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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, did you happen to see Trump’s Rose Garden thing yesterday? Did you watch it? (interruption) Damn. Did you see it, Dawn? Did you see it, Brian? Am I the only guy that keeps working when I go home? I guess I am. Well, I wanted to know what you thought of it out there because a lot of people are ripping it. Even some Trump supporters were made uncomfortable by it.

He calls a press conference, 5 o’clock in the afternoon, if you see a picture of this, by the way, Trump and his podium are in the shade, and the Drive-Bys are in the broiling sun. They’re holding stuff over their heads. It’s 95 degrees out there. It’s almost like he looked out the window the Oval Office, “You know what? Let’s get the media in here and bake ’em.” A lot of people thought — not a lot. Some people said to me, “Rush, don’t use the Rose Garden and Oval Office press conference to trash your election opponent. It just seems… I don’t know.”

Other people thought it was brilliant. Trump gets ’em in there and then basically does a rally appearance. It went on for over an hour, and he trashed Biden, and we’ve put together just the trashing of Biden as one long sound bite, which I’ll get to in a moment.


RUSH: Trump’s address yesterday, his press conference, which really was a campaign event, he spent most of the time bashing Biden and promoting himself. And the press showed up thinking it was an afternoon press conference.

So they are livid to have been used that way. Even Karl Rove has weighed in that it just seemed a bit unseemly. This is not how the Rose Garden or the Oval Office should be used. We’ll leave it to you, maybe you want to weigh in on that.


RUSH: While I have time, grab sound bite number 12. The Trump Oval Office Rose Garden address yesterday was announced as a press conference at 5 p.m. And Trump came out at 5:30, half hour late, and the Drive-Bys are sitting there and they all got their masks on and they’re socially distanced and Trump launches into a campaign-type rally attack on Biden and he started talking about how great he’s been on China and how wonderful he’s been fighting the virus.

And I said to myself, “A lot of people are gonna be nervous about this, ’cause this is not what presidential press conferences, Oval Office addresses are for.” And said people, “But Rush, Obama did it all the time, and Clinton did it.” Yeah, I know, but still. So what we’ve done, we assembled most of what the president said about Biden and put it in one sound bite. It’s over two minutes and if I don’t play it now I’m not gonna have time, and here it is. This is probably the best two-minute example of what this appearance yesterday was.

THE PRESIDENT: Biden and President Obama freely allowed China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities, and steal our most precious secrets. Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party. Biden supported China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, one of the greatest geopolitical and economic disasters in world history. Biden was a leading advocate of the Paris climate accord, which was unbelievably expensive to our country, would have crushed American manufacturers. America lost nearly 10,000 factories while Joe Biden was vice president. Biden personally led the effort to give China permanent most favored nation status. Biden wants to defund our military. Biden opposed tariffs Biden didn’t just side with China on the virus, he called me xenophobic. He said that the idea that China is our competition is really bizarre. He’s really bizarre. He said China’s not a problem. Biden expressed more fawning praise about China on an ordinary day than about America on the Fourth of July. Biden is pushing a platform that would demolish the U.S. economy. I don’t think Texas is gonna do too well. They’re gonna get rid of about seven million jobs if you go by the Biden plan. Joe Biden put AOC, a young woman not talented in many ways, in charge of his energy plan. Biden released his unity platform developed with socialist Bernie Sanders. The Biden-Sanders agenda is the most extreme platform of any major party nominee by far in American history. This is Biden, rip down the wall, end all travel bans, grant mass amnesty, increase refugee admissions by 700 percent, close our prisons, abolish our police departments, end school choice. Where is Hunter, by the way? Hunter Biden walked out with $1.5 billion. Biden was here for 47 years. Now he says he’s gonna be president. As president, he’s gonna do all the things that he didn’t do. He never did anything except make very bad decisions.

RUSH: Yeah. One of the themes yesterday was every time he said Biden is gonna do this or that, then he quoted Biden on policy, Trump said, “Why didn’t he do it when he was there? Four eight years. Why didn’t any of this stuff happen when he was there?” Which is the best question you can ask to anything Biden does except his answer. “Well, I’m changing the agenda.” We’re gonna go full-fledged left wing like Obama was. He just wouldn’t say it. The difference is, we’re gonna say it.

Now, Karl Rove was not happy with this use of the Rose Garden. He was on America’s Newsroom today on Fox, and John Roberts said, “The president’s remarks yesterday turned into a broadside against Biden. It looked like a campaign rally. What did you think of it?”

ROVE: That’s one of the great ironies about a president running for reelection is that they’re always stronger when they focus most of their energy and effort and message on the things that they do as president. Imagine what it would be today if the president had been focused only on Hong Kong, only on China, had made the points about what he was doing to confront ’em, could have taken sort of a glancing blow, saying, “My predecessors were not willing to take these tough steps, I am.” That would have been the message for the day. But instead we had this 64-minute-long diffuse, sort of pseudocampaign event. Don’t use presidential events as campaign events. Try and turn campaign events into presidential events.

RUSH: Quick time-out.


RUSH: Here is Steven, Covina, California, glad you waited, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It is a honor. And I just want to tell you I came home from work yesterday, I watched the president’s news conference, and, as far as I’m concerned, there was no campaigning. He was just strictly telling the truth about these leftist pigs and how they’re gonna destroy this country. And living in California, we have a lot of liberal friends here which we don’t talk politics with —

RUSH: Wait a minute, you got a bunch of leftist pigs in California. Let’s be consistent.

CALLER: Yes. Yes, we do. And I just want to say a lot of them have seen what’s going on around the country and they swear up and down they will never, ever vote blue ever again. So this rioting and destruction of all of our cities is not gonna work for them, as far as I’m concerned.

RUSH: The fact that the Democrat Party — thank you. Thanks, Steven. I appreciate it. He wasn’t bothered at all. I don’t think any member of the Trump base would be bothered by what happened. See, I think all these conventional wisdom, Beltway politicians and campaign professionals, the consultants, they still don’t understand why Trump was elected. They don’t understand why people support Trump.

Even with this pandemic they don’t see the country in crisis. And certainly not because of anything the Democrats are doing. It’s the strangest thing, that this is so wide open, right in front of everybody’s face, and the professionals in Washington and politics still don’t understand it. Which means after this many years, they never are going to.

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