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RUSH: This is Sherry in Atlanta. Welcome. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Prayers for you. Secoriea Turner was the little 8-year-old that was killed in Atlanta this last weekend. But I guarantee you, you’re not gonna hear her name on national news like you did Rayshard Brooks or George Floyd, because, you know what? It doesn’t fit their agenda. We all know that. Well all know that. Keisha Lance Bottoms was on TV, and she said with her tough words, “Enough is enough.”

Oh, yeah, like that’s gonna do something. So Governor Kemp has brought in a thousand National Guard to help with the police. And I guarantee you, most of Atlanta — and surely our nation — didn’t know that we had still had an autonomous zone down by the Wendy’s. Probably this sweet mother didn’t know that, either. And here her little sweet child can’t even ride in her car safely. Little kids can’t be in their home safely.

The little cute boy in D.C. with his little football uniform that could have been my son’s best friend who played D1 football with all of these boys — and I can go on the NFL thing too. It’s just all a distraction, ’cause most of those boys don’t want to kneel for our flag. They just want to go out and they want to play ball.

But this is… They’re distracting from what you were saying: What Trump does need to stick with is the safety of this country. If we’re not safe — if we can’t go out of our houses, if we can’t ride in a car without getting shot — where are we? Where are we and where we going?

RUSH: Well, what was your point here about the governor calling in the National Guard? He called in the thousand troops —

CALLER: — to help with maintain order here, because you’re not gonna hear about Atlanta, and I know I’ve kind of gone off on some tangents —

RUSH: Well, no, I did hear about it. In fact, I’m looking for the story now. I thought I’d printed it out, and… (sigh) I don’t know. I —

CALLER: Well, she was on Good Morning America this morning decrying that, you know, he did not consult her — and, of course, now she has COVID, which is another distraction. Come on, Keisha. Let’s stick with the point here. She was talking about how her four kids during her news conference during the riot, that she knew where they were.

Well, you know what? This little sweet little girl, her mother knows where she is right now, too, and it’s not in her bed at night. You know, she’s not gonna be going to school in the fall with Keisha Lance Bottoms’ kids or anybody else. This little child is dead. She could have been stopped this, and she knows it, and she has to live with it.

RUSH: You think the mayor could have stopped it?

CALLER: Oh, without a doubt! Without a doubt.

RUSH: What could the mayor have done to stop it?

CALLER: She could have gone in there. But you know what? Our policemen — and we have a very good family friend — they know that they are not supported by her because, you know what? She has been given her marching orders. America knows that. Democrats are given their marching orders. They can go in and stop this. But you know what?

President Trump is doing his best to let states run their states. Kemp is letting her run her city, and she is running it into the ground. But you’re not gonna hear about it because we’re… We should be the land of MLK, the land of goodness and what that man stood for, and this is exactly the opposite of what he stood for. Everybody knows that BLM, all that funding is going through Act Blue and being funneled back to Democrats.

RUSH: I think actually you’re doing a good job of making people hear about it.

CALLER: Well, they need to wake up. Wake up, America, or we will not have an America. Trump is the last stand. And if people don’t comprehend that, there’s no place else to go, because where we go, the world goes.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. Well, but the thing in Atlanta is two black people, folks — two black people — have been killed near that Wendy’s that they then torched. That Wendy’s was burned down despite being owned and run by African-Americans! It’s just mind-boggling. Kids are being shot all over this country — and, sadly, it’s black-on-black crime.

You’re not supposed to say that.

African-American on African-American crime.

But, you know, when the perp is not a cop or different race, then it’s ignored. I think the governor finally had no choice. He gave the mayor enough time to try to straighten things out there, and then he said, “Look, I need to restore law and order here,” and he can’t do it with just a few National Guard. He had to send in a thousand troops as a show of force. Anyway, Sherry, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.


RUSH: I found the story I was looking for in Atlanta when that fired-up lady from Atlanta called. And here it is. This is the thrust of it. I gotta be quick here. Another black person has been killed in the protester-occupied zone around that burned-out Wendy’s in Atlanta. That’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed. Now, the mainstream media never mentioned it, but that Wendy’s franchise is owned by blacks.

All of the employees of that Wendy’s that was torched, most of its customers were black, and it was torched by African-Americans. “The latest victim, a 53-year-old male, was shot along with two others on Sunday night. An 8-year-old black girl was killed Saturday night when her family refused to obey the armed protesters who told them to turn their car around because they had closed off the area as an autonomous zone.”

So now twice as many black have been killed by the protesters there than were killed by the cops. “Armed protesters have been occupying those blocks since Rayshard Brooks’ death on June 12th, despite the mayor’s vow to remove them.” That was what I was looking for to share with you when she was on the phone.

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