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RUSH: “A proposed policy platform for the Democrat Party,” to be debated and voted on if they ever have a convention, drafted by supporters of Joe Biden and Crazy Bernie… you ready for this? “Would give asylum to the world’s migrants — inviting them all to the United States to live and work.”

Tens of millions of Americans are, at present, unemployed. Tens of millions of Americans are unemployed because of an artificial economic shutdown due to the coronavirus. They’re not out of work because the American economy failed them. They’re out of work because government leadership failed them. There was never any need to shut down. There was no need to destroy the world’s number-one economy. But they did it.

And now tens of millions of Americans are unemployed, and the Democrats, as part of their party platform, have a plank designed to invite the world’s migrants to the country, flood the country with the world’s migrants. What kind of idiot would inflict that kind of damage on the country, which is already trying to deal with nearly unprecedented levels of damage? Communist idiots, Marxist idiots. You know what they’re doing. Democrats want and need a permanent underclass to lord over.

So rather than just have an open borders at the southern border for Central Americans and Mexicans, the Democrats are going all-in. Let’s just invite every poor person in the world to come into America. In addition to that, the Democrats in their platform are declaring war on fracking, which has led to the United States being the worldwide leader in petroleum energy.

This war on fracking as part of the party platform is a war on affordable energy for your car, for your home, for your business. You know, in a way, folks, it is shocking how honest these Democrats have become. They don’t just say throwaway lines, like “we’re gonna transform America.” They’re actually now providing details on how they’re going to do it. And we have to believe them. Because they’re already burning down cities to get our attention. They’re already defunding the cops.

And, by the way, you know what that really means? They’re not defunding the cops. They’re changing the makeup of police departments. The police departments are gonna become the next social justice movement, social working movement. Rather than defund the cops, they are restructuring it and they’re giving them more power. They’re gonna give them more power to come into your home to take your kid if you’re not a proper parent.

You haven’t even seen one-tenth of the plan the Democrats have in this defund or reorganize police department move that they are making. But they’re burning down cities, they’re letting it happen. They’re letting blue state economies squander and stifle. They’re telling us exactly who they are and exactly what they’re gonna do. And they’re giving you a full-color photo of your future if they end up in power running it.

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