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RUSH: You have heard of all kinds of “privilege.” White privilege, male privilege, wealth privilege. Well, there’s something called “Emergency Diploma Privilege” for lawyers.

A bill before the New York State legislature would allow law school graduates to go directly into law practice without bothering to take the bar exam. What’s the emergency? (Snort!) The coronavirus.

New York State is still officially under a declared COVID-19 disaster emergency. September is when the next New York State bar exam is supposed to take place. But that’s too soon. There still might be some corona germs lingering in September — and these young, healthy future lawyers can’t possibly risk taking the bar exam in person.

So liberal New York State legislators are coming to the rescue. They say that as long as these prospective lawyers have good character and display “general fitness” to be a lawyer/attorney, then screw the bar exam. These grads can just be declared lawyers — and standards plummet again. Just get rid of everything that makes it hard. Make it easy!

Who needs exams at all, by the way? Who cares if you pass or fail these days? Just get your trophy, start earning big bucks. Lawyers helping lawyers.

It’s just amazing to watch what’s happening in our country with the liberal left in charge of it.

Everything — everything — is being destroyed.

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