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RUSH: Now, have you all heard that the niece of Donald Trump has a tell-all book coming? Okay. Name is Mary Trump, and she’s the daughter of one of Trump’s brothers. She’s got this tell-all book out there and the Trump family been trying to stop it. They have failed to stop it. There are advanced copies. It’s from Simon & Schuster.

Simon & Schuster apparently has become the anti-Trump publisher, if you want to go anti-Trump, go to Simon & Schuster. And her book has been leaked now to CNN. CNN had a copy, and Little Brian Stelter actually put his hands on it and could barely contain himself. Barely contain himself. Audio sound bite number 21 on CNN, just moments ago, the question was, “Brian, you were just reporting on how, because of demand, the publishing date of Mary Trump’s book has been moved up.”

STELTER: That’s right. And that’s why these copies are starting to leak out. Here’s one of the many copies that’s already been shipped out to bookstores. This book is essentially an anti-Trump campaign book, Kate. From my initial read of it, Joe Biden couldn’t have written a more effective book against the president of the United States. But you say that, you know, I say that, I say it’s like an anti-Trump campaign book, but it’s coming from inside the family. There’s never been anything like this in modern political history, to have the niece of a president write a scathing tell-all.

RUSH: And the upshot of it is, I guess, that Trump’s father abused him and that Trump has no moral compass, that Trump doesn’t strategize anything, that Trump just does what Trump wants to do. He didn’t expect to win the presidency, he was shocked when he did, has been acting it out ever since. Where was this four or five years ago? Why is this now surfacing?

Look. We all families, we’ve all got, as Ross Perot said, the crazy uncle up in the attic that we don’t let out except at Thanksgiving and so forth. But I think that these people behind this, like that Trump was abused and he has no moral compass and he’s basically psychologically damaged, his father didn’t teach him love, Trump is incapable of love, he’s incapable empathy, that he thinks the most important thing in the world is money. In fact, there isn’t anything else. Money is everything. It defines you. It defines your character. It defines your success. Money, money, money, that’s it. No empathy, no love, no compassion whatsoever.

And these people in the media, CNN, have just glommed onto this like it’s the next Mueller, it’s the next Russia collusion story. It’s the continuation of all of these things they have tried to overturn the election results of 2016. The COVID virus was an extension of that, an attempt to keep the Mueller campaign, the purpose of it going, and now they’ve got this book by Trump’s niece. Why didn’t she say something when he was actually running back in 2015 and 2016? I know, I know, nondisclosure agreements. She supposedly has one. They’ve silenced her. They’ve tried to keep her quiet on this.

But she could have leaked it as easily then as she did now. One of the things that I think has happened is that she and elements of her strain of the family have been written out of the big will. I think she got a couple hundred grand and that was it. You mess with people’s money, and you’re gonna tick ’em off, guaran-damn-tee you, particularly if their expectations are high. (interruption) Of what you laughing at? (interruption) Well, I think that’s really what’s going on here. Two-hundred grand inheritance where everybody else is getting gazillions, however much it is.

Here’s the thing. This is just the latest in a never-ending, four-years-long shock expose. How many of these have there been? You know, during the two years of the Mueller investigation and the Trump-Russia meddling story, there was a blockbuster practically every hour in the New York Times, and then the next hour a blockbuster in the Washington Post. And then a blockbuster on CNN, and then a blockbuster on MSNBC.

I mean, there were numerous blockbusters every day and certainly every week. They just kept coming. None of them were true. Not a single word of any of them were true. Then we got the faux impeachment. That wasn’t true. Nothing about that was true. There hasn’t been a single word of truth written about any of these supposed crimes or impeachable offenses that Donald Trump has engaged in. Through it all, he has not lost his base, which has been their primary objective.

