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RUSH: In his interview yesterday with Chris Wallace, the president said that more testing has led to the discovery of more cases. And he said this is one of the reasons — folks, this is not arguable — more testing does produce more cases.

The Drive-Bys went nuts. They want you to believe that more cases is because Trump isn’t doing anything to stop the spread of the virus, and Trump doesn’t care, and Trump doesn’t know what to do, he’s basically tuned out. They want you to believe that this virus is out of control. Trump says that if you test more, you’re gonna find more cases. So here’s sound bite number 2. We put together a montage of the media going nuts over it.

WOLF BLITZER: (music) Why is the president falsely claiming that the increase in cases is due simply to more testing?

KELLY O’DONNELL: (voiceover) He claims testing itself makes the situation appear worse.

JEREMY DIAMOND: (outdoor noise) False claim that testing is responsible for the rise in cases.

KASIE HUNT: The president seems to not want more testing ’cause he thinks that shows more cases.

KRISTIN WELKER: (voiceover) Even his own top health experts have widely disputed that testing is to blame.

ANA CABRERA: (outdoor noise) The numbers aren’t heading in the right direction, and it’s not because we’re testing more.

RANDI KAYE: (outdoor noise) No, absolutely not.

RUSH: Hear that? Everybody knows that it is. When you test more, you’re gonna find people asymptomatic; you’re gonna find people symptomatic. This is undeniable. So whose fault is this? I wonder whose fault this is.

BRIAN STELTER: In the Fox interview, he defaulted to his favorite Coronavirus lie, that is that the rise in cases is all due to the rise in testing. We found that on May 14th he really started bringing this up again. Coincidentally or not, Rush Limbaugh made the same argument that day.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The more you test, guess what, the more cases you have.

BRIAN STELTER: Okay, so there we go, Rush Limbaugh says it in the afternoon, Trump repeats it at night. Watch.

TRUMP: When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.

BRIAN STELTER: Here we go. This is how it’s going to go.

RUSH: It’s my fault. It’s my fault. Trump heard me say it, and it sounded good, so he started using it. It’s my fault.

They had to go all the way back to May 14th. “Coincidentally or not, this is what Rush Limbaugh said.” May 14th. That’s two months ago.

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