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RUSH: When was the last time you saw any video on the news of rioting, looting, firebombing, cars burning, people beating up cops? You might see in New York, you know, a couple seconds of a mob attacking a cop. But when is the last time you saw any rioting? You might think that they have stopped because you don’t see it, but it isn’t true.

There was another massive protest last night in downtown Portland, the 45th consecutive day of rioting and looting but Portland, and no news. No video. Not on the Drive-By, not on MSNBC, CNN, not even Fox. Now, normally we would get breathless, almost orgasmic coverage of these riots and anything anti-America, Black Lives Matter, Antifa. The Drive-Bys would zoom in on it, and they would just amplify it, they would endorse it, they would talk about what heroes these people are.

And now zip, zero, nada.

Certainly I can’t be the only one noticing this. Maybe I am because that’s how observant I am. (interruption) No, no, no, no. I think that the Drive-Bys, the Democrats in the media have moved on because I think, like so much of this crap going on on the left, I think they now have evidence that it is hurting their cause, it is hurting the Democrats, it’s hurting Biden.

And it’s ending up being good for Trump. People don’t want to see this stuff happening in their country, and they certainly don’t endorse it and support it. That the media thought that it would in the first place is an indication of how out of touch they’ve always been and at present are.


RUSH: Did you hear that Trump has denied the request by the Minnesota governor for $500 million to repair damage from the riots? Don’t you just love this? I’m gonna tell you, there are more people out there that the polling people will never find who are gonna support Donald Trump.

Scott Adams, who is the cartoon guy, Dilbert, whatever. He did his own Twitter poll, 36,000 people responded to it. An incredible number of people responded. They are scared to death to tell anybody they’re gonna vote for Trump, including pollsters. They will not do it. And he thinks that it could account for two to three percent if not more of the skewed data that are published in modern-day presidential polls.

Along those lines, how many of you have run across anybody in the course of your day that says, “Man. I cannot wait. I’m so excited. I want to vote for Joe Biden”? How many people like that have you run into? Jason Chaffetz made that point last night on Fox. That’s a great point. There isn’t any enthusiasm for Biden.

I’ll tell you who’s co-opted it. The Joe Biden agenda is actually the Bernie Sanders agenda, it’s almost to a T, and it’s what they had to do to keep the Bernie voters from defecting our sitting out. But there isn’t an energy for Biden. And they want you to believe that there is. But there is zip, zero, nada. What there is is energy for anti-Trump. And there are people that are gonna vote Democrat no matter who the Democrat on the ballot is.


But in terms of personal enthusiasm or a bond, Biden has no bond with any voters. He doesn’t have a connection. Not at all. Certainly nothing approaching the bond or connection that Trump has. And yet we’re told that the desire and the energy and the support is all for Biden and massive numbers. The fact is Biden’s numbers are starting to come down even in the fraudulent Drive-By Media polls. I will explain this as the program unfolds.

Yep. “President Trump has denied a request from Minnesota’s governor for money to rebuild parts of Minneapolis that were destroyed during the riots following the death of George Floyd. ‘The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,’ Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s office said in a statement. ‘As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.'”

Well, exactly what are you guys doing to help Trump? You guys allow your own city to be torn apart and you support the people tearing it apart, you put in jail anybody who might be trying to stop it, and you expect to be bailed out for this? I think we need to make all of these Democrat-run hellholes clean up their own mess. We know they don’t know how. That’s why they are messes now and have been for a while and will remain so as long as they remain in charge.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier today that — and please don’t anybody misunderstand me here. I was telling Kathryn last night, we were watching — not gonna even tell you which one — we were watching a program on Fox, and somebody’s talking about things, and I hit the pause button, I looked at Kathryn, said, “Isn’t it great to hear what I think out of the mouths of others?”

And she looked at me and said, “Will you grow up?” I just smiled at her. She was saying, “Rush, everybody gets everything they say stolen. Doesn’t matter.” I know. It’s good, though. I do enjoy it because, look, I don’t want to be only guy saying what I’m saying. We need to get the word out. So, you know, I have this phrase that I use all the time. “It is what it is.” I’m the mayor of Realville. I am Mr. Literal, and that is the way I philosophically express it. Whatever it is, it is what it is. It’s not what you wish it was. It’s not anything else. It is what it is.

It’s another way of saying, you’ve got to face the truth. You have to face reality. Well, a good friend of the program — we’ve cited his work constantly on this program — Roger Kimball writing at American Greatness had a piece out over the weekend called, “It’s All About November 3rd.”

And I want to share some pull quotes from the piece because, like the Conrad Black piece from last week that I shared, it’s confidence inspiring. And it’s also great to know that there are other people who think and see things this way. I’m sure many of you the same thing could be said. Here’s how his piece begins.

“The Democrats thought they could ride the tiger to victory. Instead, they will be consumed by the monster they created but could not control.” That’s the subheadline to the headline, “It’s All About November 3rd.”

Here’s how the column from Mr. Kimball begins. “‘Everything is what it is, and not another thing.’ That lapidary observation from the Sermons (1726) of Joseph, Bishop Butler, is one of the most profound philosophical observations I have ever encountered. One of the simplest, too. In nine short words, it introduces a principle of mental hygiene that Marxists, Freudians, Hegelians, astrologers, sociobiologists, and other lovers of mystification ignore at their–or, more to the point, at our–peril.”

Everything is what it is, and not another thing.

“Butler’s chief target was what we now call the selfish theory of human nature–the ‘strange affection in many people of explaining away all particular affections, and representing the whole of life as nothing but one continued exercise in self-love.’ Butler zeros in on the fundamental confusion that nurtures this unflattering view of humanity. It is this: a (deliberate?) confusion between the proposition that we cannot knowingly act except from a desire or interest which is our own, and the proposition that all of our actions are self-interested,” and of course that that’s bad.

