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RUSH: You stop and think what the Democrat Party is doing. This is strange. Hillary Clinton, she did interview out there with Trevor Noah. Let me check the audio sound bite roster. I need to see if we have any of that. Because it was just — and we might have had it yesterday and I didn’t get to it. But man, oh, man, she just can’t give it up, folks. She just can’t let go of it. Yeah, we must have had it yesterday and I didn’t get to it.

She’s out there talking about how Trump won’t leave if he’s reelected and how he didn’t really win in 2016 because of the Russians. She is beyond help. She is totally gone now, folks. She cannot get over the fact that she lost. She has yet to come to grips with it.

And what was that? The Democrat Party had to get behind her and literally prop her up because she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t go up the steps of a bus. She was impaired in all of the ways. She couldn’t do any public appearances ’cause she didn’t draw a crowd.

And yet she was the nominee. The Democrat Party got behind somebody who couldn’t campaign on her own, who didn’t have the — in her case it is true too — she didn’t have the mental acuity to be able to pull it off. She didn’t have the stamina. She would, like Biden in a way, she’d lose her train of thought after a certain passage the time of.

And so they had to sequester her, they had to keep her quarantined, essentially. And the same thing is true of Biden. Now, in Hillary’s case, the more invisible she was, the higher her numbers were because the negatives declined. And it’s the same thing with Biden.

Now you have the Democrat Party with two elections in a row working as hard as they can to prop up two seasoned citizens that are not all there. It is the strangest thing. I mean, they’re really working hard to prop them up. Now, in the case of Biden, as I have said over and over again, the real point, question, answer, the real thing about Biden is who is it that’s propping him up? Who is it that’s actually going to be president? Is it one person or is it a committee?

But whoever it is, they are not running, we don’t know who they are, they are not having to raise any money for themselves, and they are not going to be on the ballot. Yet they, he, she, whoever is actually going to be running the country. Everybody thinks that Biden’s vice presidential choice is key because his VP is gonna be running the country someday and likely very soon because Biden will not be able to carry forward.

The conventional wisdom is that he might actually turn the reins of power over rather quickly after he wins, that he’s really nothing more than a placeholder even now, which makes sense. He doesn’t have the stamina. And it’s not a personal criticism. This is just a reaction to the undeniable characteristics of age and how that manifests in people. It’s different from person to person. In Joe Biden’s case, it’s a lack of mental acuity. We’ve seen it. Senility, whatever you want to call it. But they’re propping him up. They’re still propping him up.

Look, they had 16, 20 different people running for this office, and for some reason the powers that be in the Democrat Party didn’t think any of them could win. So they had to all focus around Biden. But who is it that’s actually going to be president? I don’t hear hardly anybody else talking about this, at least the way I am.

But I think it’s a key question. It may be a committee, it could be just one person. It could be Al Gore and John Kerry together. I have no idea who it is. But it still fascinates me the Democrat Party in the last two elections has had to work overtime propping up two people who cannot win on their own, and they know it. And yet they think that they’ve already won. They think it is a slam dunk because they believe Twitter is America, and they believe that Donald Trump is universally hated and despised by a huge majority of Americans. They’re out to lunch on it, they’re wrong about it, and they’re lying to themselves yet again.

I just find it fascinating. Of all the people that could have been the Democrat nominee, for two elections in a row they’ve chosen somebody they literally have to prop up, that cannot stand up on their own, cannot function. Even with a teleprompter it’s still a risk putting Joe Biden out there.

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