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RUSH: Can I give you an example of how the American left combines crises into one? How they never let these things go to waste. You know the people stupid enough to believe, say, the polar bear commercial where the polar bear is following a guy home that is driving an electric car to give him a hug. That’s who this kind of stuff is aimed at.

“British experts say turn off air-conditioning to reduce risk of spreading coronavirus.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is how you combine climate change paranoia and the virus.

“UK experts say air conditioners increase risk of spreading novel coronavirus. AC units recirculate same air, which puts those close to infected people at risk. Opening window while AC is running or turning AC off ‘could reduce risk.’ WHO acknowledged that coronavirus can spread through droplets floating in air.”

It just so happens that they want everybody to turn air-conditioning off. They don’t want anybody to have it, to save the climate. So this is how they do it. They combine two things. They take the fear of the pandemic and find a way to promote climate change without saying that’s what they’re doing.

They don’t mention climate change in this story at all. This is why you need a highly trained broadcast specialist like me going through the news to be able to spot tricks like this so as to better be able to inform you about how these things are being accomplished, how the mind meld and the manipulation is being accomplished.

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