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RUSH: Forty-two disastrous things Biden would do as president. Trump yesterday put the list out. It’s 42 things that Biden has proposed, 42 things that Biden and the Democrats have promised. These are not things that Trump says look out, if Biden wins, this is what might happen. These are things that Biden is already saying and that Crazy Bernie has already said.

In the Rose Garden address a couple days ago, he said, ” “It’s probably never been a time when candidates are so different. We want law and order; they don’t want law and order. We want strong closed borders with people able to come in through merit, through a legal process; they don’t want to have any borders at all.”

This list is incomplete because the list does not mention that Biden has promised to revoke every Trump tax cut. Biden has promised to raise everybody’s taxes. And with millions of people out of work, promising to do that is the single biggest impediment to job creation that he could come up with.

Joe Biden is gonna take money away from job creators when millions of people need work, and he’s gonna allow borders to be wide open for the migrants of the world to come into this country while millions of Americans are trying to get their jobs back.

The people running the Democrat Party today are Marxists, and they are in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Let me just give you some of the things that Biden has proposed. And these, by the way, come from a transcript of the president’s press conference two days ago in the Rose Garden, but they literally come from Biden’s own position papers, party platform planks, statements that he’s made during interviews, however few there have been.

Biden will abolish immigration detention. No more detention. If you come in here illegally, it’s catch-and-release. Biden has said he will stop all deportation of illegal aliens. He will end prosecution of illegal border crossers. He will continue to support and expand sanctuary cities. He will incentivize by virtue of some of these policies illegal alien child smuggling. It’s not that Biden wants that to happen. It’s he’s gonna enable it to happen with some of his other policies.

Biden will expand asylum for all new illegal aliens and cancel asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. We know this because of Biden’s stated open-door policies related to the border. Folks, they’re gonna have it wide open. It’s the single, quote, unquote, easiest thing they could do to completely annihilate this distinct American culture is just overrun this country with the migrants of the world and have them be rewarded for coming.

Now, I’m here to tell you that the Joe Biden of 30 years ago would no more support any of this stuff. The Joe Biden of 30 years ago did not hate America. The Joe Biden of 30 years ago, even 20 years ago, did not think the United States was inherently rotgut racist, bigoted, and needed to be disbanded and reconstituted. The Biden of today is going to enact policies based on those exact beliefs, whether he knows he’s doing it or not.

Taxpayer funded lawyers will be given to illegal aliens. Not just free lawyers — you’re gonna pay for them. He’s gonna restore catch-and-release policies. He’s got to with some of these other things that he’s gonna support. He’s gonna grant illegal aliens work permits. Federal student aid, free community college for illegal aliens. New immigrants will be signed up for welfare immediately. Whether there’s a need for it or not, they’re gonna be immediately be put on the welfare rolls.

Biden will end the requirement for immigrants’ self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare. You know, legal immigration now requires that you pledge and promise to support yourself. Biden’s gonna erase that. Not gonna be necessary. Gonna end the requirement that legal immigrants pledge to support themselves. And he’s gonna maximize their exposure to welfare. He will grant a one-time mass amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the country. And they’re not gonna have to do. Not gonna have to come out of the shadows first, not gonna get in line. He’s just gonna grant mass amnesty. It’s what Crazy Bernie would do. Biden has adopted it.

On the legal immigration side, Biden and the Democrat Party are going to expand the number of low-skilled legal immigrants that they certify and authorize to come into the country. It’s the exact opposite of legal immigration today. We want the best and brightest, we want the educated, we want the smartest, we want people who love America and want to be part of America. All that will be erased and will not be a factor in Joe Biden’s legal immigration policies. He’s gonna abolish law enforcement as we know it. He does believe in defunding the cops because the Democrat Party does. Look. This list goes on. This is just some of the stuff that Biden will do.

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