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RUSH: Portland, Oregon has been the scene of violent protests for almost two straight months. This week, an anti-capitalist bunch calling themselves “The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front” set up a so-called “autonomous zone,” like the leftist crazies in Seattle did a few weeks ago.

Nobody with any sense wants to risk their lives to go downtown. Businesses in Portland have suffered over 23 million dollars in damages.

These vicious, violent, hate-filled, anti-American protesters are also attacking federal buildings. To protect this federal property, the Department of Homeland Security deployed federal agents to Portland. And that has caused the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, to go ballistic.

Mayor Wheeler is blaming the federal agents for bringing violence to Portland’s streets. All they’ve done is defend themselves when attacked by these worthless shreds of human debris anarchists. Mayor Wheeler is demanding that federal agents either stay inside their federal buildings or get the hell out of his town.

This nut job mayor also ordered the federal agents to clean the graffiti off these federal buildings. Graffiti that was put there by the violent, anti-American, anti-capitalist rioters that Wheeler has allowed to control his city.

Mayor Wheeler in Portland, like Mayor de Blasio in New York, is an abject idiot. It’s amazing there are any businesses at all left in either city. For how long will there be?

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