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RUSH: Victor Davis Hanson has a piece. I gotta share this with you, at least some elements of it, some pull quotes, because it dovetails with a point that I made on Friday that is really, really, really well done here. The headline… His piece appears, by the way — it ran yesterday — at American Greatness, the website American Greatness. The headline: “Trump Will Win If He Responds to Righteous Voter Rage.”The subheadline is: “The hour of reckoning is here. Either Trump will crush the lawlessness and win swing voters to his side, or he will listen to the trimmers and lose the country.” So the essence of my point on Friday (repeated here by Mr. Hanson) is, “The hour of reckoning is here. Either Trump [is gonna] crush the lawlessness,” push back against it, be seen as not tolerant of it, and thus “win swing voters to his side…”

You want to know how to do it? The swing vote, what is it, about 6%? The swing vote, 6%’s what I see that it is. Swing vote, the independents, the great middle. These are generally said to be 20% of the electorate. You’ve got 20% undecided, 40% Republican, 40% Democrat. So it’s the undecided, the 20% everybody campaigns for, theoretically. Well, that number’s down to 6% now. Trump’s gotta get most of it.

Who are they? He’s got to get the undecideds, he’s got to get the swing voters, and the way Mr. Hanson thinks he’s gotta do it is to push back against this. But as I pointed out on Friday, he’s got a real dilemma, because the people that he would be pushing back for do not want the help. Democrat governors. Blue state governors and mayors in Washington and Oregon, in Illinois, in New York City, in Minnesota, they don’t want the help.

They want the unrest. They couldn’t care less about the economic circumstances for the people that live in their states right now, because they think, if they could just hold on in November, if they can just keep the shutdowns due to the coronavirus in place — New Jersey, too, keep ’em shut down all the way through October-November — then they could finally get Trump. They could finally get him out of there.

Trump knows this. In addition to that, how many of these Pentagon generals have come out and essentially said that Trump’s not fit? (summarized) “Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Trump used me for that fellowship in the church and I resented it and I shouldn’t have done it.” So the people who would benefit from the pushback Trump needs to engage in to win the swing voters are people that don’t want him anywhere in the state, blue state governors and mayors.

That puts us in uncharted waters, when blue state officials do not mind all of this violence all around them, when they don’t care about it — or at least they’ve run the cost-benefit analysis, and they’ve figured out that it serves their interests to keep this chaos and violence going through November, that that is preferable to a restoration of law and order.

Trump must be seen as law and order. He has got to be seen as restoring it. But the places it’s still happening are Democrat strongholds that do not want Trump to succeed. So what’s he to do? You know, one moment, middle class white kids get in the face of police — black police — screaming obscenities, taunting them. Have you seen the video of this? It’s the most childish, ungodly thing.

Pony tailed, white, college-educated, college-age women just getting in the face of these black cops, and they look like they’re baying as wolves. They’re shouting and they’re calling them names, racist names, everything you can think of. They’re shrieking like stuck pigs at them. The police begin to march forward and push ’em back — and, by the way, the police have had success.

You know what works? You know what’s working? Throwing fireworks into the mob. Throwing the fireworks into the mob is like spraying Raid underneath your sink in the kitchen. The cockroaches just scatter. You ever done that? Have you ever sprayed Raid under there, and you’ve been depressed to see how many cockroaches you’ve got? They set off fireworks, and these protesters just scatter like a bunch of roaches and vermin.

As Mr. Hanson writes, “Just when you thought these anarchists were real revolutionaries who would retire to the Rockies and Sierras … to continue their war on the corporate state, they seem terrified of being arrested, and charged with resume-staining racketeering or felonious assault. [T]hey prove petite bourgeois careerists, not Bolsheviks on the barricades.

“Hollywood central casting could not have dreamed up more audio-visually off-putting characters. The distance between them and the unjustified death of George Floyd is now a vast abyss.” What he’s saying is these are a bunch of phonies. They’re a bunch of pretenders. They’re out there making themselves feel relevant and good. They’ve got nothing to do with George Floyd.

They have no idea who he was, how he lived. They know nothing about him. “The distance between them and the unjustified death of George Floyd is now a vast abyss,” and Dinesh D’Souza is out today with a tweet or maybe… I don’t know if it’s a tweet or if it’s a Facebook post or whatever, but it’s a picture of a bunch of these anarchists, and he makes the point…

Here it is. What is this? It’s a twit. I’m sorry, Twitter. He says, “When I look at #Antifa mug shots I’m struck by how ugly these people are. I wondered, why are they so full of rage? Then it hit me. They are protesting their own ugliness,” and then there’s nine of them here, and they are pretty ugly. But, my friends, again, you know, I was the first to arrive at this observation.

