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RUSH: Carmen, Daytona Beach, Florida. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m good. I’m good. Thank you.

CALLER: First of all, I just want to wish you a lot of luck in what you’re going through, you know. We are praying for you.

RUSH: I appreciate. Thank you very, very much.

CALLER: We could never, ever — I just can’t even imagine not having you on the radio and not listening to you.

RUSH: Well, that’s awfully sweet. I can’t thank you enough for that.

CALLER: My question is more of a statement than a question. I’m worried about DeSantis kind of cowering to the media with the rise of the COVID-19 epidemic. I just feel like this constant, you know, beating the drum every day with Florida, and then of course with Texas of course being Republican states, and the two governors, of course, being probably one of the first ones to open up —

RUSH: Wait a minute. You may be more informed than I. What is DeSantis doing you’re unhappy about?

CALLER: Well, right now he wants to shut down all liquor distribution at bars and what have you, and that is effective immediately. I mean, I worry about these businesses. I mean, you know, Florida is always catering to the tourists and what have you. And I just think that he’s just bowing down to this constant media drumbeat of COVID. I mean, you can’t help that, it is gonna happen when more and more people are obviously testing for it. They’re not dying from it, they’re just testing. And perhaps, yes, they’re —

RUSH: Nah, nah, nah. This is why patience is a virtue. You just swerved into one of the truths here. You said the number of deaths are not going up. That’s exactly right, but it is the exact opposite of the attempt and purpose of the media. The reason for reporting all these cases is for people to think of them as deaths or as soon to be deaths. That’s unquestionably what the media objective here is.

Let me review again, folks. Let’s go back to the brilliant examples I gave you about these blue state governors and mayors not wanting any federal assistance to shut down the rioting and looting and the taking over of private property. They don’t want any help. They don’t want federal troops coming in. They don’t want order restored. The cause is getting rid of Donald Trump. And the more of this that goes on out there, the more apparent chaos that Trump can’t fix or control, the better it is for Biden and the Democrats. And they are willing to sacrifice their businesses. They’re sacrificing their people.

They are willing to sacrifice the whole notion of private property. They’re willing to have people leave the state if that’s what’s necessary in order to keep this going. Same thing with COVID-19. Blue state governors and mayors — I mean, if you want to get down to brass tacks here, folks, if you want me to hit you between the eyes with this, blue state governors and mayors can purposely crash their economies without fear of losing to Republicans in November. And this includes shutting down even more.

Now, this is not DeSantis, don’t misunderstand. But this is the same thing with COVID-19. They can shut down their states, they can shut down their cities, or they can amp up great restrictions on their populations that will crash their economies in blue cities and states without fear of losing to Republicans in November. These are blue states, blue cities. Aren’t enough Republicans there to defeat a Democrat mayor, Democrat governor. So it’s the same thing.

California, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, these are deep blue states. There is no danger of Republicans sweeping the Democrats out of power. And because there’s no threat to Democrat power, they can lock down their cities, they can lock down their states, they can use any excuse they want, COVID-19 or support of the rioters and Black Lives Matter.

They don’t have to thread a needle. There’s no one to answer to. If you’re a Democrat governor, Democrat mayor, there’s nobody to answer to. You’re not running the risk of somebody voting you out of office. At least the opposite party. Just tamp down job growth. Just tamp down economic activity in the name of safety and hope that that helps feeble Joe Biden win the presidency and get rid of Trump.

Blue states have no problems with self-inflicted job depressions. The fact is, you know, wiping out the middle class, that’s the dream of leftists. You probably think that the middle class is who they support. The middle class, that’s who the Democrats support, the little guy. Wrongo, folks. They don’t want a robust middle class. And they definitely do not want an African-American or black middle class. You know why? Because it’s filled with upwardly mobile people.

The middle class is where you have upward mobility and move in to the upper middle class. And then you move out of the middle class, and some days you may fall back into it, but there’s mobility. They don’t like the middle class. The Democrat Party is not interested in there being a middle class, robust or otherwise. It’s not about black lives mattering. It’s about creating sustainable dependency and control. The problem is getting all these young skulls full of mush to understand that they’re protesting and voting against their own best interests when they vote with these people.

Now, how does this relate to DeSantis? Well, DeSantis is in a much different situation than a blue state governor or mayor who doesn’t have one fear of losing the next election because of the opposition party. But DeSantis is not in that boat. There’s a good number of Democrats in this state. So DeSantis has to thread a needle. And he has to take a lot of things into account as he makes these decisions.

I’ll tell you something else. We live here in Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County may as well be Minnesota, may as well be Seattle, Palm Beach County. We, the good guy, we are outnumbered. The restrictions on wearing masks and associating with other people, they are chomping at the bit to shut this county down. They are chomping at the bit to do it all over again. I mean, go down to a full lockdown. And down in Miami-Dade, Broward, it’s the same thing. They’re chomping at the bit. They can’t wait to mandate masks everywhere you go. And they would go further if they could.

Now, I’m not quite up to speed. Has DeSantis closed the bars? What is this she was talking about? (interruption) Okay. Well, I can’t read the story while I’m doing it, but I’ll look at it. I’ll take a break and get to it.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s what’s happened in Florida. Florida has banned consuming adult beverages at bars, 8,942 daily coronavirus cases shatter the record. So Florida regulators ban drinking adult beverages at bars, effectively shutting them down, which makes sense. Florida reported 8,942 new cases of coronavirus today. “The move comes just three weeks after bars were allowed to reopen and amid mounting numbers of the highly contagious disease in the state.”

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