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RUSH: We’re smack-dab here in the middle of a revolution. We’re in a cultural war, a cultural civil war. And I’ve made the point here that it is a culture war as opposed to political. And as time goes on we’re learning more and more and more about the relatively small group of people who are engaging in this and, in many ways, paralyzing the country, frustratingly so.

Look at this. “Minneapolis Council Puts Plan to Abolish Police in Motion.” I mean, they’re really going to do this. “The Minneapolis City Council votes Friday on a proposal to change the city charter to allow elimination of the city’s police department, a radical move supported by a majority of the council.”

They’re a bunch of cowards. This is “After George Floyd’s death but far from assured. The vote is one step in a process that faces significant bureaucratic obstacles to make the November ballot, where the city’s voters would have the final say. And it comes amid a spate of recent shootings in Minnesota’s largest city that have heightened many citizens’ concerns about talk of dismantling the department.” They’re actually moving forward on doing this. (interruption) Well, no, I’m telling you — no, no, no. Any number of ways to look at this. I find it very, very problematic because what’s going on in all of these blue states is that these governors are purposely, happily willing to wreck their economies in order to defeat Donald Trump.

That’s what this is all about. They are happy to see their own voters suffer. In fact, they probably think their own voters are willing to have their economic lives ruined just to get rid of Donald Trump. But it’s a serious problem that we’ve got, and serious, serious things that we face here, because folks, this is a tiny minority of people who have been made to look like almost half the country. Black Lives Matter and their related offshoot groups.

Do you know the Pew Research Center for People and the Press — and this is something I had yesterday and I, of course, wasn’t here and didn’t get to it, but it’s a shocking number, that six out of seven of these protesters are white? Six out of seven of the rioters are white. Exactly what I’ve told you. This is a movement that is literally being led by white, affluent, suburban college educated women.

Here it is. Pew Research. Only one in six protesters are black, 46% are white. Yeah. Only about one in six protesters, rioters, looters over the last month are black while the plurality are white, according to the Pew Research Center. “Though recent protests and riots are centered around racial tension with law enforcement, only 17% of protesters are black. Twenty-two percent Hispanic, 8% are Asian, but the overwhelming majority are all Democrats. Almost four in five -” that be 80% of the protesters, “said they are Democrats or-Democrat-leaning. Fewer than 17% of the protesters say they’re Republican.”

I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that all of them are white women. Now, what does that make you? One in six are black? It’s not a large number of people. So we have a little bit of a job today here. Set the table, tell you what the current circumstances in the country are that Donald Trump is dealing with. There are a lot of people that, again, you know, Trump did a town hall last night on the Fox News Channel with Sean Hannity.

I get reactions to this stuff all the time. One note I gote: “Rush, Trump seems tone-deaf to what’s going on in the country. We know the ventilator story, and we know that he thinks the ChiComs bilked us out of billions and billions and billions, but that’s 2016 playbook stuff.” And I understand that. But I tell you, Trump has really been hemmed in here by something that I don’t think a lot of people are giving enough consideration to, and that is the already expressed insubordination of the American military.

These generals, Mattis to Milley to all these guys that have come out and basically disavowed anything to do with Trump to, say, the trip over to the church in Lafayette Park. They’ve made it clear, if Trump calls out the U.S. military to restore law and order, that they may not do it, that they may tell Trump to go take a flying leap somewhere. And he’s aware of this.

So the worst thing he could do is, as commander-in-chief, is order these guys to deploy the military and have them say, “Screw you, Mr. Pres.” He’s gotta be really, really careful about this. He knows everything that’s stacked against him. And he knows the narrow path that he has to win reelection.


RUSH: I’m hearing people say, “Rush, Trump’s gotta do more to stop the rioting. He’s gotta do more to step in there and stop this.” Yeah, I know. But, folks, in the past whenever this has been necessary, it was done by helping overwhelmed local and state authorities who wanted order restored in their states and in their cities. We don’t have that part of the equation right now.

So it’s one thing to say, “Trump’s gotta stop the violence. He’s got to show leadership. He’s gotta move!” Well, if these lunatic governors do not want this stuff stopped, if the governor of Washington and the mayor of Seattle don’t want it stopped — and if Gavin Newsom doesn’t want it stopped in California and if that mayor in Detroit doesn’t want it stopped — and then Trump moves in there anyway?

