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RUSH: I have a question: Have you heard about Patrick Mahomes new contract with Kansas City “Cheaps”? So essentially, Patrick Mahomes is gonna be paid really well. He signed the first half billion-dollar deal in sports history. He signed a 10-year, $450 million contract extension — and a 12-year, $77 million contract with up to $25 million more available in unspecified incentives.

Now, would somebody explain to me how this happens. Mahomes is mixed race. He is. He has an African-American father and a white mother, which makes him black in America today. Somebody explain to me how this can happen in a white supremacist country. I have asked this about The Oprah before, and I’ve asked it about others. (interruption)

What, do you have an answer for this? (interruption) What’s that? Ohhhh! I get it. So, it’s worth it because he’s “entertaining the masters.” He’s… Folks, have you heard the left is demanding that golf tournament, the Masters, change its name because the Masters is about slave masters?

(stereotypical southern dialect) “It’s in Augusta, Georgia, they had plantations there? Who know? Ralph Northam might have actually been in blackface in Augusta sometime, and so they gunna demand that the Masters change it name to somethin’ besides that.” I wonder what they’ll demand the names be changed to.

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