It’s Undeniable Truth of Life number 24: “Feminism was established in part so as to allow unattractive women easy access to the mainstream of society.” My point was that the early feminists were simply ticked off that their physical appearance, they thought, held ’em back. They weren’t attractive in the mainstream sense — and therefore, they weren’t oogled and ogled and all that, and they resented it.

That’s what Dinesh is saying about these Antifa people: “They’re protesting their own ugliness.” I don’t know if it’s true in the case of the Antifa people, but I believe it was with the early, early feminazis. But whatever it is, obviously these people feel — what’s the term? — distanced from the mainstream. Just like the multiculturalists who took over the curriculum in American schools.

The main thing was they were ticked off that, in their own minds, they didn’t fit in for whatever reason. It was time to take it out on America, time to take it out and get revenge for whatever it was that made them outcasts. And Dinesh’s theory on the Antifa mob is the same thing, essentially. Whatever it is, whatever made them mad, they have been led to it.

They’ve been indoctrinated into it, and they’ve all fallen for it.

Mr. Hanson really believes… He says, “Are Americans supposed to take seriously the corporate leftist media, when one moment the mindless anchors are reading the same scripted … talking points about systematic NASCAR racism, the suffering of Bubba Wallace, and hyping a garage door pull-rope as if they were discussing the Dred Scott case?” For crying out loud!

“And in the next Jussie Smollett moment, after the narrative is discredited, they of course move on to a … farce, along the lines of what really did not happen, most surely could have happened, and thus in a sense did happen? So each day, ill-defined groups of Americans silently drift into the ‘I can’t take this insanity anymore’ camp.

“The polls assure us that it is not so. The media praises the basement strategy of an addled Biden. The op-ed writers gleefully preen that Trump is [finished] — and perhaps he could be if he stays portrayed as ineffectively dealing with the recession, the virus, and the violence.” He’s gotta deal with these things.


RUSH: Doug in Denver. It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Hey, I’m doing well! Thank you.

CALLER: Well, listen, my wife and I pray for you every night. I’m a cancer survivor, but I got three things I want to say, and then I’m gonna hang up because you’re smart; you got a lot of smart people on listening to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Here’s what I think. Number one: Washington, D.C. People who voted for Trump in 2016 want to see President Trump say, “There will be no statues comin’ down in Washington, D.C. This is our nation’s capital. It will not happen here.” Number two. We want our president to say to the people of Minneapolis, to Seattle, to Atlanta, to New York:

“Your governor may not take care of you. He may not care about your rights, but I do — and if necessary, I will nationalize National Guard troops and bring them into your capital cities to restore law and order because your governor will not.” And then, number three. Get rid of any general immediately. Any insubordination must not be tolerated by President Trump. It is all part of the deep state. I’m a former naval officer. I went to school with Ollie North. I know these guys. They are politicians. They may wear stars, but they are politicians —

RUSH: Some of them are.

CALLER: — and insubordination will not be tolerated by our military.

RUSH: Some of them really are. We have warrior generals, we have warrior admirals, and we got political generals and admirals. You’re absolutely right. What I hear Doug saying here, if I could synthesize all three of his points — and I’m not trying to delineate them, combine them. What he’s saying here is that Trump voters expect the president to maintain the American way of life.

That’s what’s under assault here. That is what we are all facing, is an assault and attack on the American way of life, which is one of the finest ways of life humanity has ever devised for itself. Hands down. No contest. It’s better than socialism. It’s better than communism. It’s better than Marxism and Leninism. It’s better than anything! It’s better than a monarchy. It’s better than anything that’s ever been tried, the American way of life.

The proof is that people from every corner of this planet still to this day are trying to get in. It’s all the proof that you need. So this is Victor Davis Hanson’s piece today essentially, Doug, what you were saying. The president has got to convey that he understands what the country faces and that he is the last line of defense, and that he cannot tolerate dissension in his own ranks. But I’ll tell you, Doug, he does have…

It’s a problem that I do not envy him having.

He goes into these states where you’re gonna send the National Guard, and those governors don’t want it, and they may refuse it. And then, you know, Trump’s gonna be very cognizant, “How’s that gonna look?” How’s it gonna look if these generals that you mention actually say they’re quitting — or, worse, run an actual coup against him? So he’s gotta be mindful of all this while maintaining his base and that enthusiasm.

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