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RUSH: This is a huge, huge story, and it was started by a Fox station in Orlando. Fox Orlando, Channel 35, reporting that Florida hospitals are making massive mistakes with coronavirus case reporting. The biggest story in the country, and you can’t find it. You literally can’t find it, certainly not anywhere in the Drive-By Media.

More than 300 COVID testing labs in Florida reported 100 percent positive rates. That simply isn’t possible. Every person they tested was reported as positive. Upon investigation, the actual positive cases were 10 times lower.

Now, this opens the question, how many other states have been reporting fake numbers? Alex Berenson, the former New York Times reporter who has now become a Twitter expert on the virus, is saying that Texas’ numbers are also off the rails, that they are not accurate.

Here’s a story from JusttheNews.com, John Solomon’s site. “Florida hospital admits its COVID positivity rate is 10x lower than first reported — The news station reported that area hospital Orlando Health ‘confirmed errors in the report,’ with hospital officials stating their ‘positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent.'” That’s 10 times lower.

“Another Orlando-area lab, Veteran’s Medical Center, listed ‘a positivity rate of 76 percent,’ but a company official said that ‘the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.'”

Is incompetence this profound? Is it this rampant? Or is this corruption?

“The inflated numbers come as Florida has been recording record numbers of COVID-19 infections, though an analysis of state data by Just the News last week revealed that the state’s recent record-breaking counts of infections may have been overestimated by as much as 30%.”

Well, too bad because the horses are out of the barn now. Everybody thinks that Florida is ground zero, that it’s the new hot spot, that everybody in Florida’s getting sick and they’re all gonna die. That’s the desired effect all this is having. Folks, we have been intentionally misled about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. We have been misinformed on the effectiveness of masks. Early on information was withheld about nursing home deaths.

There’s still no accountability for the people involved in that scandal, such as Governor Cuomo. Fatality rates by age-group are difficult to find. Alleged infectious rates are screaming headlines, but hospitalization and fatalities are buried, not reported. And now we can’t even have an honest discussion about sending kids back to school because all the data we’re dealing with is flawed. It’s corrupted. For crying out loud, 300 testing centers in Florida report 100 percent positive rates.

So on top of all that we now see the COVID infection rate in Florida grossly misreported, either by the hospitals or by the media, I don’t care. But we’re not getting facts. And it doesn’t surprise me because who’s in charge of the dissemination of this information? The Drive-By Media, ultimately. They’re told whatever they are told, and then they can make adjustments in it or fake it up or lie about it or report it truthfully, whichever it is that advances their leftist agenda, which is all that matters.

And that means the only thing that matters is November 3rd. Everything is about November 3rd. Everything is about defeating Trump. That is the prism through which you have to see every bit of COVID-19 news. We get narratives and lies. We don’t get facts. And we know why. COVID is just the latest excuse to get rid of Trump, like Russian collusion, phony quid pro quos.

Folks, the country can’t function like this. If the people are routinely lied to, not given true factual information such as on something as important as opening the schools, then we are up a creek.

More than 300 COVID testing labs — I’m gonna say this again — more than 300 COVID testing labs in Florida reported 100 percent positivity rates. The actual number’s 10 times lower. That drastically changes the news out of Florida in terms of the number of cases. A huge story. Now, why would the Democrats care? They had a bad news Florida narrative, and that’s all that mattered. They got a bad news narrative out of every state that they need.

You know what’s really sick? What’s really sick is the Democrats cheered what they saw massive positivity results in Florida. The media was happy about it. It was great news. It was bad for Trump, don’t you see? It gave them an additional opportunity to spread this narrative that Trump is incompetent, that Trump doesn’t know how to lead during a pandemic, that Trump doesn’t care, that Trump just trying to ignore it.

Trump is trying to inspire people to be adults about this and realize that we can do a whole bunch of things at the same time, that we do not allow ourselves to get trapped and paralyzed by fear. But we have been. Fear is paralyzing people. And we find out now that the source of the fear is not true. It is flawed. The data is not being reported to us accurately and honestly.

So now the news comes out about the truth of the Florida numbers, and the Democrats are not happy. Well, they’re never happy about anything. But they’re not happy. Stop and think of that. This ought to be news that should please everybody. It’s not as bad as we thought. Nah, that’s not good for the Democrats. They rooted for hydroxychloroquine to fail. They were thrilled to see 100 percent positivity rates in Florida. But they don’t care that Cuomo’s policies led to a massacre in New York nursing homes.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the culmination of all this is found in the next headline. It’s at TheHill.com today, and the story reported by somebody named Reid Wilson. “Public’s Disconnect from COVID-19 Reality Worries Experts – The United States is being ravaged by a deadly pandemic that is growing exponentially –” Maybe it isn’t, is the point.

“The United States is being ravaged by a deadly pandemic that is growing exponentially, overwhelming health care systems–” No, it isn’t yet. That’s another myth. “– and costing thousands of lives, to say nothing of an economic recession that threatens to plague the nation for years to come,” all of which has the Democrat Party cheering, Mr. Wilson, all of which has Pelosi and Schumer, et al, ecstatically happy.

“But the American public seems to be over the pandemic –” I’m reading from The Hill. They’re panicked because a lot of people are going on with their lives as though there’s no pandemic. They’re dealing with it however they have to. And they’re very concerned out there. The American public seems to be over the pandemic. The American public seems eager to get their kids back in school. Why the hell not? Why is that abnormal? To want your kids back to school is not abnormal. It is the essence of normalcy, wanting your kids back in school.

