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RUSH: Here is Jan. Jan, I have a question for you. Is the name of your town Martinez or Martinez? How do you pronounce it?

CALLER: It’s Martinez.

RUSH: Okay. Then it’s Martinez, the suburb of Augusta, Georgia that’s pronounced — okay, fine. I’m glad — because I’m aware of what’s happening in Martinez. Why don’t you tell us.

CALLER: Right. We’re just a sleepy little town where the birthplace of jilting Joe DiMaggio and the home of —

RUSH: You’re in the Bay Area; you’re in the East Bay. Right?

CALLER: We are. And home of the martini. Some people might like that. But we’ve kind of been under assault by BLM activists. And I was calling because I respect your opinion. And I’ve read Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky’s tactics, where we just belittle, shout down, and malign people, but we don’t really look for answers, and it works with the media, they like that. I kind of agree with you on —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Well, hold it a minute. Are you saying you use Alinsky tactics on the media?

CALLER: No, no. I’m saying BLM does. So they present us with this sentiment that you can’t disagree with, but if you agree with it, it means you didn’t treat black people fairly before. And that’s not the case in my life because I’m a Christian and I’m called to love my neighbor as myself, and that would make my life a lie.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter.

CALLER: I can’t say that, though. But then if I look at the BLM website, I don’t want to be a Marxist. I don’t want to abolish the nuclear family. I don’t want there to be no religion. So I’m boxed into a corner here. Now, what I’m doing is praying, and people in my community prayed really hard yesterday, and not very many people showed up to the protest. I would say 200 to 400 max —

RUSH: Okay. Wait, who protested? Black Lives Matter?

CALLER: Yeah. So it all started with — and I hate to be this way, but I kind of feel like we’ve been set up. Someone found some fliers on the street that were white racist fliers. It was a group like some — the name escapes me, but some white world order kind of thing. And they were on the ground. They weren’t taped up. They weren’t anywhere. The narrative was different like they were circulating or things like that. It was in front of the police station, the address they gave. The woman that called attention to it has lived here 12 years. She’s African-American. She says she’s never been discriminated against in 12 years. But all the sudden our town is racist. So we need a Black Lives mural. The permit process was rushed through —

RUSH: Here’s the thing. You’re getting caught up in something that’s not relevant.


RUSH: And that is literal. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care what is or isn’t true in Martinez, California. You’re just the latest target. And you’re automatically gonna be racists and bigots because that’s what they do. They could you see people that do not subscribe to their Marxism of being racists and bigots because they’re trying to pass themselves off as a civil rights organization at the same time they’re promoting Marxism. I wouldn’t even waste time going and confronting any of them. Just let them do what they do and leave.

CALLER: That’s what happened. And it was pretty uneventful.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Long term, though, Rush, long term, I live my life according to my BLM — biblical principles, biblical living matters.

RUSH: Well, you know, you have to trust in that. You have to trust that God has an exciting, great plan for your life. You have to trust that.

CALLER: Oh, I know he does.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: You have to trust that, and you have to believe that this is just — you’ve gotta vote the right way, and you’ve gotta make sure that you inform as many people as you can of the fraudulent nature of this group. But don’t engage them. You’re not safe if you do that. They would love for somebody to come up, get in their face. That would give them an excuse to harm people, and they get away with it.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s true. The people that went and protested in Sacramento, they were met with resistance. I went on May 1st. Nobody was behaving badly. So it tended to when the event was supposed to be over for reopen California, Gavin Newsom unleashed the CHP in full riot gear on us.

RUSH: Exactly. I understand your frustration because you want to protect the good name of Martinez, California. You don’t want it to be corrupted. You don’t want it be to blown up by these clowns. You want to protect your own reputation and that of your friends who live there and so forth. What you’re seeing is that the elected political class in Washington and — I’m sorry — in California, Sacramento, is not on your side. They’re on the side of Black Lives Matter. They’re on the side of the lawbreakers.

For whatever cockamamie reason, they think, Gavin Newsom and the rest of the leftists in California, think that there is political victory to be had by aligning with a Marxist, violent protest group. It’s beyond me to explain it. You’re already kind of in the hole ’cause you’re in California and you’re a Christian and a Republican, which means you’re in the vast minority. I don’t know about Christianity, I think there’s a lot more Christians in California. It’s kind of like being a Trump supporter; you’re afraid to say so, particularly when Black Lives Matter rolls into town.

But I remember, I was reading what was going on in Martinez, and I feel badly for you. They’re targeting towns of all sizes and of all places. But, folks, here again, I want to make a point. Thank you very much for the call, Jan. We’re seeing less and less news reporting of these riots, wherever they are happening, Kike, as I pointed out, Portland, Oregon, yesterday saw the 45th consecutive day of rioting, not just people marching in the streets protesting, but rioting, featuring fires and then looting and this sort of thing. And yet the Drive-By Democrat media is not reporting it.

Now, there was a time, a short time ago, just weeks ago where you couldn’t escape video footage of every riot. In fact, at night the cable news networks began reporting 5, 6 p.m. on that night’s coming rioting, and they were all excited. Remember that?

A lot of the these reporters were embedded with the rioters and looters, and they were walking right along with them, reporting what was happening. When Macy’s was looted in New York, the Drive-Bys were right there, just like CNN was outside Roger Stone’s house when he was raided by the jackbooted thugs of the FBI. Now we’re not seeing any of that. We’re not seeing it. We’re not seeing the footage of these riots. Why not, I wonder?

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