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RUSH: Okay, so, over the July 4th weekend, American blue cities were war zones. Hundreds were shot, and many killed, including young children in San Francisco, Atlanta, and Chicago.

In New York City, over 40 people were shot; eight were killed. On Monday, the idiot Mayor de Blasio held a presser to explain it all away: he blamed the violence on the virus! With a straight face, the mayor said people have been cooped up for months, the economy isn’t firing on all cylinders, so with the July heat, they got out the house and they just started shooting people!

New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea has a different view. He blamed the crime wave on the criminals released from Rikers Island. Kind of makes sense to me.

Turns out, Mayor De Blasio ignored police warnings and released 2,500 inmates due to “coronavirus fears,” 75% of them convicted felons. Not only did this idiot mayor hurt morale by cutting over a billion dollars from the police budget, the police department was forced to disband a highly successful 600-member anti-crime unit. Plain-clothes guys.

And now, shootings in New York City are up 205% over last year.

When it comes to deadly viruses, the liberal virus is far more deadly than the coronavirus will ever be. And if you don’t believe that, go ahead. Spend a weekend in any blue city you pick! Just be sure you grab a gun before you go.

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