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RUSH: It is stunning how identical the polls of today are to exactly four years ago in 2016.

Now, folks, you and I know that there’s nothing in the, quote, unquote, news today that’s true. For example, there was nothing true about the Russian meddling or the collusion story. And as the president pointed out last night, the media awarded itself Pulitzer Prizes for that story, and not a word of it for two years was true. Mueller knew the day that he took the job that there was no evidence, that there was no collusion. He could have announced that right off the bat. Instead he waited two years.

Why? Because he’s a thug. He is not Mr. Honor and Mr. Integrity. And he was part of the cabal that was instrumental in running this silent coup, which is still in operation. The coup to get rid of Donald Trump even before the election this year is still underway. So if nothing in the media is true, if they are lying, why would the polling data that they produce be any different? Why should we put aside everything we know about how they are making it up, not telling us the truth, leaving out the truth, whatever, and then all of a sudden they give a poll and we automatically believe it?

Why? What’s the sense in that? Have you ever seen so many polls be so consistent? Every poll, every poll says Biden is ahead of Trump by 12 points. Biden is ahead of nobody. Biden does not have a base, other than the Democrat Party. Biden doesn’t have any voter enthusiasm. This is all about Trump. We could start a new feature on this program, “This day in polling history” segment on one of the polls we’re saying about the presidential race in 2016.

Well, let’s do it. Washington Post/ABC poll. June 26th, 2016. Exactly four years ago. This headline: “Clinton Opens 12-Point Lead on Trump as Two-Thirds See Him as Biased — Hillary Clinton surged to a broad advantage against Donald Trump,” blah, blah, blah, blah. The article is by the pollster Gary Langer. Here’s how it starts.

“The new poll shows Hillary Clinton 12-point lead the poll showed Clinton with a 51 to 39% lead over Trump among registered voters. Hillary surged to a broad advantage against Trump in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll capitalizing on Trump’s recent campaign missteps. Two-thirds of Americans see him as biased against groups like women, minorities, or Muslims, and a new high, 64%, call him unqualified to serve.”

Why, folks, that’s four years ago. That’s not this week. That’s four years ago. The Economist. Here another example, deja vu all over again. “The Economist magazine claims as of Wednesday evening that Biden has an 87% chance of winning. Trump has only a 13% chance.” In fact, the Economist stated that it believed Biden has a 98% chance of winning the most states in November, estimated that Biden could win as many as 412 electoral votes, which would be an historic landslide.”

A couple of weeks before the election, 2016, October 18th, 2016, New York Times predicted Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of beating Trump. Doesn’t matter, folks, whatever poll you look at, you can find today that has Trump trailing Biden by 12 points. You can find a poll four years ago that’s gonna show you the same thing. Just change the names. And they all turned out to be wrong. Not a single one of them was right.

And yet I can’t tell you, I have so many people, “Rush, you gotta get to Trump, you gotta get him to change. Look at these polls.” The polls are lying to you. Why do you believe this? What’s frustrating to me is not Trump. It is otherwise educated, informed, engaged people who know this stuff is made up, but they simply just can’t get past it.

Folks, we are in new territory here. We are living through and have been for going on four years now a verified silent coup. The political landscape is of a silent coup that has not stopped, it has not abated. That is the territory, that is the overall picture that we are facing here.

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