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RUSH: We have a 16-year-old up first today from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Kabin. Am I pronouncing your name right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Welcome to the program. Great to have you here. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega prayers to you from St. Cloud.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: My question for you is why are the Democrats so willing to destroy our country, and will this stop when Joe Biden…? If he were to win, would this stop?

RUSH: This is… Folks, this is such a great question. It is asked of me — it has been asked of me — for practically the entire time that I have been doing this program. And the answer to this is really important. You have to get the context of this answer right, ’cause I want you to really understand what I’m saying. ‘Cause I think a lot of people, Kabin…

You’re 16, and you don’t have the same historical context as somebody who’s 56 or 66. Somebody 56 or 66, their view of American politics is that the Republicans and Democrats are constantly at war, and it’s all politics, and at the end of every election they put it all aside and they come together, what have you, and we move on. And then some years the Democrats win, and some years the Republicans win.

Your question indicates you know that’s not the set of circumstances applicable today. You know it is much more serious than that. And the short version — the short answer — is the Democrats do not look at what they’re doing as tearing up the country. They look at it as fixing it. The Democrats… Now, this is not true of Democrats of 30 years ago, Kabin.


RUSH: It’s not true of Democrats 20 years ago. The Democrat Party today is not the Democrat Party of your dad and mom. The Democrat Party today has finally been taken over by Marxist, left-wing radicals who despise capitalism and free economic markets and everything that goes along with capitalism. So to them the country, as it is, was founded as evil, was founded as unfair, was founded as racist and bigoted and homophobic.

So they look at what they’re doing as not destroying anything other than the people who built the country. They are destroying what they think the American way of life was: White supremacy, white privilege. They look at what they’re doing as tearing something down to fix it and start over so that they can get rid of the aspects of the country that they hate. Does that make sense to you?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Okay, ’cause it’s really true. It’s key. Nobody… Look, Kabin, hang on if you can. If you can’t, I understand, but there’s more to this answer, but I simply am out of time now.


RUSH: I was gonna say, “Nobody would willingly tear down and destroy something they like, even if that was the only way to get what they want. They wouldn’t.” They don’t like the country, folks. They don’t like it. The modern-day Democrat Party does not look at what they’re doing as tearing anything down — and there’s more, so hang on.


RUSH: Kabin, our 16-year-old first caller from St. Cloud is back — or still with us — and I told him if he wanted to hang on and respond, he could, because we ran out of time, and I just want to make sure… This is a serious question you asked, and it’s a very good. It makes total sense for anybody to want to know: Why would the Democrats be willing to destroy our country, their country?

And my answer to you is that, in all honesty, that’s not how they view it. They view it as finally getting a chance to fix it. They think that it has to be torn apart in order to be rebuilt and that it is irredeemable, Kabin. They don’t think the U.S. can be fixed by amending the Constitution ’cause they don’t like the Constitution.

They don’t like the fact that the Constitution limits government. These people want a totalitarian state because they want to be able to have power over everybody else. So I wanted to give you a chance to respond to it, maybe tell me you think I’m wrong or whatever your reaction is.

CALLER: No, I totally agree with you. So, basically what you’re saying is they’re not gonna stop until either the Republicans are running the government or it’s the way they want it?

RUSH: They’re not gonna stop until they’re defeated — and, Kabin, here’s another thing. Do you know that this Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street…? Do you know who some of the mentors of this group are? Does the name Bill Ayers ring a bell to you?

CALLER: Not really, no.

RUSH: Bill Ayers was part of the Weather Underground in the sixties — Students for a Democratic Society — that was roiling the country in the sixties, protesting the Democrat convention Chicago in 1968. They were blowing up federal buildings with bombs. Bill Ayers is the guy who was instrumental in Obama getting into Illinois politics. He and his wife/girlfriend, Bernadette Dohrn — Bernardine Dohrn, whatever — they are Jurassic Park anti-American leftist protesters. They’re serving as mentors to this bunch.


RUSH: Another thing you need to know: Only one out of every six of these looters and rioters and protesters is African-American. Most of these people are white.


RUSH: Most of them are white Millennial women, Kabin, ill-educated in college to hate their country. They’re runnin’ around feeling as guilty as they can be over what their white privilege and white supremacy has meant to poor African-Americans. They’re running around feeling sorry for every minority, blaming themselves and trying to get in on all the action here to fix the country. But my point is, they’ve never gone away. The anti-Americanism is all here.

You have to be vigilant, and you have to be prepared to constantly defeat it at the ballot box. It has to be defeated at the ballot box. That’s where their efforts are focused. They’re trying to distort the results of elections. That’s what voting by mail and early voting is about. They’re doing everything they can — opposing voter ID, everything they can — to thwart the veracity and honesty of elections ’cause they can’t win them.