“I begin with Bishop Butler’s incandescent observation because I am going to say a few words that might seem–but only seem–to contradict them. As we look around at American society today, what do we see? A confusing m?lange that seems partly mindless, partly vicious. Our response to the latest Chinese import, the novel coronavirus–what was that? How long will we be in sorting out the petty and sometimes murderous tyrannies enacted by various state governors and other officials?”

Let me translate. How long is it gonna be before some of these governors in these blue states are called to account for what they did? I.e., Cuomo. How long will we be in sorting out the murderous tyrannies enacted by various state governors? And it’s not just Cuomo, and it’s not just the coronavirus. It’s the allowing of the destruction of private property and these riots and lootings. It’s Democrat governors that permitted that. For how long are they gonna get away with it?

“And what about the malignant nonsense that is Black Lives Matter? How did that happen? How is it that celebrities, major corporations, and tony schools and colleges experienced simultaneous multiple paroxysms of woke self-abasement because a lowlife career criminal with serious cardiac problems died in police custody?”

So he’s asking, okay, George Floyd was horribly treated, but why in the world does that lead to celebrities, major corporations, their CEOs, and all these best-and-brightest schools experiencing at the same time the woke self-abuse and self-abasement? When did this all happen? Why?

“How do you go from an arrest in Minneapolis to the desecration of the Lincoln Memorial, the looting and burning of businesses across the country, and a regime of racially based (and racially biased) communal penance?”

How does this happen?

“I do not believe I am violating the principle of Bishop Butler’s argument when I say that almost everything happening in our society–all the craziness, all the posturing, all the distracting noise, exaggeration, and downright mendacity–all of it is not about itself but about something else, and that something else is Donald Trump.”

Exactly right, Mr. Kimball. You know, that’s why there are conspiracy theories out there. I encounter this in the comments section of sports websites that I occasionally read. It goes something like, after the election the virus is gonna cease to exist if the Democrats win. Meaning, if the Democrats unseat Trump and win the presidency, the virus will still be out there, but you won’t hear about it.

There won’t be demands from Dr. Fauci every day. There won’t be demands for lockdowns. There won’t be demands for shutdowns. There won’t be demands for anything like what we’re having now because the objective of all this is to get rid of Donald Trump, and if this stuff works and we get rid of Donald Trump using all this stuff, this stuff will cease to exist as big-time news stories.

“The unremitting, monolithic wall of noise that has been crashing against Donald Trump since election day 2016 has gotten louder and louder, more cacophonous, more furious, more irrational. … It is all of that which Donald Trump came to office to sweep clean, like Hercules confronting the Augean stables. The first time around the reaction was a compact of contempt and ridicule, but that was only because Trump could not win. The smartest people in the world–Bill Kristol, Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Maddow–they all knew he couldn’t win. So they didn’t come together in a single caterwauling primal scream to stop him.

“This time they have. And since they control almost all the major megaphones, it can sometimes seem that everyone is against Donald Trump and no one is for him. It can seem that way, but of course it is not. And that is chiefly for two reasons. First, there are those 63 million voters–perhaps it will be 66 or 68 million this time. Voters whose voices you don’t hear in the pages of the New York Times and whose rigged Google searches and Facebook hot spots somehow leave out of account. They’re sitting at home watching their cities burn, watching monuments to Columbus, to Washington and Thomas Jefferson be defaced or toppled. They see that, and they hear a nonstop litany telling them how racist they are and how evil America is.

“And just about now, a great chasm is opening up. The choice, they see, is not so much between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It is between the America they love–that Donald Trump celebrates–and the out-of-control forces of anti-American hatred that, though he does not understand them, Joe Biden manages to blink and nod and gibber around.

“Everything that is happening between now and November 3 is about November 3. But the fundamental choice is not really Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It is civilization and America on one side, anarchy and woke tyranny on the other. The Democrats thought they could ride the tiger to victory. Instead, they will be consumed by the monster they created but could not control.”

The point being, all of this anti-Americanism as illustrated by the destruction of America’s greatness, the monuments, the history, his belief is the vast majority of the American people want no part of this. They don’t celebrate this. They don’t hate their country. They don’t hate, period. And they are sick and tired of having to have this stuff force-fed to them on the news.

And it’s going to backfire, is the theory. The Democrats are slowly but surely going to become aware of this, and it will be seen in declining poll numbers for Plugs. But it’s gonna be instinctively deduced as well, and it already has been. It’s why I’m making the point here that you no longer see video news coverage of rioting. You couldn’t escape it just weeks ago.

Now you can’t find it because they know it isn’t helpful. That, try as hard as they did, they have failed to convince a majority of Americans that their country sucks and needs to be turned over to people like Black Lives Matter. There just isn’t the sentiment for that among the American population.


RUSH: King County, Washington — this is Seattle – “A King County Superior Court judge has approved a petition for an election to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.” Seattle Times reports the ruling last Friday on charges filed by a group of five people last month. They want to get rid of her. They want to recall her. The thing is, who they gonna replace her with? I mean, all they have is people like that in Seattle, isn’t it? What are you gonna do, go get Bill Gates to fill the job? Some malaria expert?

Seriously, Mr. Snerdley. Who they gonna get? (interruption) Well, we know there’s not a Democrat alive who can solve a problem. So if they recall her, fine and dandy, they recall her, but I don’t know what advantage it’s gonna give them, other than making them feel good. It is fascinating they want to. There’s at least a hopeful sign there.

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