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RUSH: There’s some polling data that I want to share with you. And, you know, I’m the first guy to eschew polling data because I think so much of it is fake, and I think so much of it is illegitimate. I think so much of it is used to try to shape public opinion rather than ostensibly reflect it.

But there are those times that I think it is useful, regardless of what it is. And there are a couple of stories here. First, Rasmussen Reports the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Looks like Trump is back up to 48% likely U.S. voters approve of the job. He was down, you know, what was it 40% or 39 in some polls. The latest figures include 37% who strongly approve of the job Trump is doing, 41% who strongly disapprove. And this is back to normal. That number of 48% in the Rasmussen poll is back to normal, and it shows the Trump trend line as going in the right direction positively.

You see, Trump did not organize the massacres in the blue state nursing homes. Trump’s not the guy out there painting streets and ignoring killers shooting up neighborhoods. That’s not Trump. Trump is cheering the use of affordable, clean burning natural gas. Biden is cheering the Green New Deal from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Trump is out supporting the police while Biden is supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

And so as time goes on, this race is gonna be seen for what it is, between an indefatigable leader and builder and a, sad to say, mentally impaired follower. You know, even yesterday on the prompter, Joe Biden called Arizona a city. On the prompter, Mr. Snerdley, he called Arizona a city. He said, “We need to get our kids to market swiftly.” Our kids to market swiftly. And he talked about the “maconomy” we need to the future. I don’t know what “maconomy” that Joe was talking about.

There’s also polling data from the day before. And this is from John Solomon’s website. And this is Scott Rasmussen, who is marginally more trustworthy than most pollsters. And this is a comparison poll to a month ago. “Trump Cuts Biden’s Lead Almost in Half, Gains 13 Points Among Independents Since Last Month.”

You’re not hearing this from anybody else. This is one of the reasons why I’m taking the time to inform you, because this is the exact kind of polling data that’s ignored by the Drive-Bys. All of the gains come from male voters.

But this is a big deal. Trump cutting Biden’s lead almost in half, gaining 13 points among independents, the precious independents. Most of the gains are all from male voters, and in both polls Trump trailed by 14 points among women. However, a month ago he trailed among men by nine points. This month he now leads by two, 45 to 43%. And I think this is the result of things that are actually happening that people are noticing.

Now, you want to talk about an outlier, we don’t talk about the Zogby poll much. We used to talk about it frequently. Zogby is not front and center in the polling discussion. By try this headline from two days ago: “Biden’s ‘Dismal’ Support From Blacks Threatens His Election.” This is a story by Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner. Bedard is imminently credible.

Now, how many of you think that Biden is losing support among blacks? Most people think that it’s blacks that got him the nomination. He went out there and had this powwow with the father of Mignon Clyburn, James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians. He had the meeting in South Carolina, and it was Clyburn who urged people via his endorsement of Plugs to get the black vote in South Carolina that put Biden over the top and it’s essentially what got him the nomination.

Now we got polling data suggesting that Biden’s dismal support from blacks threatens his election. What is this? Well, let’s see what it says here. “Former Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘dismal’ support from black voters, now confirmed in two polls, is likely to force his campaign to choose a black woman as his running mate.” That’s a foregone conclusion. This according to a Democrat pollster.

“In the latest John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions poll, Biden has the support of 77% of black voters while 14% back President Trump.” Republican officials have told Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner if Trump maintains that 14% of support from blacks, he’s gonna win. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, a black Republican, said in February, “Game over if we get 14,” of the black vote. I’m sure you haven’t heard that.

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