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RUSH: I have a piece here by Conrad Black. Conrad Black is a brilliant, brilliant individual, lives in Canada with his wife, Barbara. And he writes for a number of American publications — National Review Online, American Greatness. He has been a Donald Trump supporter even before Trump ran for the presidency. Conrad is exceedingly — I say this, and he gets mad at me ’cause he thinks I exaggerate, but he is exceedingly brilliant.

And he is more fluent with words as a writer than — He and Victor Davis Hanson are neck-and-neck. And they’re neck-and-neck in a couple of other comparisons, too. And one of the comparisons is Conrad and Victor Davis Hanson are alike in that they both believe and assume and have faith in that a majority of Americans are virtuous patriots appalled by all of this and will not put up with it for much longer, that they will eventually rise up and reject this insanity that is being foisted upon us by the American left.

Now, I admire their confidence. And it’s rooted in history. It’s rooted in a belief that America is still America, that America is not as it’s presented on CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. That America is still the America of Ronaldus Magnus. That America is still the America of the 1980s. They believe it, they have faith in it. They believe that there is a virtuous majority and that at some point they will be known and they will rise up and take the appropriate action, ballot box or whatever.

I think this is the essence of America’s future in a nutshell. Because America’s future does depend on the character of the voting electorate. I’m not so much concerned about the people that don’t vote or aren’t gonna vote except for the people that vote for them — i.e., fraudulently. But this is the question — the character of our voting electorate. And we don’t know because so many of them are afraid to be identified. They are afraid to stand up and push back for fear — ’cause they have seen what happens to people that do, like this poor guy from Goya Foods.

The Goya Foods guy stands up, proudly proclaims his love and support for Trump, says we are blessed to have Trump as president. Now the Hispanic community, which lives and dies by Goya Foods, now they’re out trying to destroy this guy simply because he supports the president of the United States. They’re out trying to destroy him and he’s doubling down on his support for Trump.

The Goya Foods CEO, Bob Unanue, will not apologize in the face of a boycott and backlash for his pro-Trump comments. Well, people see this, and they don’t want any part of it, so they stand silent. They stay silent. And in many ways they remain invisible. And so it is an article of faith that we have that they’re there, that you are there.

Look. Those of you in this audience, you are the kind of people we’re talking about. You are the virtuous patriots that have defined America as America. You’re true Americans. It’s why you’re here. But there need to be a lot more. And that’s the question — are there? Or have people just kind of thrown in the towel, particularly since the pandemic, and are just out there streaming Netflix all day, getting their $600 unemployment check whenever. This is the great unknown.

And I’m an optimist about it all because I can’t bear thinking about the alternative, even though you have to face the possibility. Let me give you a couple examples of Conrad’s piece today. “A Nightmare Campaign of Outright Idiocy,” is the title of his column. It’s at the American Greatness website. We will, of course, link to it at RushLimbaugh.com.

The subheadline: “No society can tolerate this for long. The arsonists will not burn down society; the society will awaken and banish the arsonists. As we get into high summer, there must be a very large number of Americans now actively considering whether the country is going mad. The leading newspaper in the nation’s capital –” that would be the Washington Post, for those of you in Rio Linda “– has accused the president of plumbing ‘new depths of depravity’ in a perfectly unexceptionable and soaringly eloquent speech at Mount Rushmore last Friday. Praising the American revolutionary ideal that ‘all men are created equal’ and its reaffirmation by Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War that brought about the abolition of slavery somehow made Donald Trump ‘dark’ and ‘divisive.'”

To celebrate these great achievements? “The president deplored academic and national media self-hate and espoused the highest objectives identified and pursued by every admired American leader from Washington and Franklin to Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan.

“As the violent crime rate skyrocketed in New York City 10 days ago, the City Council voted to reduce the police budget by $1 billion. Meanwhile, Chicago celebrated the July 4 weekend with 87 people injured and 17 killed by gunfire, including two children, but the city’s mayor rebuked the police chief when he suggested there is room for improvement in city governance.”

To Conrad Black, this is 180 degrees out of phase, it’s upside down, it’s senseless, it is ridiculous that anybody could say about Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore that it was dark and divisive, and yet they are and did. It’s utter idiocy. And Conrad believes that the American people don’t buy it and won’t buy it and that this stuff’s gonna implode on itself, this leftist stuff, in a matter of time.


RUSH: Mike in Mission Viejo, California, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? Many prayers to you and Kathryn and all your staff.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. Staff doesn’t need ’em. Kathryn and I do, and we’ll gladly accept ’em.

CALLER: Well, I pray for Kathryn to have extra strength having to work with you every day.

RUSH: You’re absolutely right about that. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah. (chuckles) Rush, I am so looking forward to this election season. President Trump in 2016 went without experience in running, now he spent 3-1/2 years knowing who these people are, knowing how to deal with them. I am so looking forward to this season. It’s gonna be the greatest I think presidential election we ever have. People are gonna come out in droves.

The left right now is totally hanging themselves. We as common people down here, we understand what they’re doing. We see what they’re doing. And the national media, they have no ratings. Anybody that watches CNN, very few people, there are people that are gonna stay with ’em. There are Trump haters no matter what. What, you have 50 million people now, plus, for your audience, Sean Hannity’s over 20 million? I don’t know, Rush. I’m so looking forward to this season.

RUSH: Well, good. I’m glad to hear it. I’m glad to hear your optimism out there. You happen to be one of the people that Conrad Black is talking about here, one of the majority virtuous patriots appalled by all of this who believe that countless millions of Americans just like you are likewise appalled and are about filled to the brim with it; can’t take any more of it.

