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RUSH: Donald Trump yesterday was asked why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of the cops in this country. And you know what the president said? He said, “So are white people.” And the freakout began. But it’s a true statement.

It’s a true statement, but because the president refused to accept the premise — it was a question asked by Catherine Herridge of CBS, formerly of the Fox News Channel. See, this is how it’s done. And, by the way, Catherine Herridge, she’s okay. “Why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement?”

“So are white people.” It’s true. In fact, more white people are killed by cops than black people. You can’t say that. You can’t say that. It goes against the narrative of Black Lives Matter. You can’t say it. But it happens to be true.

Here are the relevant sound bites. This morning on CBS This Morning senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge played a report where she interviewed Trump during a segment about race and politics.

HERRIDGE: You said George Floyd’s death was a terrible thing.


HERRIDGE: Why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?

THE PRESIDENT: And so are white people, so are white people. What a terrible question to ask. So are white people. More white people, by the way. More white people.

RUSH: What a terrible question to ask. Now, his answer is factual. But because it doesn’t follow the narrative it’s considered controversial and racist and blasphemous and all the other horrible things that Trump is. Then later in the telecast of this show, CBS This Morning, Catherine Herridge said this.

HERRIDGE: Suggests that black people are about three times more likely to be killed by police than white people, but the overall number of white people killed is higher because white people make up a larger percentage of the overall population.

RUSH: Okay. So research suggests that black people are about three times more likely — suggests. Research suggests. Science doesn’t suggest anything. Science concludes. If it suggests, it’s not science. And I’m not just playing games with words here, I’m being literal. But the overall number of white people killed by cops is higher than the number of black people killed by cops. It’s undeniable.

CNN was not happy about this. CNN very disturbed. Little Bakari Sellers was on with Alisyn Camerota this morning to talk about this. Actually a state representative of South Carolina, Bakari Sellers, and Camerota said, “What was that response? He was very angry about even getting that question about African-Americans being killed by the police.”

SELLERS: The response was a lie, that’s what it was. What we do know and what statistics show us is that African-Americans are three-and-a-half more times more likely to die from use of force than white people in this country. They’re more likely to incur use of force than white people in this country. And we have a serious problem. I can honestly tell you that if George Floyd was white, then he would probably still be alive today.

RUSH: Well, “ifs.” I’ll tell you, if George Floyd had been white and the same thing happened, we probably wouldn’t have seen the story. But, boy, that’s a controversial thing to say too. If you say that to the wrong people, oh, man, are they gonna get in your chili. But it’s truth. So, you see, science suggests three and a half times more likely but the overall numbers are what they are, and they are undeniable.


RUSH: And look at this. Forbes is reporting that Black Lives Matter murals are being defaced in cities throughout the country. It says here: “A Black Lives Matter mural outside of Chicago was painted over to read ‘All Lives Matter’ earlier this week, the latest occurrence of what has become a nationwide trend in recent weeks of vandals defacing similar BLM murals.”

Notice that Black Lives Matter painting in our streets is not considered vandalism. You can put Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Tower at 5th Avenue, the mayor come out there and help people paint it, and that’s not considered defacing anything or vandalism.

“The U.S. painfully comes to terms with an evolving public dialogue centered around racism following the death of George Floyd.” So let’s see. We have Black Lives Matter murals in Oak Park, Illinois, that’s a suburb north of Chicago, vandalized Tuesday night. “Overnight Monday into Tuesday, Martinez, California, local cops open investigation after White Lives Matter was illegally painted onto a roadway.” Black Lives Matter, they can paint over anything, it’s not illegal. White Lives Matter, you’re flirting with lawbreaking.

Let’s see. “On Monday, state police in Vermont informed the Attorney General’s Office that two Black Lives Matter roadway murals and a ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ mural were defaced. Last month in Baltimore, chalk messages written by elementary students on their school’s walls in support of the Black Lives Matter movement were power-washed away by adults.”

So it appears that there is some pushback going out there. I would also say painting on pavement is not a mural, but that’s just me. A mural goes on wall. It comes from the French word, mur, m-u-r, which means wall. It’s a Latin word, which means anti-immigration at the end of the day.

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