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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a Washington Post story just dropped about a half hour ago. And this is how they’re moving the goalposts. It’s actually a tweet that then was expanded to a news story, and the tweet is this: “Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years. We have to ‘manage our expectations,’ researchers warn.”

“Even if We Start to Fix Climate Change, the Proof May Not Show up for 30 Years — New findings put a brief emissions drop during the coronavirus pandemic into perspective.” So what’s happening? The coronavirus and the lockdowns — and the resulting trepidation people have about getting out and living — is causing there to be a reduction in what they claim are the agents of destruction of the climate.

So, that’s good news.

We can’t have good news!

There cannot be good news in the era of “get rid of Trump.” So we’ve got, from their perspective, from their models, we’ve got good news on the climate change. By the way, I think it’s all BS; don’t misunderstand. I don’t think there is man-made climate change. I think it’s one of the biggest hoaxes. You know that. You know the drill.

But just accepting their premise, they can’t even accept the good news that there is progress being made in their cockamamie theory. So now they have come out with a story (sputtering), “Oh, by the way, by the way… Uh, uh, even if we do start to fix it, you may not see it for 30 years.” So we just can’t have good news, folks. It’s not permissible.

Now, these people and their models have been as wrong for much longer than the COVID-19 models. They have been wrong for decades — and now, all of a sudden, they’re saying they won’t be able to prove their ideas work for three more decades. So you see how this is done? The first thing you do is you say, “Oh, my God. We’re destroying the planet!

“Man’s destroying the planet! America, progress, capitalism is destroying the planet.” You mean right now? “Well, 20 years.” You gotta predict it 20, 30 years out so that most people will not be alive to know whether you were right or wrong. So you get the instant gratification of predicting doom — but down the road. Then in those 30 years, you give people a chance at redemption.

You give people a chance to correct their ways and make them have lives of meaning where they can all of a sudden start doing things to save the planet, like joining Black Lives Matter, like getting rid of white supremacy, like getting rid of white privilege, like getting rid of white everything, like getting rid of the Founding Fathers.

All of that can help climate change, yes! Don’t you see? You can start driving the little Podunk cars. You can do all this stuff. It gives you something to do for the next 20 or 30 years. Then, when according to their own models, their own claims, now when there’s good news to report, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Can’t report good news. No, no, no. We… (Pshew!) Are you kidding? It’s the era of ‘get rid of Trump.’ There is no good news.”

So when emissions are down, when the things they claim (erroneously) are destroying the climate are down, they can’t report that. They can’t… They can’t be expected to say that there’s progress! So they have to move the goalposts and say, “Even if — even if — we start to fix it, you won’t see it for 30 years.” Really?

You talk about leaving people high and dry?

You talk about raising expectations?

You talk about getting people involved in your cause and then letting them down like a lead balloon, claiming nothing they’ve done is ultimately going to matter? What a bunch of mean SOBs these people are, toying with people! You know, the problem, folks, is they literally create mind-numbed robots who believe this gunk that they are destroying the planet, that their parents destroyed the planet, that they’re destroying the polar bears.

They create these lies, and they affect people mentally.

They literally make young people think that they and their parents are destroying the planet — and so they give them ways that they can save the planet, make their lives meaningful. And then have to tell ’em that it all doesn’t matter in the end because all these good works you’re doing? Why, with these won’t see the evidence for 30 years statements — You’ll be dead! You will be dead before anybody sees the results of your commitment to the cause.

That is the epitome — I mean, just flat-out meanness.

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