Now, if they believe — I mean, Brian Stelter practically wet his pants getting his hands on this. You could hear it in his voice. So excited. Joe Biden couldn’t have written a better campaign book? So their expectations are that this book is gonna do what Mueller couldn’t. This book is gonna do what Strzok Smirk and McCabe and all the rest couldn’t do. This book is gonna do what Adam Schiff couldn’t do. This book is gonna do what impeachment couldn’t do. This book is gonna finally wake people up to the truth of this reprobate, Donald Trump. This is it. This puts Biden over the finish line.

Why is this going to be treated or have any different impact than all these others? There have been blockbusters that are of equally supposedly damaging nature that haven’t had one shred of an impact on Trump and his base, from Trump being a traitor to Trump being a Russian agent, which, by the way, now they’re recycling and with Putin, you know, naming himself Russian president for life, that gave them the opportunity to say that Trump is gonna be a double agent for life now. As long as Putin is there, Trump has a future. They just can’t let it go.

Why is this gonna be any different? It’s like these wacko leftists, the revolutionaries who are expecting that if they get some of this that they want, that they could be happy, content, lifetime dreams are gonna be realized, and they’re gonna feel as empty as they do now because getting what they want is not gonna make ’em happy because it ever been has. They can’t get enough. They can’t. You cannot give them enough. We’ve learned this. We’ve tried to compromise with them.

No matter what they get, it’s never enough, and this isn’t gonna be enough. A total win is not gonna be enough. When are they gonna learn? This is just an expanded Access Hollywood video example. If the Access Hollywood video didn’t stop Trump, why is this book? In fact, it may backfire. All of this stuff, this never-ending assault on a single human being who didn’t do anything to anybody, who is the one guy standing in the way of the attempt to ruin this country, somehow they think people are gonna abandon him because of a book by a disgruntled family member, when nothing else has done it?

Now, I’m not saying Trump hasn’t been damaged and the agenda hasn’t been interrupted and so forth. But their definition of success is getting Trump out of office, getting him out of town. They have not succeeded, no matter what they’ve thrown at him. And this not going to result in that. If anything, it’s gonna create a backlash. At some point — and we may already be there — a lot of people are going to say, “I’ve had it with this. We’re gonna support Trump just to screw with you guys. We’re sick and tired of it. Can’t you do anything else in the news except report on this guy?”


RUSH: Folks, one thing I need to clarify here. Little Brian Stelter, in the audio sound bite we just played about the Trump niece book, said (summarized), “That’s why these copies are starting to leak out. There’s such demand for this book now.” No, there is not. That’s not why this book has been released early. Now, I can’t tell you why the book has been released early, although I know.

I have been sworn to confidentiality. But you gotta believe me: Demand for this book by Mary Trump has nothing to do with its early release. That’s just PR, BS, buzz. Do not doubt me on this — and you can go to the bank. I’m telling you. If you first doubt everything you hear in any Drive-By Media story — doubt it — you’ll be on the safe side of every story by doubting it.

And I’m telling you: In this case, demand for the Trump book, nobody knows what it is. It has nothing to do with why it was moved up. It may… One of the reasons for moving it up may be to create this faux impression that there is massive demand for it. But I am telling you: Massive demand is not why the book was moved up. I’ll tell you other thing.

Little Brian Stelter — peeing in his pants over this book — doesn’t know this, either. He doesn’t. Nobody knows why this book was moved up. They’re being told in the Drive-By Media that it’s because of demand. When the last time you ever heard of a book release actually being moved up because of demand by the public to see it? They wait and wait and wait.

They cultivate the demand. They go for online sales. They don’t do it this way. There’s a reason why this book was moved up, and it has nothing to do with public demand. Oh, I mean, I’d love to tell you the real reason, but I can’t because I’ve promised. In exchange for being told the truth of the story, I promised that I wouldn’t tell anybody.

Now, the staff’s saying, “Can you tell us during the break?” Well, no, because it’s so hot that you’ll go out and you’ll put it on Twitter — or this new Parler, whatever that is — and it will be all over the place out there. I’m just telling you: There is no massive demand for the Trump niece book. It’s not why it’s been moved up.


