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RUSH: You know, folks, what really stands out to me, what’s remarkable about the circumstances in which we find ourselves with this counterrevolution going on with the American left and the myriad associations of Black Lives Matter — and, you know, Black Lives Matter, it’s not a mystery what that group is. It’s a Marxist, communist political apparatus. It is not a civil rights organization. And they will tell you that. All you gotta do is Google it. They’ll proudly identify who they are. And yet they’ve got everybody running scared of them as though they are a civil rights organization.

What strikes me is the relative ignorance and stupidity of the people running this counterrevolution trying to destroy this country. They literally are ignorant. They’ve been mal-educated, ill-educated, and, to a certain degree, they have to be stupid as well. And yet look how they have cowed everybody. I know they’ve done it with the threat of violence, not just the threat of violence. They’re actually committing violent acts. They are committing mayhem, sometimes with guns.

So I understand that that can make even the stupidest and most ignorant people appear to be threatening. But, as I said yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, the thing about this is even if these people get everything they want, whatever it is, including a brand-new country, if they succeed in transforming the United States of America, if they succeed in erasing and eliminating the founding and replacing it with whatever, they’re not gonna be happy. They’re not going to be satisfied.

Whatever they think the result will be, it isn’t going to cause them happiness, contentment, and that realization is going to shock them to their core even more. And this is their status even now. They’ve gotten a lot of what they’ve been demanding since the 1960s, and none of it makes them happy. Have you seen a happy leftist? Have you seen a happy counterrevolutionary? Have you seen a happy revolutionary? Have you seen a happy left-wing Democrat? They aren’t. They’re not capable of it. Their mind-set 24/7 is anger and rage, depression, sadness, what have you.

They come up with all of these reasons to explain their depression and their sadness and their anger. They set out to fix them, and nothing solves the problem. In the meantime they’re on the verge of destroying the greatest country that’s ever been envisioned and created and founded, all because people are afraid of them. You want to know how ridiculous this is, let me read to you a headline.

This is from the U.K. Guardian, but it could appear in any American paper. Are you ready for this? This probably, El Snerdbo, is going to excite you. Are you ready for the headline? “‘Upward-Thrusting Buildings Ejaculating Into The Sky’ – Do Cities Have To Be So Sexist?” A serious story. It’s a serious story claiming a serious problem, that a bunch of white supremacists have built phallic representations of themselves. “Upward-Thrusting Buildings Ejaculating Into The Sky.”

They’re writing books now. The story in the U.K. Guardian. Here’s the lead. “Glass ceilings and phallic towers. Mean streets and dark alleys. Road names and statues of men. From the physical to the metaphorical, the city is filled with reminders of masculine power. And yet we rarely talk of the urban landscape as an active participant in gender inequality.”

Do you realize how empty your life has to be if you’re walking around a city and you see a skyline and think ejaculating buildings and sexism?

“City planners, architects and politicians can make a difference, if the will is there. In the Aspern district of Vienna, all of the streets and public spaces are named after women.” See, we can do it right if we think about it. “In Tokyo, trains have carriages set aside at particular times for women, disabled people, children and [others]. In Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, female street vendors have seen their safety and economic prospects improve with the building of secure, permanent mini-markets that include space for breastfeeding. In Stockholm, snowploughing schedules prioritize residential streets, school zones, public transport and bike lanes. These interventions say to women: ‘Your contribution matters. Your safety matters. Your mobility matters.'”

They’re writing books, folks, about ejaculating buildings triggering women and making them feel unwelcome in the cities, a book titled Feminist City by Leslie Kern. Now, this is just absurd. And it’s one of these things, 25 years ago we’d be laughing about it if the story appeared then, and we would be saying, “Who in the world would ever sign on?” And now a whole bunch of people have signed on to it.

You know, people are having a tough time understanding how all of this happened and where it is going to end and how it is going to end. And I’m one of you on that matter.

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