“The American public seems ready to hit the bars and restaurants again. The American public hungry for Major League Baseball.” What’s wrong with any of that? You see where this is going? You see how this is all put together? The American people going about their lives while there is a pandemic, while the virus is out there, why, this is dangerous. The American public are not listening to the experts. Why should we when they’re lying to us? Why should we listen to the experts when they’re not experts?

The degree to which institutions we used to trust have been corrupted, it’s only common sense that makes people question or doubt the news coming. Mr. Wilson, everybody else in the media, how in the world are the American people supposed to react when they were lied to for four years and counting on this Russia collusion crap? There was no Russia collusion. There was no collusion. Trump did not act as an agent for Vladimir Putin, secret or otherwise. There was nothing to that story.

You expect the American people, “Oh, you guys made a mistake and we still trust you”? You think there’s no consequence for journalistic malpractice? You think there’s no consequence for getting things as wrong as you all did, starting on election night 2016 and counting? You’re still trying to service this Russian narrative. The Democrats are still saying that Trump is a Putin agent. You haven’t had a shred of evidence because there isn’t.

You expect the American people to simply chalk it up as you gave it your best shot, you really tried, you really thought you had the truth, but, ah, it wasn’t the case. Especially when you haven’t apologized, when you haven’t even acknowledged you got it wrong, when you haven’t even acknowledged how wrong you were? And so now the public not believing you on your scare tactics and fearmongering on the virus worries experts.

It means that you’re losing your ability to manipulate. It means that you’re losing your ability to indoctrinate. It means that you think you’re losing your ability to propagandize, and that’s why you’re worried, because you can’t get away automatically with manipulation, with indoctrination, and with propaganda any longer. You’ve lied too often, too frequently, about big things. You misled people for years on big things, and you have yet to acknowledge it.

And yet somehow it’s the American people’s fault for wanting their kids back in school, the American people’s fault for wanting baseball and football and all the other sports to pick up again. The American people are dangerous because they’re ready to go back to bars and restaurants.

“The startling divergence between the brutal reality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the fantasy land of a forthcoming return to normalcy -” This is a new story. This isn’t even an opinion piece. Unless it’s an opinion piece and I didn’t notice. But you can’t even tell the difference in those anymore, which is the point of Bari Weiss who quit the New York Times yesterday.

But listen to this. I gotta take a break here quickly. But listen. “The startling divergence between the brutal reality of the -” What brutal reality? We we think you’re lying to us. “And the fantasy land of a forthcoming return to normalcy.” Oh, it’s a fantasy to think that we can return to normalcy in our lives? It’s a fantasy to even desire this? Yes. And it has public health experts depressed and anxious about what is to come.

The worst is not behind us, they say, by any stretch of the imagination. The problem is you believe these experts and you don’t even question them. You don’t even have any doubt about them, when they’re never right. The models that you’ve been using to project death cases, they haven’t been right. You still cite them.


RUSH: So let me ask you a couple of questions. If this was a real, real health care threat, why would there be so much false testing and reporting? Because there clearly is now. Three-hundred COVID test sites in Florida report 100 percent positivity. Who knows the data in other states.

I’m not saying that there’s not a virus out there, I’m not saying it’s not getting people, but we’re not being told factual information about it. Why? Why would there be so much false testing and reporting? Why all of the false causes on death certificates? Why the staged overrunning of hospitals? Hospitals are not being overrun like you’re being told. Why the blaming of reopening states instead of the riots? You know, the riots get no blame whatsoever. Now we got the CDC saying, “Wait a minute. It may have been Northerners moving south on vacation over Memorial Day that led to the spike in the South.”

My only point is, if we really did have the serious threatening virus they are telling us, no one would have to make anything up. Nobody would have to fudge anything. The evidence would be abundantly clear. That’s just it. There isn’t any clear evidence. That’s why there’s so many people that doubt it, there’s so many different explanations.

Let me grab a call, try to get one quickly in. Central Florida. This is Terry. She is an intensive care nurse. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thank you for all you do.

RUSH: You are welcome. Go ahead. We don’t have much time.

CALLER: Okay. The numbers are definitely skewed. They can test a patient in the emergency room, the test be negative. If the patient runs fever that night, they do another COVID test on them again because they’re thinking maybe we didn’t get it right the first time, maybe they really are. The majority of these patients, we’re getting a lot of them from nursing homes. If the nursing center gets a bunch of positives, they dump the entire wing to the hospital. So we’ve had a huge influx in the nursing home patients —

RUSH: Why are they doing this?

CALLER: — are not even coughing. These patients are not even coughing. They’re running low grade fever, but they’re not being intubated and they’re not coughing.

RUSH: Why are they reporting people as positive if they’re not? Why are they continually testing people until they get a positive?

CALLER: I have no idea. All they are is just fearmongering. The nurses are like, oh, my gosh. They’re running from room to room, we don’t want to take it home to our family.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Somebody’s telling them to do it.

CALLER: Yes. I think that all of the these tests that we do are sent to the health department and the health department reports to the CDC. I think that’s where the corruption is. The nurses are still over this. We’re all so exhausted and over this.

RUSH: I can imagine. That I totally understand. I mean, you’re doing your jobs, you see the truth every day, then you go turn on the news and you see stuff that’s not reflective of what you’re seeing every day and what you know. Appreciate the call.

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