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RUSH: The geniuses at Politico think they’ve figured out President Trump’s reelection strategy. They say it is to wage a “never-ending war” with the states. The president is supposedly “targeting” blue-state governors the way he used to go after Congress, calling them “weak” and “pathetic.”

Politico claims this strategy emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, and that it hasn’t stopped. They say press secretary Kayleigh McEnany boosted Trump’s strategy this week, because she blamed governors for the violence and chaos in their streets and reminded the governors that they are responsible for policing those riot-torn streets.

There is only one thing missing from this analysis by Politico, and that’s the truth.

The tensions between President Trump and blue states began long before the coronavirus. It started Day One, as President Trump demanded that states follow federal immigration law. It was heightened when Trump got rid of Obama-era environmental policies that hurt business.

And, since Politico brought it up, let’s talk about the pandemic. It’s obvious that some blue-state governors are doing everything they can to keep their states closed, despite the economic harm it caused and is still causing. It’s the blue states that are playing politics. It’s the blue states that want to keep their states crumbling all the way through November. They’re the ones waging a “never-ending war” on President Trump, that’s what pathetic and it’s also the truth. Politico got it back asswards.

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