RUSH: Let’s go to Croton, Ohio, or maybe it’s Croton. Not sure. This is Laurie, and great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m so happy to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just want to let you know that you and Kathryn and your family are in our daily prayers. You’re the mayor of Realville, and we cannot afford to let you go now.

RUSH: We sincerely appreciate that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thanks. Thanks. Well, what I was calling about is I don’t think this book coming out… I don’t think it’s gonna hurt Trump one single bit. In fact, I think it’s tremendously gonna help him. What they are saying is that children of abuse cannot grow up to be successful. Literally in that —

RUSH: Wait, wait whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that something…? (sigh) I don’t know this. So is this something that is universally believed in the psychological community that the children of abuse can’t grow up to be successful? Is that a rule of thumb that has been acknowledged in the psychological, academic community?

CALLER: No. No. What I’m saying is that the left, by saying this — Trump, just because he grew up, if he was abused by his father, that he wasn’t taught love, and so he is not loving, he can’t love — they’re saying that if you’re abused, you don’t know how to love, is what I’m taking out of that.

RUSH: Oh, so you’re just…? This is just your own analysis about it.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m just an average country girl, and that’s what I was thinking.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: But I just think it’s another example how Trump is not a victim; like even if he was abused, look where he’s come. He didn’t let it define him.

RUSH: Well, that’s the point, see, that they’re gonna try to make. By the way, I agree with you. I think this is gonna blow up in their faces like Access Hollywood video blew up in their faces. I think it’s gonna cause people to in effect circle wagons around Trump, because it’s just the latest pile-on. If this were the first thing and it was 2016, maybe a different story.

But now? Where was it in 2016? Where was it in 2017? Where was it in 2018? Where was it during the Russian hoax? Where was it during…? You know, they could have folded this into the Russian hoax to explain why Trump was a traitor, ’cause his dad abused him. Where was it then? It wasn’t anywhere. They could have said, “Because Trump’s dad abused him, he wanted to need a father figure in his life, and guess who he chose? Vladimir Putin!”

They didn’t do that. They could have had skits on Saturday Night Live with Trump calling Putin, saying, “Hey, Dad, how are you doing? What do you need me to screw up in America today? I’m willing to do whatever, Dad.” But they didn’t do that. So now here comes this thing. I’m saying, I don’t know what they say about abused children. All I know is that…

I led such a sheltered life. I don’t know that I know anybody who was abused. (sigh) Maybe I do and I’ve forgotten; I don’t know. But the idea that abused people can’t succeed? That can’t be. You know, back in the argumentative days of abortion when one of the primary arguments used to abort a child was, “We can’t bring a child into that kind of poverty. Why, who would we be?

“We wouldn’t dare want a child born into those socioeconomic circumstances,” and then you find out that all kinds of people born into poverty became some of the greatest people in world history, that it didn’t matter. It’s the same thing with people who’ve been abused. I think this notion that saying Trump was abused by his dad is a way to make whatever other allegations they are about Trump undeniable.

Because as you know what they say, parental abuse as a horrible, horrible thing — and, by the way, it falls in nicely with Epstein. Epstein was abusing these underage girls with Ghislaine Maxwell. You’ve got that out there right now. So you associate the abuse with the attempt to portray Trump as inhuman, no empathy, no compassion. He’s strictly a mean-spirited, selfish cares-about-nobody-but-himself kind of figure, which is what they’re gonna try to create here.

But the idea that he’s not a victim is a good observation here on the part of the Laurie in Ohio. Now, in the American left today, victimhood is an aspirational thing. You should want to be a victim. They’ll find a group for you to be a victim of, if you want. They’d love you to become a victim. You know why? ‘Cause you’re surrendering your life. When you admit that you’re a victim, you’re admitting that you have no control over your life.

You have nothing to say about what happens to you. You know why? Because you’ve been victimized, you’ve been discriminated against, you’ve been — and you have been destroyed. So you need the Democrat Party and the government looking out for you. So they’ll take anybody wants to be a victim and make ’em a victim.

