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RUSH: Now, you’ve seen the polling data that shows Trump way behind Biden. ABC, Washington Post, Quinnipiac. Well, a bunch of people have dug deep into these polls, and they found out that in every one of them the Republican sample has been 24%. ABC/Washington Post poll sample of Republicans, 24%. Quinnipiac, 24%. The actual number is 33%. The 2016 exit poll showed that 33% of people that voted were Republican. 2018, the midterms, 33% were Republican.

So these are polls designed to depress you. They are designed to dispirit you. They are designed to deflate you. They’re designed to make you think your guy is losing, you may as well not even show up. They do it every year, every election. They under-sample Republicans, and it gives them the opportunity to misreport. There is a big difference in a Republican sample of 24% and one of 33%.

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