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RUSH: Hey, folks, we have a sponsor, Mahindra USA. They make one of the best tractors — and tractor equipment — in the world, and every year they offer a tractor to be given away to a member of the U.S. military as a way of showing support. So members of the military — their families — can register them, and there’s a process that Mahindra goes through in order select the winner, and then they give the winner’s name to me every year to announce.

This year’s winner is U.S. Navy veteran Tim Clark of Bergen, New York. Now, Tim Clark of Bergen, New York, was enlisted for five years of service, three of them as an officer in the Medical Services Corps. He was chosen from the thousands and thousands of nominations that were received. He’ll get a brand-new Mahindra 4540 four-wheel drive tractor. It’s a compact utility tractor that has a very impressive loader and best-in-class lifting capabilities.

Tim lives on 11 acres with his wife, Sarah. Sarah is who nominated him. This is the seventh annual year they’ve done this, by the way — the Mahindra Military Salute Sweepstakes Event — and it’s widely publicized, and we publicize it here on the program. And family members or friends can nominate anybody in the military they want, and Mahindra ends up making the choice.

And, again, it’s U.S. Navy veteran Tim Clark of Bergen, New York — lives on 11 acres — nominated by his wife. He gets a Mahindra 4540 four-wheel drive tractor, compact utility tractor. So thanks to Mahindra USA. God bless our active and veteran members of the military who have served to protect our freedoms.

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