.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matters activist Shaun King is calling for statues of Jesus Christ to be taken down because, he says, they are a form of “white supremacy.” He is also demanding that stained glass windows depicting “white Jesus and his European mother and their white friends” be removed, because they are tools of “oppression” and “racist propaganda.”

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, you are in America. This is what leftists are doing to your country. This is what people are letting happen — by a bunch of insane lunatics.

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