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RUSH: Ted in Lynchburg, Virginia, great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing good. Say, we’re in a battle between traditional American individualism that we see in the Declaration and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — personified by people like you and Trump — against the collectivists who want to fundamentally transform America. Theirs is the language of “you didn’t build that,” “it takes a village,” victimology, white privilege. We see it even in this COVID thing. We have, on the one side, everybody has to lock down; everybody has to wear a mask —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — as opposed to what Governor DeSantis is doing in Florida where individuals have to take responsibility. Those are two diametrically opposed worldviews, and we’re in a battle to the death between those two right now.

RUSH: That’s exactly right — and it is a battle to the death. This country is hanging in the balance here.


RUSH: Whatever terminology it takes to reach people, I’m all for it: collectivism, Marxism, communism. I used to shy away from using the term “communism,” because I thought too many people just automatically rejected it as something that was not possible. But that’s exactly what Black Lives Matter is.

CALLER: Ooh, Rush! Rush! The other day when you said, “What gives that Black Lives Matter founder the right to say Trump isn’t qualified?” She was saying that because she’s certified politically correct, and he’s an individualist, and that’s the basis she has to criticize him. Not anything she’s ever done with her life but just her politically correct theology, basically, is what it is.

RUSH: Yeah. Doesn’t have to have accomplished anything.


RUSH: Doesn’t have to know anything.

CALLER: No. And the chickification? That’s part of the process. You know, all this groupthink, the politically correct fascists that say, “You can’t speak your mind! You have to only say what we’ve approved.” That’s collectivism. That’s diametrically opposed to traditional American individualism. That’s why they have to tear down statues. These statues are honoring individuals.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They don’t care who they are. They want to tear ’em down.

RUSH: Why does individualism scare ’em so much? Why does self-reliance scare them so much?

CALLER: Because they’re not strong people. They don’t have the inner framework. They weren’t raised with faith. They weren’t raised to know their history, and they’re flailing. If you look at history, collectivists always come to the fore when a society is breaking down and large sections of it don’t really have the internal fortitude to really live their lives alone. They have to be in part of a group.

RUSH: Now, Ted, that’s so well said. I’m really glad you called, ’cause that’s so right on. As I say: Whatever terminology it takes to explain it to people I’m looking at where Ted called from: Lynchburg. How do you think that town got its name? I’m wondering if there’s move on… (interruption) Is there? Okay. Say no more.

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