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RUSH: By the way, don’t be offended when the call screener, Mr. Snerdley, says, “Please get straight to the point.” It’s nothing more than trying to be efficient with really a limited amount of time. I’ll guarantee, your phone call, whatever you want to talk about… Take it from a broadcast professional, the sooner you get it in and make your point the more power your point’s gonna have.

If it takes you 30 seconds or 45 seconds to get to your point, you’re on the verge of having people tune you out. You gotta get in there, you gotta get it, and you gotta get out, and the call screener is not trying to be rude to you. He’s trying to make you look the best you can be. Remember, you’re picked — you’re chosen to go on the air — because the point you want to make is judged to be pretty good by the screener.

So get to it.

It’s all it is.

We don’t have… We have 40 minutes an hour here, and so we’ve gotta make the most of it.

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