They’re literally… They truly are a minority. They’re nowhere near a majority of thinking, a majority of bodies. There’s a lot of Democrats that vote for ’em strictly on the basis of party loyalty, not because they literally support what they’re doing. A lot of people been made to hate the Republican Party through branding and marketing.

But… (sigh) You know, defeating them? I would love for it to happen. (sigh) But it’s an ongoing battle. Freedom is a very… It’s a really unique and precious thing. We’re the only country ever founded on the premise that the freedom and liberty of the citizen is the primary objective of the government — protecting it and defending it. That’s what’s exceptional about America.

Most people… Kabin, if you did a historical check, most human beings since the beginning of time, whenever it was… Most human beings on this planet have lived in some kind of tyranny. Most of them have lived in poverty. Many of them lived in bondage, under tyrannical dictatorships. The vast majority of people never even had the opportunity to escape whatever economic circumstances they were born into.

We are truly unique in I don’t know how many ways. We are exceptional in I don’t know how many ways. We’re not better people. It’s just that the founding premise and basis on which this country was built was what unleashed the creativity and the excellence that lurks in every human being seeking to be the best he or she can be.

And that’s what happened. That’s why the United States has become the world’s number one superpower. It’s not some government that did it. It’s not a dictator. It’s not a single leader that made it happen. It’s the American people just behaving as human beings will do when they are free, and this is considered an obstacle to these people.

They want no part of this this. They want no part of the difference in outcomes. “It’s not fair there should be billionaires. It’s not fair there should be millionaires. It’s not fair there should be people that win and other people that don’t win.” They’re a convoluted, sick bunch of people.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: I realize there’s not much to be said after I gave you that answer, but you have a minute here if you want to utilize it.

CALLER: No, you really cleared a lot of things up for me, and I really appreciate your time.

RUSH: Kabin, I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Good luck.

RUSH: Be bold. Do not be afraid. Do not… (sigh) We’re not outnumbered. Just made to look that way. They have done a good job — the media, the left have done a good job — of making most people on our side think that we’re all alone. I can’t tell you the number of people I run into who say:

“Hey, Rush, did you see this? Nobody… Nobody has seen this” when they think they have a news story that nobody else has seen or anything of that genre. You’re not alone. You are not the minority. You’re just made to feel that way. I’m really glad that you called, Kabin, and I appreciate the opportunity here to have my own shot at your brain.


RUSH: Now, one more thing. Somebody sent me a transcript of Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night. And the note accompanying said, “Tucker’s on a roll here, totally correct. This is what you’ve been saying for years. It was good to hear this.” And I said, oh, okay. Well, what was it? So here is what I was sent. Here is Tucker, portion of the transcript, not the whole thing.

He said, “We’ve spent an awful lot of time over the past few days trying to figure out and explain what’s happening in our country. At times it’s been depressing, but it seems important. At this point it’s pretty clear that nothing is what we’re told it is. These are not protests. It’s not about George Floyd. It’s not about systemic racism, whatever that is. Because America is not a racist country. You are not a bad person for living here. These are definitely not protesters. They’re not even rioters. They are the armed militia of the Democratic Party. They are working to overthrow our –” I can see why somebody would send me this and say it sounds like me.

“– working to overthrow our system of government. They’re trying to put themselves in power. That’s all obvious now. It is genuinely sinister. But in the process of saying that, we may have missed something else that’s also true as well as highly amusing. These people are idiots, for real. The angry children that you watch set fire to Wendy’s and topple statues and scream at you on TV day after day are truly and utterly stupid.”

Well, I think I did — don’t misunderstand. I do like this. They are stupid. They don’t know what they’re even tearing down. This is the thing that bothers me here is that these people are being held up as experts simply ’cause they’ve got a grievance against America. They’re blithering idiots, folks. They are so poorly educated, they haven’t the slightest idea. They’ve just been educated to hate. They have been educated on identity politics and race and gender and so forth. They have been deprived, they’ve been deprived of even the pursuit of happiness.

They’re not interested in happiness. Happiness has been wiped out of their personalities by however angry they have been made in all the classrooms that they’ve attended. And all the classrooms they’ve attended have not added up to them knowing anything. They’re tearing down statues of people who have achieved great things, maybe things you didn’t agree with, but they were still part of American history. And some of their tactics were considered, in military terms, brilliant.

And so they were singled out. And they were achievers. And here come this bunch of nobodies who don’t even know who these people were and don’t have the slightest care in the world, and they’re ripping it all down. They’re nothing. They’re literally nothing. They haven’t achieved anything. They haven’t accomplished anything. All they do is tear down and destroy, which, by the way, anybody can do. They are the militant arm of the Democrat Party just like the Ku Klux Klan was the military arm of the Democrat Party not all that long ago.

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