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RUSH: Let me wrap up setting the table as it is for President Trump and what all of this means. It means that you have got to maintain your support. Trump’s base must stay devoted, it must stay loyal, it must remain fearless. All of you in the Trump base, don’t go wobbly, don’t start falling for the efforts that are currently underway to make you start doubting. Don’t fall for the polling data, don’t fall for anything.

You’ve been through it. You went through all of this already in 2016. It’s just more intense now. Back then they didn’t think Trump had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Not only did he win, now they can’t get rid of him. They haven’t been able to get rid of him. And they are willing, like our last caller asked, “Why would the Democrats want to destroy the country?” That’s not what they think they’re doing.

When I started this program it was an entirely different Democrat Party. Yeah, it may have the same kind of people. Look at Pelosi. Look at how radicalized Pelosi appears to have become. The thing is she was always this way. They just had to temper it. They’ve always been this way. They just couldn’t come out openly and be this. They are now because they’re at their wits’ end. And they finally think, folks, that they have the momentum.

As far as they’re concerned, their mental attitude, they’ve got the optimism. And when you are optimistic, you are aggressive and you are creative and you feel invincible. Pessimism, which is what many of you are probably feeling — I guarantee you if you’re pessimistic, you’re not very confident. If you’re pessimistic, you’re not very aggressive. If you’re pessimistic, your creativity scale is kind of at the low end. If you’re pessimistic, you feel lonely. If you’re pessimistic, you feel helpless.

Well, these people are none of any of that. They feel the exact opposite. The difference is, the point is they have felt this way at times for all of the past four years. And every time that they have felt invincible and optimistic and every time they thought, “This is it. We got the guy now,” it’s blown up in their faces. And this is going to, too, if you stay solid. There’s really nowhere else to go, folks. That’s why this business of Romney and some of these Republicans saying they’re gonna vote for Biden, that is outrageously stupid. There is nowhere else to go. There is no one else to vote for.

Now, let me finish setting the table here because I think it’s important for everybody to understand what Trump knows he faces. What we’re looking at here, as far as the left and the way they’re conducting things, death by a thousand little nicks at the local level. Blue states, blue cities, with the help of wink-and-nod authorities in the media who are willing to not report the bad stuff. They’re willing to not report the good stuff for Trump like a great Supreme Court ruling he got yesterday, you have probably not even heard about it.

The left has gamed all this out, folks. They know it. If Trump uses force, sends in troops to get back that three- or six-square-block area of Seattle, if he sends in troops, it’s a big risk because the governors and the mayors there do not want that. And what if the military doesn’t respond to his order? Use force? He may end up looking weak because the states won’t go along. If he doesn’t use force, it allows the media to glorify the thugs, which is what they’re doing, and that just makes everything look worse.

So what Trump has to do, from my vantage point, he has to figure out a way to calmly and quietly stop the violence by thousands of federal indictments, by a massive legal task force. He has to smash any looter or rioter on federal property where he has the loyalty of authorities and restore calm in D.C. He does have the ability to do this in D.C.

When those retired generals came out and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff came out, they made it look like they were running their own coup or that they were part of it. So Biden sees that, don’t forget, or somebody in the Biden camp saw that. And they bragged the military would remove Trump, essentially, if Biden claims the election was stolen by Trump. Biden’s already setting all this stuff up. He’s already encouraging these generals to do his bidding on the basis that he’s gonna win and Trump’s not gonna leave. Biden’s already putting that out there the.

So he’s in a catch-22 trap that he’s gotta do deal with here very, very cautiously. We forget or a lot of people forget, we are watching this coup, which began on election night 2016, we are watching a slow-motion coup d’etat when generals like Mattis out there, “There’s only a small number of protesters. It’s nothing to get worried about.” Remember what he said that? “There’s nothing to get concerned about. It’s a tiny bunch of people. It’s not worth calling out the U.S. military.” Or “the mayors welcome this stuff.” The mayors want the CHAZes and the CHOPs of the world, and they kick out troops.

What the left wants is for us to panic. They want you to turn on Trump. And we may get there if he won’t risk his presidency and restore order. But we have to articulate what the left is doing and how he has to navigate it carefully. And, folks, the bottom line is that they don’t think they are destroying the country. They think they’re fixing it at long last. They haven’t liked what America is for I can’t tell you how long. It’s been one of the unifying forces they have.

Now, yesterday, Biden came out of his hole, gave a weird speech and had an even weirder town hall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was a town hall without a town. He looked like he was sitting in the garden of a nursing home talking to the grandkids. And he had that stupid black mask on, and it was around his neck. And he claimed that over 120 million were dead from COVID-19, 120 million dead.