You know, that’s the big difference.

In the past, when there was this kind of rioting and disorder and property destruction, even Democrat governors and mayors — Mayor Daley Chicago ’68 — wanted it stopped. They welcomed the arrival of the National Guard or federal troops. But that… What’s Trump gonna do?

And keep in mind, you’ve got these military guys that have stood up and basically defied him simply on the basis he flashed a Bible in front of a church, and they’re making it clear that they might not obey such an order.


RUSH: Now, look, just a little brief history lesson to show you and to try to point out how different things are from recent memory. And again, this is bouncing off the fact that a lot of people think that Trump, as a campaign issue, as a way of demonstrating that he’s well aware of what the country faces. This is more about defeating the Chinese in trade deals now. This is more about the wall and other things in 2016, that there is a veritable fight for the American way of life going on.

There are people that want to hear him articulate that he sees the fight that way, that this is not just a bunch of lunatic leftists on the left tied to the Democrat Party and that’s the normal political opponent ’cause there’s nothing normal about this.

Now, I understand tying Joe Biden to it. I saw the president continually ties Biden to all this violence because it’s the Democrat sponsoring this and benefiting from it and Biden is the nominee so he’s the titular head. The problem with that is that Biden — trying to tie anything to Biden is tough because Biden may as well not be there. See, this is right out of the political campaign consultant playbook 101. Tie your opponent to all the rotten things. And in normal circumstances, that is exactly what you would do.

But Biden hasn’t been seen anywhere encouraging this, ’cause Biden hasn’t been anywhere. He’s been encouraging it to the extent that we can make sense of what he says, but he’s holed up in the basement. So people are looking for indications that Trump or his campaign team understand what the fight is. It’s a fight over the very future and existence of the country as founded. It’s not just about how unfair the media is, something which isn’t gonna change. It’s not about any of these things that have taken up a large part of the campaign so far.

But I want to give you the alternative picture to this. And let me go back and repeat here. There are a lot of people who believe that Trump needs to be showing leadership by doing whatever he can to restore order. For example, that CHOP zone in Seattle, crack heads, go in there and fix this, enough is enough, let these people know who the boss is, that it isn’t them, restore order, restore private property.

And, yeah, that makes all the sense in the world except, folks, the reason he can’t do it is because the governor and mayors in these places don’t want order restored or they would do it. They are benefiting from this, they think. And the primary way they’re benefiting from it is getting rid of Trump. That remains the overall objective of all of this.

And so you have Donald Trump, who a lot of people think needs to go in there. And as a matter of being right and as a matter of upholding the Constitution, a matter of doing the right thing, go in there and straighten this stuff out. Charge these people with crimes, investigate them and convict them. Way too many people are getting away with way too much stuff, not being held accountable, starting with the people that ran the FBI, the DOJ, the intelligence community, and the silent coup.

There are people that are frustrated beyond their wits’ ability to expend it that want accountability for some of these people that have blatantly broken the law. And there hasn’t been that yet. Well, again, the violence in these blue states — and let’s focus now on Seattle, Minnesota — the violence in these blue states is seen as a political weapon, that these governors and mayors and police chiefs see as hurting Trump.

They are willing to allow people to be hurt for this cause. They are willing for property owners to lose their property. They are willing for property owners to have their property damaged beyond repair, all in service of the cause, which is hurting Trump. And he’s very much aware of this.

It’s almost like it’s 1861 again and the states themselves are in rebellion and allowing certain property to be destroyed and insurrection groups to thrive in order to get rid of Lincoln. Now, what almost destroyed Lincoln — little history lesson here — what almost destroyed Lincoln was his abolitionist base who wanted action when he was try to figure out how to restore order when state officials in the South wanted disorder. It’s the same thing, folks.

Lincoln believed in preserving the union. It was the only way going forward. But the southern governors wanted no part of abolition, getting rid of slavery. They wanted no part. And so whenever there was civil unrest or protests, they wanted no part of anything that would make Lincoln look good. They wanted no part of anything that would help Lincoln restore order, preserve the union, plus they had no desire for some dinky president in a distant capital to tell them how to run their affairs, the old states’ rights argument. They wanted the disorder.

