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RUSH: CBS has admitted it. This morning, “CBS This Morning,” their co-host is talking to their — I’m not even gonna worry about pronouncing his name, political correspondent Ed O’Keefe, just the name of the guy that you’re gonna hear here. And the question, “The former Vice President is ahead by 6% points in Florida. The two are tied in Arizona. And the president leads in Texas by just a single percentage point. All three of those states which Mr. Trump won in 2016 are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. Not a coincidence,” right, Ed?”

O’KEEFE: The pandemic is everything in presidential politics. It’s part of the reason why we even feel compelled to take a look at the possibility that Joe Biden could win one, two, or three of these sunbelt states. What our poll found is that the more concerned a voter is in these three states about coronavirus, about getting it, about the response to it, the more likely they are to support Joe Biden.

RUSH: The pandemic is everything in presidential politics. Meaning all of this is — exactly what we’ve been telling you, all of it is about November 3rd and trying to associate Trump with every bit of bad pandemic news. Just so you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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