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RUSH: “President Trump Can Win In 2020 By Doing This 1 Thing.” It is an opinion piece written by a man named Peter Heck. Let me give you a couple pull quotes from his piece here.

“The president’s speech at Mount Rushmore convinced me. After seeing it, despite all of his shortcomings, I honestly think there is one thing that President Trump could do that would guarantee his re-election. One thing that would completely change the narrative of a frenzied and overmatched provocateur fiddling while his country burns.”What’s that one thing? “Focus like a laser on being the only thing standing between America and the leftist revolution,” attempting to overthrow it. “Forget insulting Joe Biden over his lack of mental fitness. People can see for themselves and don’t like elder abuse.
Forget defensively chiding and reacting to those who criticize the country’s COVID response.”

We don’t need to hear about success with ventilators and PPP and all of this stuff. We’ve been there, done that. We know we’ve done a good job. Stop being defensive about criticism of the COVID-19 response.

“Forget bragging about the economy pre-coronavirus. That was then.” Yep. You can talk about it and how you’re gonna rebuild and get it back, but all this stuff is distracting, and all of this stuff can come off as petty. Insulting Biden over the fact he can’t talk, getting defensive about ventilators and masks and stuff.

“What the majority of people are about is their ability to live safe, undisturbed, and profitable lives. They like this country and want the stability and security it has always afforded them.”

That is it, in a nutshell. That is what Donald Trump must say he represents. He cannot assume that people know that. He cannot assume that people believe that. He cannot assume that people remember what Make America Great Again was all about in 2016. He has got to focus like a laser that his objective is to stay between the mob revolution and the people trying to save the country. He is the only thing that can do it. And that’s not untrue.

Name another politician out there who’s willing to stand side by side with him on this? I mean, there may be some. I’m not trying to insult anyone. Jim Jordan certainly would, Ratcliffe, Louie Gohmert. There’s all kinds of ’em. But in terms of the Republican elected class, it’s few and far between. But that’s okay, because this is the presidency and that campaign that we’re talking about, and he’s the one running. And he has got to make it clear.

He has established the theme in two speeches over the weekend at Mount Rushmore and the White House speech on Saturday. Both of those speeches should form the basis of the campaign, his reasons, his purpose, his agenda. Because, as I said earlier in this program, to profound agreement, this country is not Twitter. And politicians and marketing managers, PR people all over this country are making a huge mistake assuming that Twitter represents the majority of thinking, the majority of people in this country. It does not.

This country is not a majority country of hate and bigotry and all of that. Half of what’s on Twitter isn’t real anyway. Half or more of what’s on Twitter is bots. They’re not even real people. Twitter is being used to corrupt and pollute the minds of the innocent and people that don’t pay much attention to the news anyway. But Twitter is not America.

Let the Democrat Party continue to believe that it is. Let the Democrat Party operate on the basis that this country is Twitter, and they will go down the tubes because this country is not Twitter. And what I mean by that is, Twitter is used by the media as a stand in for public opinion because the media is a bunch of jealous, lazy practitioners, and so Twitter is easy to use instead of actually going out and talking to people, and it’s a stand-in for national public opinion. And it’s serving a purpose for us. It is distorting the worldview of the Democrat Party.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons the Democrat Party thinks they’re in the majority and they think that hating America is the way to go is because they believe that Twitter is America. I don’t believe a majority of people in this country hate it. I don’t believe a majority of people in this country dislike it. I don’t believe a majority of people in this country want it overthrown. I don’t believe a majority of people in this country think Black Lives Matter is the answer or Antifa. In fact, it’s not even a matter of thinking it. I know it.

But the Democrats, they may think the exact opposite. They may literally believe that Black Lives Matter is the future, because most Americans agree with them and support them because the Democrats believe the drivel and the garbage that they see on Twitter. And, furthermore, they campaign on it. They seek more of it.

All the president has to do is make the 2020 election about preserving the American way of life, maintaining the American founding because the real majority of our people want the ability to live safe, undisturbed, profitable, meaning opportunity to make a good living. That’s what they want, that has been the promise of America. They like the country. They want the stability and security it has always afforded them. They want police forces.

Does the Democrat Party really believe that a majority of Americans want to disband the cops? Does the Democrat Party really believe that a majority of Americans wants to defund the police? Does the Democrat Party really believe that a majority of people agree with Bill de Blasio on things? Does a majority of the American people actually agree with Lori “Lightweight,” the mayor of Chicago, on things? I will guarantee you a majority of Americans does not agree with Bill de Blasio.

There are more people buying guns today than ever before. Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party have done a better job than even the NRA. And you know why? Because the Democrats are getting rid of the cops. And people are realizing they’re gonna have to defend themselves if they’re gonna walk at night in their neighborhoods or get in their cars and drive somewhere, they’re going to have to be able to self-defend.

If a majority of the American people agreed with the Democrats and Bill de Blasio, they’d be turning their guns in ’cause they would believe that we don’t need police forces and the Democrats are gonna make everybody safe. And the Democrats are gonna make everybody feel security and they’re gonna do it with their new friends, Black Lives Matter.

Well, there is no way a majority of Americans is ever gonna think that no matter what Twitter says. The president could run ads demonstrating the lawlessness these Democrat controlled cities and states that’s ruining lives, ruining communities, ruining cities, and continue to point out that the reasons and the ruination is happening in Democrat-controlled places, places the Democrats have controlled for years.

The Democrats have been promising their utopia in these places. They’ve been promising their constituents they’re gonna fix all the problems, the complaints they have. And yet the complaints never end, and they are the same. The Democrats don’t fix anything. Not capable of it.

Run video, Black Lives Matter screaming the N-word in the face of black cops. Run video of well-fed, white, college-graduate women screaming their lungs out at cops and not even knowing why. Run video showing the insanity. By doing that, Trump will resonate with people that he’s the same guy that ran in 2016 and still intends to Make America Great and preserve the American way of life.

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