So Lincoln finally saw that he was losing authority and started the showdown at Fort Sumter. It took him three years to find a general that would actually run his war in a competent way. Ulysses S. Grant. Three years. Three years of a failed effort on the part of the Union Army because Lincoln couldn’t find the right general.

Folks, it’s like the virus. The virus and the lockdown were weaponized also in hopes the economy would not heal when big blue states are permanently half closed. All of this is in service to getting rid of Trump if they can even before the November elections. So they don’t want law and order restored, just like the Southern states didn’t. They don’t want Trump coming in with a show of military force to restore order and restore property and punish and crack heads. They don’t want any of that.

They want the suffering. They want the chaos. They’re willing to purposely empower this bunch of know-nothing rioters and looters, all for the cause of getting rid of Donald Trump. It’s the same thing with the virus and lockdown. Now, when did Trump’s polls start going up? His polls began to inch up as he was calmly doing those press conferences, you know, with Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Queen. That showed a quiet confidence. It showed a quiet leadership, even he knew that half the people on that stage with him were not on his team. Half the people up there were not hoping that Trump ended up looking good in all of this. He knows this.

He faces this in virtually every issue, folks. So if his polls were going up as he was very calmly and competently conducting those briefings, the coronavirus task force briefings, two-hour jobs starting at 5, 5:30 every afternoon either in the Rose Garden or in the White House pressroom. So if his numbers were inching up, how does he do that now? What can Trump do to replicate getting his polls up?

I know it sounds, “You just got through telling us the polls are a bunch of garbage.” And they are. But everybody still would like to see him moving up for the hell of it. How could he do it? How could he do that now? What general, what blue state governor will appear side by side with Trump as if they are in control?

This guy, Mark Milley even refuses photo-ops with the president now. This is the guy who, “I’m sorry. I should not have been in that entourage going over to the church at Lafayette Park. I didn’t know that I was being used for a photo-op and I would never have done it and I’m apologizing now for everybody in the U.S. military because we are not political,” blah, blah, blah.

So Trump knows he’s not gonna get a general to stand side by side. He knows he’s not gonna get any of these blue state governors or mayors to appear with him, like they were appearing with him at the coronavirus task force, people that didn’t support him were nevertheless with him. Dr. Fauci, Birx, I don’t know what her political affiliation at the time. The odds are that Trump was pretty much alone other than himself and Pence and a few others.

What governor, what general, what anybody is going to join Trump in any? They like making Trump look weak. They like making Trump look ineffective and incompetent. And that’s not gonna change. He can jawbone, but ultimately he knows that order is restored only by federal troops. And yet he’s got a military on the verge of sedition on record that they may not follow his order, may not.

So he’s sitting there, and he’s gotta run the risk. Okay. What if I order them and they refuse? How’s that gonna look? That would not look good. Lincoln faced much of this in the Civil War era and leading up to it. These are serious questions that Trump has to deal with. It’s sad and it’s unfortunate. But folks, the deep state and the people in the Never Trump movement, the Washington establishment, they hate this guy so much, they despise you for voting for him, they despise him so much that they are literally willing to look at what has happened, 45 million people out of work. They aren’t, by the way.

Somebody name for me the last general to catch COVID-19, the last politician to catch COVID-19. Can’t think of any, maybe somebody has, but they are ecstatic to see this happen. They don’t care about you. Empathy, people caring, Democrats, party of the little guy, Democrats care about the average guy. They are demonstrating the last thing they care about the little guy. The little guy is a pawn in all of this. The more jobs lost, the greater the unemployment number, the better for the cause.

Folks, they don’t care. They’re in the process of try to rip the country to shreds anyway for the purposes of starting all over and eliminating the principles in our founding documents and Declaration. Forget this pursuit of happiness stuff. That is not gonna be in whatever these people make this country into if they get the chance. “Pursuit of happiness, my ass,” they will say. Life, liberty. There ain’t gonna be any liberty. There isn’t gonna be any freedom, and there certainly isn’t gonna be any pursuit of happiness.

They think that’s what’s gotten us into trouble in the first place. Pursuit of happiness is white privilege. Pursuit of happiness is white supremacy. These people running this movement do not know diddly-squat. They don’t know American history. They have no idea what they’re even upset about. They’re simply a bunch of sponges who have been force-fed a bunch of drivel in school and as part of their community organizing efforts.

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