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RUSH: This is Karen in Palo Cedro, California. Welcome. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Blessings to you and your wife. You are in my daily prayers. I think that it’s so important in today’s world that we are factually educated. And I’ve listened to you for years now talk about the Hillsdale online free classes.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: And I finally signed up for one, and I’m just finishing it now. It’s the Second World War as taught by Victor Davis Hanson.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. That is awesomely good.

CALLER: It really is. I love history. I have amazing parents who made sure that they took us all around the country seeing Civil War battlefields and old forts and historical things. You know, I’m 60; they’re 91 and 86. And they took me and my five siblings and it was such an amazing way of learning things.

And, you know, I try and be that learning person for my grandchildren now. And between the Hillsdale course, which I will sign up for the next one as soon as this one is over, your books have been just remarkable for my grandchildren. I have read them all to them. And, in fact, my grandson, who is now 12, it was the Pilgrim book, they read it in his fifth grade class, and he was all excited ’cause he’d already read it.

RUSH: That’s great. That is fantastic news to hear.


RUSH: You know, you’re right about grandparents, because a lot of parents, the parents of Millennials, the Baby Boomers — I’m one of them — believe me, there are many in my generation who are worthless as nipples on a boar hog. My grandfather was born in the late 1800s. He idolized Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln died only 30 years before my grandfather was born. My grandfather idolized Abraham Lincoln and then Teddy Roosevelt.

Roosevelt not particularly political party-wise, but because of the way he expanded the country and made us a true superpower with the establishment of the worldwide navy. But he was devoted to Lincoln. We all grew up knowing as much as we could absorb from my grandfather about Abraham Lincoln. No greater human being had ever lived, in my grandfather’s eyes, than Abraham Lincoln.

And when I went to New York the first time my grandfather, “Did you go to Cooper Union?” Lincoln made a great speech there. I said, “I haven’t been yet, Pop.” He was disappointed that it wasn’t the first thing I did.

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