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RUSH: The choice here, folks, really isn’t Trump versus Biden. It’s Trump versus all the looting, all the rioting, all of the lawlessness, all of the destruction, property destruction, all of the crime, that’s what the choice is. Biden is endorsing all of this stuff that’s happening.

But Biden is not even gonna be president if he wins the election. We don’t know who’s actually gonna be president because we don’t know who’s actually running Biden, but we do know that it isn’t gonna be him because he can’t. He’s got dementia. He’s got a brain that isn’t working. He’s an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, whatever.

But it’s not Trump versus Biden. That’s not the choice. It is on the ballot, but it’s Trump versus losing your country, to the people that you see being celebrated. And really it’s worse than being celebrated. People are scared to death of ’em.

Look at the NFL. The NFL is literally afraid of a Marxist, communist organization, literally afraid of it, literally doing anything it can not to make that bunch of people mad at them. The NFL has made it clear that they are no longer the institution and value set that we always thought they were.

You got Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints who tweets his support and love for the American flag and the fact that he will never do anything to disrespect it, and he’s practically drummed out of the league, he’s practically destroyed. He had to apologize four times, his wife had to apologize two times, had to give a bunch of people a bunch of money. All he did was stand up for the flag.

The Philadelphia Eagles have an abject idiot wide receiver named DeSean Jackson, who just tweeted a bunch of things he thought Hitler said, and he said the Jews are gonna come for the blacks, the Jews are gonna wipe out the blacks, the Jews are gonna do this, he thought Hitler said it. He tweeted it. Nobody’s upset. Nobody’s insisting DeSean Jackson be sent someplace to get his mind right.

Nobody’s saying a word about it except Julian Edelman, the Jewish wide receiver for the New England Patriots who’s trying to get DeSean Jackson to go on a trip with him to the holocaust museum in Washington. DeSean Jackson on the field gives the sign of the Crips and the Bloods. He wants people to think he’s in the gangs. Perfectly fine.

But he can tweet out what he thinks are words that Hitler said. The words he tweeted Hitler never did say, but he doesn’t know that because the guy has not been educated. He’s a college man, too, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the NFL. But not a word. No concern. And look how they practically ran Drew Brees out of the NFL for simply standing up for the American flag. So, folks, this is the election choice that we have.

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