That’s a third of the population, 120 million dead. Did anybody say, “No, that’s just Joe. He’s got a heart of gold. Don’t worry old Joe. We know Joe”? This is noteworthy because it’s the first time in 83 days that anybody has really seen Biden live. He gave a teleprompter speech later in the day on health care in a room all by himself, took no questions from the press.

While he was flubbing this Big Health Care event, it was reported — did you hear this? — that he had a large cancer nonprofit raising money for cancer cures and cancer research. It was nothing more than a money-laundering operation right out of the Clinton mold. Sixty-five percent of the money raised went to Biden family members. This is how the left does it. This is how minorities and others on the left get rich in Washington.

They set up foundations or nonprofits. They seek donations and everybody donates money ’cause it’s just what you do and they hire their families to run these shill operations, which don’t do much of anything. And that’s how they end up becoming independently wealthy. That’s how they end up on a congressional salary of whatever it is, owning massive amounts of property and having six- and seven-figure net worths.

The Plugs cancer charity raised $4.8 million in two years. Not one dollar went to anybody with cancer, or very little of it did. He’s really concerned about changing health care in America. But nobody’s reported this. Nobody has reported this. There are very few Democrat voters in this country who know anything about what I just told you about the Biden cancer fraud operation or the fact that he thinks 120 million people have died from COVID-19. Because the Drive-By Media hasn’t bothered to report it. And they will not report it. They’re not gonna report anything that might make Biden look like the guy he is.

If Trump had said 120 million people dead, if Trump had set up a phony foundation to basically launder money to make his family wealthy, you wouldn’t hear the last of it. James Carville was out yesterday. (doing impression) “Oh, Biden’s gonna be Biden. He’s gaffe-prone, but he’s got a heart of gold, heart of gold out there. You can’t say nothing bad about old Joe. Joe one of the greatest guys in the Democrat Party. Leader that we need. He’s the exact kind of leader we need. He’s the kind of leader that the world need. Joe Biden.”

And guess what? Now there’s an official move on to make sure that we don’t have any presidential debates, and it comes from Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post. Headline: “It’s Time to Rethink the Presidential Debates.” Damn right it is because there is no way that Joe Biden can do one. The day Biden came out of that hole, 120 million people dead from COVID-19 and the news hit about his phony cancer charity, Karen Tumulty sits down and starts the Drive-By Media push to cancel presidential debates.

Now, her piece, by the way, barely mentions Biden. Oh, yeah. Barely mentions the fact that he can barely stand up. It barely mentions the fact that he doesn’t know where he is half the time. No, it’s not about that. It’s that they’re just boring. The presidential debates have become so boring. They’re glorified, dull and boring press conferences. There’s no reason for them.

The country has moved way past it. She didn’t even put anything about Biden in her piece. So the rest of the Drive-Bys right on cue begin picking this stuff up. “Yeah, we need to get rid of presidential debates.” And this, as you well know, is how all of this happens. Meanwhile, Trump is hoping to get three of them in.


RUSH: This is Debbie, Carson City, Nevada. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, madam. Great to have you with us here.

CALLER: I’m responding to your question earlier in the show where you wanted to know what we needed to hear from President Trump. And I would love it if we could get, a message, a speech, a press conference, some kind of message from him every day that was strong and heroic and patriotic, reassuring us that he knows what the left is doing and that he has a plan to beat them, and that he’s implementing the plan, and that he will save our country, save our freedom, save our way of life.

RUSH: Are you experiencing doubt about this? Are you not sure that the president is aware of what we’re up against?

CALLER: The only thing is that I’m not hearing it from him in very clear words. I know he knows what’s going on, but we need to hear it. We need to be reassured by him. And you were asking how could he appear as a strong leader. It’s gotta be a leadership message. You were talking about appearing with generals, I assume that was to show strength —

RUSH: No, no, no. I think you’ve misunderstood me. The generals are already engaged in a near mutiny against him.

CALLER: Well, okay. Anyway, for us patriots, I think it would help me feel good about the coming election and the efforts of the left. They are truly evil. And I do fear someday they are gonna get back into power, and what will they do. So I want him to reassure me that he’s on top of it and he will protect us and our country.

RUSH: So you need to hear from him before you’ll be confident that he’s up to it?

CALLER: I know that he will be. I want him to put out that patriotic leadership, heroic message to us to raise our spirits and so that we have — all of us have confidence —

RUSH: You want to hear him say something that will let you know he sees the problem like you do. You want to hear him say he understands what we’re up against and that the objective here is to preserve this country as founded, to preserve the American way of life. You want him to actually voice that that is his agenda, and in so doing you will be confident that he knows what we’re up against and that he’s got to be able to take steps to defeat it and stop it. So that’s what I hear you saying. And I’m pretty sure that I’m probably right on the money with that just as soon as we run out of time here.

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