Let me give you a couple more pull quotes from Conrad Black’s piece here: “NeverTrumpers like Mitt Romney, who walked in the Black Lives Matter parade last month, express solidarity with [Black Lives Matter] even when it affirms that it does not accept that all lives matter and its New York leader, Hawk Newsome, announced on national television, ‘if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?’

“The Democratic presidential nominee is a waxwork dummy hiding in his basement. Joe Biden can scarcely utter a correct English sentence and has the haggard countenance of a fatigued nonagenarian. In his few television and internet appearances, the former vice president is ambiguous about defunding the police and continues to regard BLM as a valuable political ally fighting racial inequality, even though in the last month it has revealed itself proudly as a white-hating Marxist urban terrorist organization,” which it is!

And it doesn’t hide that.

“Fatalities from the coronavirus have declined by nearly 90% and evidence has piled up in nearly 40 million coronavirus tests that large numbers of healthy Americans have contracted the disease and had no or minimal symptoms. This progressively immunizes the public from it, yet in a barefaced attempt to prolong economic miseries and public hysteria, the Democrats uniformly agitate for a resumed economic shutdown. …

“With less than four months before the election, this is the campaign: a constant media carpet-bombing of defamatory lies about the president on behalf of a comatose candidate” who hasn’t the slightest idea what he believes from moment to moment. There you have it in a nutshell: “Constant…”

Again, Conrad, there’s much more to this too. I’m just out of time for the segment. But he remains confident that destruction all around us, this insanity is seen by a majority of the virtuous, patriotic Americans who are going to send it all packing in November.


RUSH: I want to just finish the Conrad Black piece. I’m sorry to have bifurcated this and spread it out over a couple hours. But just a couple more pull quotes. And remember, Conrad Black is the guy I said is of a mind that a majority of Americans are virtuous patriots. They’re appalled by what they’re seeing, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, what’s happening in Seattle, what’s happening in all these blue state cities and states, the defund the police.

But he believes a vast majority of Americans are virtuous and patriotic, want no part of this, and they’re gonna show up and render these people the minority they are on November 3rd. That’s his belief. And he’s written about it here.

Just two more pull quotes. “With less than four months before the election, this is the campaign: a constant media carpet-bombing of defamatory lies about the president on behalf of a comatose candidate, propagation of unfounded hysteria over a fading pandemic.”

Do you realize the power of that opinion? Let me read this again. “The propagation of unfounded hysteria over a fading pandemic.” So here’s Conrad Black, he’s looking at all this, he thinks that the media — the Democrat Party — is largely exaggerating this, that they are attempting to equate the number of cases with people dying, which is not true. The death rate is plummeting.

And he is basically saying that there is a purposeful created and unfounded, unjust, undeserved hysteria over a fading pandemic. And he thinks many of you out there see this the same way. I got a lot of emails from people, as you well know ’cause I’m a popular, very famous media guy. And you wouldn’t believe the number of people, Brian, who say — and, by the way, I see this opinion on a number of other — like comments and sports websites — that after November, this virus is gonna disappear.

I have so many people say, “You realize, Rush, after the election, this virus is gonna disappear.”

I say, “What do you mean by that?” The Democrats are keeping it alive for whatever use they can get out of it prior to the election. When the election’s over, whether they win or lose, the virus, we’ll stop hearing about it. So that tells me there’s a lot of people who think that — I mean, you can’t deny the virus is out there, but that it is being used by some exaggerated, people being scared with it for political purposes. The idea that after the election it goes away, I don’t know about that.

Seventeen judges on the DC Circuit court of — that would be the total en banc? All right. So, anyway, continuing here with Conrad. “Unfounded hysteria over fading pandemic, self-induced and redundant economic depression, open borders to admit and give free medical care to the unskilled peasantry of the world.”

By the way, that happened yesterday. The Democrat Party literally made a suggestion that we open the country to the migrants of the world. They need a permanent underclass. The Democrat Party cannot survive as their voters prosper and move up within the middle class. They need a permanent underclass, preferably that doesn’t speak English and is totally dependent on them.

“National self-abasement before militant African Americans demanding minority rule and the renunciation and degradation of those who founded the United States and led it to a pinnacle of influence in the world unequaled in all history.”

This is the campaign, to destroy all of that, and he thinks you see it, and he thinks you’re not buying it, he thinks you will not fall for it. “And this ludicrous, almost unimaginable, mockery of a quest for the world’s highest office is, in the perversity of these times, apparently leading in the polls.” Meaning, he doesn’t believe the polls. The idea that the abject anti-Americanism and sophistry of what we see from the American left would be leading in the polls, well, he doesn’t believe it.

He doesn’t believe we’ve lost the country. We would have already had to lose the country if a majority Americans want Black Lives Matter running the country, he just doesn’t believe it. He said, “This whole thing is some form of a nightmare of outright idiocy, part slapstick and part horror, playing on a gigantic stage. Fortunately, we know it has to end on November 3, but the audience will likely tire of it and bring down the curtain well before then.” You being the audience. “No society can tolerate this for long.”

No society can tolerate the assault on itself. No society can tolerate the destruction of its history and its institutions. No society will sit idly by and let this happen. So Conrad Black believes the arsonists — i.e., the American left – “will not burn down society; the society will awaken and banish the arsonists.”

And at some point, as if by magic, people are gonna wake up and banish the American left and whatever they’re doing, almost as though parents are letting the kids run amok for a while and after a while when they get tired of it, they stand up and say, “Okay, kids, back to the room.” That’s his belief. And he always is that, folks. Every piece he writes and has been since Trump is president is rooted in Trump will win reelection, the American left will fail and flail in their efforts to unseat him, their efforts to redo American culture and society will fail. Just a matter of time.

So I wanted to share it with you because people looking for optimism wherever they can find it, Conrad Black has quite a lot of it.

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