But Trump here did not become a victim. I mean, Donald Trump, whatever else he does, does not exude victimhood. He doesn’t apologize for himself. He’s not running around saying, “Woe is me.” The closest he gets is when he rips the media for not reporting on him accurately.


RUSH: You want to know another reason why this Mary Trump book is gonna backfired and bomb out? You got a problem in your family, fine and dandy. But you keep it in the family. When you start dumping on your family outside the family, you are not gonna be rewarded. It is not gonna happen.


RUSH: Let me expand on the observation I made right before the end of the previous busy broadcast hour. It’s one thing for you to dump on your family internally. There could be somebody in your family you think is a reprobate and you tell everybody else in the family, what a skunk, but you do it outside the family, and you lose a lot of sympathy, you lose a lot of support.

And people generally have a negative reaction about you, because it is a lowdown, dirty thing for anybody to do this to a family member, particularly the president of the United States, tell all this inside baseball stuff, and it’s especially curious that this did not happen in 2016. It did not happen in 2015 when Trump was running for the first time. If she thought that he would be so dangerous to the country, such a threat to the country, why did she remain silent then? “Well, Rush, maybe there was an NDA.”

Yeah, there’s an NDA now, and she’s saying to hell with it. “Well, maybe she didn’t come forward because there was still a chance she could change their minds about the inheritence.” Maybe. The point is she had a chance to litigate all of this and stop him from becoming president, and she didn’t do it.

Now people know Donald Trump. They know Trump, warts and all. And they have decided that they like the “all” more than they care about the warts. And this is what the left doesn’t understand. The left still thinks, the Democrats, still believe that they’ve got the ability to come up with some news that’s going to shock people about Trump and make them abandon him.

And, gang, you’ve shot your wad on that. There isn’t anything left, what you would have to make up. And, you know, making it up is about all you’ve been doing in the first place. And now people are gonna be wondering about whether this is made up. But she’s not gonna have a lot of sympathy, I guarantee you, for airing dirty laundry like this in public. And it certainly is not going to cause Trump’s base to go, “Oh, wow, we had no idea. This guy’s horrible. He was abused by his dad?” and abandon him. It’s not gonna happen.

Just to repeat one more time. This book has not been released early because of any kind of massive demand for it. There’s another reason why it was moved up, and it has nothing to do with demand for the book.


RUSH: At any rate, here is David in Nashville. Great to have you the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. There is nothing in that book by Trump’s niece that would change one ounce of my support for him, and I’m gonna assume that it’s all true. I’m actually gonna assume that there may be one or two little things that she didn’t even know about and I’m still gonna support him a thousand percent and get everybody I can to come along.

RUSH: “Even if true, I don’t care what happened back then.” See, that is the point. There’s nothing left to shock people with. He survived the Access Hollywood video! How did that affect you? You remember what your reaction to that was?

CALLER: Yeah. I’ll put in here that I’m an evangelical Christian conservative, and that… You know, but there’s a past, and there’s people that change. And this is the liberals don’t allow anybody from our side to have anything deep in their past. Just like go back 20 years, you’re disqualified. But their own, they’ll let ’em off for stuff last week.

RUSH: No, that stuff’s a resume enhancement for them. Ted Kennedy, JFK, that stuff is a resume enhancement for them because they’ve never held themselves out to be virtuous or moral. The Republican Party has, the old family values thing. But Trump never did. Trump never said that he is the king of virtue. Never once went there. He has said he’s the king of patriotism, he loves America, is gonna Make America Great Again. That’s what resonated, and that’s what became controversial.

CALLER: There are two things driving my support. Number one: He is the man for the hour. He has proven this last four years that there’s no question between him and Biden. Number two: People change, and I don’t believe in holding their deep past against them. If they’ve shown improvement and that they’re a different person, we give ’em a second chance in this country.

RUSH: Yeah, we do. Hell, sometimes we even give them third chances out there, David, depending. Look how many chances Plugs is getting. Look how many chances Joe Biden is getting. So, anyway, those are all good points.

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