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RUSH: I’ve had a couple emails from people asking, “Hey, Rush, what do you think about this projection that Trump is gonna lose everything? He’s gonna lose the House, gonna lose the Senate, gonna lose the White House?” That is The Cook Report that people are seeing, the Charlie Cook Report. He is the dean of Washington predictors and pollsters and political consultants and all that. The same story came…

Let’s see. Ah, this is the most recent version. “With 102 days until Election Day,” it’s actually 100, I guess, “the blue wave threatening to swamp President Trump’s re-election chances keeps getting bigger and bigger. Why it matters: We all know that anything can happen. But right now, every measurable trend is going against Trump — and with each day that passes, it gets increasingly harder for him to claw his way back.

“The Cook Political Report on Friday flipped Florida from ‘toss-up’ to ‘leans Democratic,’ with national editor Amy Walter citing the state’s spiraling coronavirus outbreak. That follows a Quinnipiac poll on Thursday that showed Joe Biden leading by 13 points in” Florida. All right. Fine and dandy. Can I take you back?

Yes, I can, because I’m gonna do it. Grab audio sound bite number 9. We’re gonna go back to October 21, 2016. This, as you know, is like three weeks prior to the election in 2016. The poll today is a hundred days out. This is three weeks. On October 21, 2016, on MSNBC, Meet the Press Daily, F. Chuck Todd show — and he’s got Charlie Cook on! He’s got Charlie Cook, Charlie Cook of the Cook Report.

Question: “Charlie, you wrote that Republicans will now have four years to think about what they did to themselves this year. Donald Trump drove the car off the cliff.” So on October 21st, these guys think it’s over. Trump has driven the Republican car over the cliff. Grandma’s in it. She choked on the seat belt. Everybody in the car is dead. Trump’s dead, the Republican Party’s dead. October 21st, Trump has killed everything, and here’s Charlie Cook’s reply.

COOK: And it certainly is a cliff! (snickering)

TODD: So it’s off the cliff?

COOK: (chortling)

TODD: (snickering) You think it’s over?

COOK: Oh, yeah!

TODD: You’re done?

COOK: Yeah.

TODD: This is baked, done?

COOK: Yeah, if there were two or three or four, that’d be different, but we’re talking six, seven, eight, and, uh —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa —

COOK: — your poll had 11. This is —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop the tape. Did you hear that? “I think this is baked in. It’s done. It’s off the cliff! It’s… Yep. Yep. It’s baked. It’s done,” Chuck Todd says, and Charlie Cook responds, “Yeah, if this were two or three or four points, yeah, but your poll has it 11! Yeah, this is so well positioned. Hillary’s so well positioned.”

The reason I’m playing this is ’cause these clowns were dead wrong three weeks before the election in 2016. They have learned nothing. James Carville. James Carville right now is a happy guy. He thinks that Biden should continue the basement strategy. Biden’s got no choice but than to continue the basement strategy, for now. The minute Biden’s forced out of that basement, everything is going to change, to the extent that the Drive-Bys will cover it.

But I just… For those of you upset about this, we’ve been there. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. The Democrats and their polling units have tried to get you not to vote for Trump since 2016, and they’re continuing to try to dispirit you now.

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