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RUSH: “The president of a union representing New York State troopers is calling for members to be pulled from any posts in New York City, citing concerns about police legislation slated to be signed by,” the idiot mayor, de Blasio.

“‘I am demanding that New York State Police Superintendent Keith Corlett immediately remove all uniformed State Troopers currently stationed within New York City and cease any law enforcement activities within that jurisdiction,’ wrote PBA President Thomas Mungeer in a Wednesday press release.”

New York state troopers want off of New York City streets because they feel like they can’t do their jobs. And therefore they are at physical risk. And of course civil liability that they would face. So, do you want police or do you want mobs patrolling the streets where you live? It’s another question that’s gonna be decided in November. Police or mobs.

The National Association of Police Organizations president has endorsed Trump, overwhelmingly. Biden passed on a chance to talk to them. National Association of Police Organizations president Michael McHale announced that his group is endorsing Donald Trump in November after Biden refused to talk after all the talk about defunding the police.

Additional wrinkle here too. The Democrat Party is so radical, so anti-police, their candidates don’t even want the endorsement of police unions now. Biden doesn’t even want their endorsement. A lot of Democrats do not want the endorsement of police organizations now. Because apparently an endorsement by a police union – union! Police union would alienate the Democrat Party base. You know, Twitter. Twitter would be offended. Twitter would go viral. Twitter would be erupting if a Democrat candidate accepted an endorsement from a police organization.

You may have heard about this today depending on what you’ve been paying attention to. Berkeley, California, home of the University of California, “moved forward Wednesday with a proposal to eliminate police from conducting traffic stops and instead use unarmed civilian city workers as part of a broad overhaul of law enforcement. The City Council also set a goal of cutting the police budget by 50%.” That’s one half, for those of you in Rio Linda.

The council approved the measure proposed by the mayor in a-nine-hour virtual meeting — meaning Zoom — that ended at 3 a.m. The mayor said, “For far too long public safety has been equated with more police. We don’t believe that.”

So no uniformed police will be used in routine traffic stops. We’re getting tired of asking, what could possibly go wrong? (interruption) It is. It’s gonna be fascinating to watch some social worker on a traffic stop.

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