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RUSH: Hey, look at this. The Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League have announced that they’re not gonna change their name. They’re not gonna change the name and they’re not gonna get rid of mascot. They’ve announced they’re gonna keep the team nickname despite demands to change it because critics charge that it reinforces Native American Indian stereotypes.

They’re known as the Hawks locally in Chicago. They were named after their first owner, Frederic McLaughlin, after the famous Blackhawk Division in World War I of which he was a commander. Native American chieftain of the Sauk Nation, Black Hawk, played a prominent role the early history of Illinois.

So McLaughlin adopted the Indian head as the team’s insignia — strength, power, and honor — and they’re coming around saying, “You better change your name.” And they say, “Screw you! The Blackhawks are not changing.” And the Braves are saying, “Screw you! We’re not get rid of the tomahawk chop.” And they’re going after Daniel Snyder, owner of the Redskins, because Snyder is a Republican. He donates to Republican causes. I don’t know how Republican he actually is.

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