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RUSH: Jane Doe — wants to remain anonymous — somewhere in Texas. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to make you aware that I do coding for different hospitals across the country —

RUSH: What is that? What is coding?

CALLER: Medical coding. We read the report and put numbers to it so that we can bill the insurance.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And there’s a lot of cases where people come in and say that they’ve exposed but they’re being coded as though they have COVID-19, even though they haven’t even been tested.

RUSH: You’ve seen this?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Have you been forced to do this?

CALLER: No, I code it properly, but the dictation in the note, I can’t control the hospital side of coding. I code for the ER doctor, but the hospital side is coding it as though the patient does have the COVID-19.

RUSH: Even if they’ve not even been tested, you’ve seen this happen?

CALLER: Yes, sir, so the numbers are skewed everywhere.

RUSH: Is there a question of money, the more people that reportedly test positive, is there some kind of financial remuneration for the hospital?


RUSH: Well, that’s pretty simple. That sounds right. So no wonder you’re having to call in here anonymously and not even tell us what part of the state of Texas that you’re in because you’re revealing some really earth-shattering information here.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And I’ve seen it for other states across the country. So it’s not just Texas —

RUSH: So you don’t —

CALLER: — California, Arizona, Oklahoma, New York. It’s everywhere.

RUSH: It’s everywhere. Meaning, folks, we’re not getting the truth about anything related to COVID-19 and the actual number of cases. The corruption is rampant. It’s a sad, sad thing.


RUSH: This is Matt. St. Augustine, Florida, the home of the golf Hall of Fame. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First of all, I love ya. Just want to get that out first and foremost. My call is about all of the overreportings of these COVID-19 cases predominantly in Florida and Texas. So, you know, the media can get away with anything. Politicians can get away with anything, say anything, they’re immune to just about anything. Civil case means damages.

How about this, Rush? Use your reach to get out there to attorneys. Let’s get a class-action lawsuit out there for these companies that are playing political games with medical testing now. And the damages are easy. How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost, and how many more are they trying to inflict on by furthering the numbers to political manipulation of a medical report?

Imagine if you checked in and showed up for cancer and they falsified the report for some other gain. Imagine the risk and the liability they’d be held. What’s different with these? Why can’t a class-action suit with very aggressive attorneys just bust these guys right in the chops?

RUSH: Well, you want to know the answer? The people that would do the class-action lawsuit are in the same party as the people running the fake numbers. It’s all the Democrat Party, and they’re not gonna sue themselves. I’ll tell you, you’re right about something, though. We’ve got fraudulent numbers all over the country. We know we got fraudulent numbers in Florida. From that we can extrapolate. These labs are finally admitting, they reported falsely — I’m sure they’re saying it was a mistake. Hundred percent positivity when it was 7.6, 9.8 positivity.

And he’s right, too, about the impact these numbers are having on — let’s look at Hawaii. Hawaii’s a great example. Oh, by the way, one more thing on the numbers. The nurses that we’ve had here, one of them said that the numbers that they are coding and reporting are sent to the CDC. And it was her opinion that it’s the CDC that’s then corrupting the numbers before they get reported. Could be.

The Trump administration just yesterday told hospitals to send their numbers directly to Health and Human Services and bypass the CDC. The CDC now gets them and sends them to Health and Human Services. The Drive-By Media outrage that Trump wants to bypass the CDC. They know what’s going on at the CDC. CDC is part of the equation where all of this misreporting may be taking place. And Trump wants it sent directly to his cabinet official at health and human services rather than the CDC. And that has them ticked off.


RUSH: Hey, look at this, some statistics here from St. Louis, courtesy Gateway Pundit. St. Louis has 159 deaths attributable to COVID-19. St. Louis has 125 homicides and 50 children shot so far this year. So we have more homicides and children shot than COVID-19 deaths in St. Louis. Hmm. And can we even believe the 159 COVID death number? Legitimate question to ask.


RUSH: We go back to the phones. Bill in Plymouth, Michigan. Thank you for waiting, sir. You’re up next.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’m so glad to have gotten through to you. I couldn’t believe I got through.

RUSH: I’m glad you did.

CALLER: Yeah. I was listening to an earlier caller who was talking about the coding of the test results, and I guess some of the people hadn’t even been tested.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And it reminded me of my own story. Back in March when all of the shutdowns started here in Michigan, I remember I went out jogging ’cause I didn’t have anything else to do and I got a little short of breath. So I called the doctor, and he did a cell phone diagnosis, said that he was 90% sure that I was COVID positive. I didn’t have a fever. I didn’t have any other symptoms, just shortness of breath and a little bit of fatigue. So he put me in quarantine for 10 days. After the 10 days were over, my doctor called me, he could not test me. He said that they’re not testing anybody unless they’re really, really sick or they’re in a hospital.

RUSH: All right. So the bottom line is you didn’t have it, let me guess? I think we’ve lost the call. I think what he was gonna say is that he got a presumptive diagnosis on the phone and yet it says here he was tested four times, he never had COVID. That’s what we call anecdotal. Doesn’t mean anything. Anybody can call here and say anything, anything they want.

But the point is he’s trying to weigh in on the idea that these numbers out there have been massaged and amplified, and we don’t know, we can’t trust what we’re being told about any of this.

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