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RUSH: Some guy, some journalist ran into the Round Mound of Sound, Jerry Nadler, in Washington — a random guy with a camera — and asked him to denounce the violence in Portland, the violence being perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Nadler said (summarized), “There isn’t any violence. It’s a myth.” He literally said there isn’t any violence. There’s no rioting going on in Portland. Even though Portland has declared riots two nights in a row, Saturday and Sunday. This is why Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, had to use the daily briefing to show what was happening in Portland because nobody in Washington believes it’s happening because nobody is being shown the video of it.

This is stunning. Nadler really thinks it’s just a right-wing, made-up myth that there are riots in Portland and in Seattle. These continue to be riots that are promoted and encouraged by blue state mayors and governors. (impression) “‘I ran into Jerry Nadler in D.C., asked him to disavow the Antifa violence and rioting in Portland. His response was, “It’s a myth.”‘”

Now, it’s also possible that Nadler knows full well there’s rioting going on out there and just saw fit to deny it because it… Folks, here’s the thing about this. When you get down to brass tacks, let’s take a look at where we are in this country right now — in my humble estimation — due to the Democrat Party. The Democrats told America not to take hydroxychloroquine, and now we’ve got yet another piece, an op-ed piece from a doctor.

It runs in Newsweek, talking about the fact if we had been using hydroxychloroquine steadily up to now, we wouldn’t have anywhere near the problem we’ve got, that it is completely healthy, that it is very effective. I’ve got two stories on this in the Stack. But it’s the Democrats and the media (which is redundant) that told everybody, “Stay away from hydroxychloroquine! It could kill you!”

It was the Democrats that told us that Governor Cuomo was the gold standard for COVID-19 care, even though… You know another big myth? Do you know what the number one demographic is for COVID-19 deaths? Sixty-five plus. It is stunning. I think it’s over 85% of COVID-19 deaths are among people 65 plus, and who was it that Cuomo sent into nursing homes to essentially get this virus and die?

It was Cuomo who did this, and yet he’s hailed as some kind of the gold standard for COVID-19 care. The Democrats are calling these riots “peaceful protests.” They are denying that there is rioting going on. They’re denying that there is destruction in blue states and blue cities going on, and instead they’re saying, “The people involved are peaceful, and they’re patriots.”

They have been cheering mass protests. They have slammed churchgoers. The Supreme Court decision on Friday was one of the most inexplicable, outrageous decisions — and it proves that the chief justice is an anti-religious liberal. There was a one-paragraph dissent from Justice Gorsuch who could not believe this ruling because of how simple it was.

So the bottom line is this, folks. You can protest all you want, you can shoot tear gas all you want, you can get together in unlimited numbers, as long as you are protesting against Republicans and Donald Trump. But you cannot go to church. You are violating protocol if you go to church. You can’t go to church in numbers greater than 30, 40, or 50 people.

But you can gather together to riot and to engage in violent protests all you want — and this has now been affirmed by the Supreme Court, which totally ignored the free expression of religion clause in the First Amendment in order to come to this ruling. The Democrats tell us that Black Lives Matter is not a Marxist organization, despite what the Black Lives Matter website says.

The Democrats have been trying to tell us the police are the problem, that defunding them was the answer — despite exploding crime and murder rates. They said that anybody who believed Obama spied on Trump was a paranoid fool. They said that Donald Trump was a traitor, that Joe Biden is sharp as a tack.

Folks, everything the Democrat Party is saying is a demonstrable, provable, misleading lie — and yet crickets from the Republican Party on this. I can’t imagine a more destructive, twisted, upside-down, reality-denying, corrupt string of lies than we are hearing every day from the Democrat Party, and if the Republican Party cannot communicate to voters how utterly false all this is — if they’re too lazy to try — they may never win another election.


RUSH: As it stands now — and it’s just so sad — Americans cannot attend family funerals. They can’t attend in-person weddings. Folks, you can, but, boy, the steps you have to walk through, the steps you have to take?

It makes it almost impractical to do it. The imposition on going to church, the imposition on a family funeral, the imposition on in-person weddings, it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. But you can go out and you can be part of any violent riot that you want. You cannot be with your sick children in a hospital, but, boy, can you be part of massive riots.

You can be part of massive protests that Democrat Party will then deny are occurring. You know, these contradictions and these hypocrisies would make really powerful campaign ads if they could be made and then if they could reach normal human beings. People could see it. Most people are not seeing this stuff, folks, ’cause the media is not telling them.


RUSH: Let me get started on the phones. Oregon City, Oregon, Jerry, you’re up first today. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Thank you, Rush. Hey, here the liberal leaders think that people that are anarchists, burning stuff down and whatnot, that they’re pandering to their constituency. But these people, they’re an anti-American. They don’t even believe in our electoral system. So it’s just totally unfathomable that these people aren’t gonna vote for them no matter what.

Just like the stupid mayor last week goes out and goes in a protest and thinks he’s showing them support, and they all start booing him. But my point, though — most important point — is by pandering to these people, they’re basically aiding and abetting people that are trying to overthrow the government. So why aren’t they being called out for that very factor?

RUSH: Well, who’s gonna call ’em out on it?

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: I’m serious.

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: No, no, way wait. No wait. No, no, no. I’m not trying to be an SOB. Who’s gonna do that?

CALLER: Well, it’s definitely not gonna be any newspaper or anything here in the Portland area or any television station, because —

RUSH: Well, okay. Exactly. So what is…? The media is aiding and abetting this. So you sit there and say, “Somebody better call ’em on it! Somebody better tell everybody what’s going on this.” The media’s not gonna do it; so that leaves who?

CALLER: Well, I would love to be able to start a militia movement of guys that would go down there and stand up to these people and help defend our police officers.

RUSH: No, they’d accuse you of rioting and going to church and put you in jail.

CALLER: Exactly. I completely concur. But the whole world is turned upside down out here on the Left Coast.

RUSH: Yeah, it is. (sigh) It is, but it isn’t. This is exactly what those people on the Left Coast want. You mentioned the mayor, Ted Wheeler. He goes out there and tries to express solidarity with the rioters! He tries to go out and do a bunch of attaboys and let ’em know he’s on their side. What’d they do? They tear gassed the guy! The guy ends up badly tear gassed, crying, begging, suing for peace.

They don’t have any respect for Ted Wheeler.

He’s a joke!

He’s just another obstacle in their way. So who’s gonna call these people out for being what they are? They’re trying to overthrow America. That is exactly right. If the Republican Party does not get a voice sometime soon in this… You know, they can’t just leave everything to Trump. But that’s what they’ve been doing. I’ve gotta go. I’m glad you called, Jerry. I didn’t mean to jump in your chili out there. Don’t mistake it. You just lit a fire under me here.

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