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RUSH: This goes hand in hand with the story we had yesterday. Yesterday there was a curious story about all of the women, the African-American women that Biden has to choose from for his vice presidential running mate. The story yesterday was, ah, every one of them’s got some kind of a problem. With every one of these women that Biden has named there is a “but.” I don’t mean big butt. I mean there’s a but, like b-u-t, but there’s a problem.

Don’t know when this surfaced. Yesterday was the first day I’d heard of it. But I asked very brilliantly, why does it matter? Biden’s up 10 points, 12 points, 13 points. What does it matter the baggage his vice presidential running mate has? If Biden’s leading all over the country and in these battleground states and battleground precincts, then what the hell does it matter what baggage his vice presidential running mates have?

Well, of course, it’s a brilliant question because what it illustrates is that they don’t believe these polls. They don’t believe Biden’s up by 12 or 13 or eight or 10 or whatever it is. They are very worried about it. So here’s a companion story. It’s from Axios. Now, Axios is this new Millennial outfit. They go out and they do a story and it starts with a paragraph, and the next paragraph is “Why This Matters.” Why this is important, what they are saying, whatever. It’s explanatory journalism, supposedly revolutionary.

And Axios went out to Michigan, and they assembled focus groups of swing voters because this is where they hope to prove to themselves that Trump is gonna lose. They’re going to all these states that Trump barely won, swing voters and in various precincts, and that if he hadn’t won Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, then he would not have won at all. So they’re focusing on these places, and they’re hoping to find evidence that swing voters that voted for Trump some time four years ago are prepared to vote against him this time.

So they went out there. And they found something very troubling. They paid a ton of money to go out there and do focus group work on swing state voters. The problem is that the swing state voters they assembled in their focus group didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. In fact, these voters are seeing video of Biden looking and sounding like an idiot.

Now, where are they seeing this? Because the Drive-By Media is not televising Biden. They might televise him if he’s got a telepromptered speech, but even those are risky. Folks, I’m telling you, just like the riots in Portland, Seattle, the media is not televising that stuff, and they’re not televising Biden. Yet Axios pays a lot of money to assemble these focus group voters, and they have seen Biden looking and sounding like an idiot.

This is why there’s never gonna be any presidential debates, by the way, but here’s a pull quote. “Some swing voters in Warren, Mich., question Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country — calling him a ‘puppet’ who’s not ‘mentally capable of being president’ — while admitting they haven’t paid much attention to his events, platforms or speeches.”


Only two of the nine voters in the swing state focus group actually plan to vote for Biden. The other seven Axios doesn’t say, but they’re probably either undecided or more likely voting again for Trump. Here’s a quote from one of the focus group participants.

“I just feel that what he’s saying is not making any sense to me.” She called Biden a puppet for wearing a mask in public, suggesting he’s only doing it to be politically correct. So the headline of Axios’ story, “Michigan swing voters question Biden’s ability to lead.” Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I mean, Biden’s leading Michigan by 13. That’s what all the polling data before this story was published says.

Biden’s cleaning up everywhere, isn’t he? I mean, Biden’s up 10, he’s up 12, he’s up 13, he’s up eight. I mean, it’s over, isn’t it? Isn’t that what you have concluded by watching the Drive-By Media? Why did they even do this? Why did they even pay the money to assemble focus group voters, swing voters, when it’s over? Well, the answer is obvious. They don’t think it’s over, and they don’t believe their own polls, and they shouldn’t believe their own polls because they know that they’re gimmied up, particularly at this point in time. They are there to shape public opinion, not reflect it.

So two days in a row we get stories from pro-Biden media that telegraph, that confirm they don’t think he’s leading, they don’t think he’s got it in the bag. And now they’ve gone out and they focus group swing voters and they find people that think this guy doesn’t even have what it takes to lead, there is gonna be a reckoning within the Biden campaign and with the media ’cause this is not supposed to have been discovered. This wasn’t supposed to be the case.

It’s really puzzling to me why Axios has even publicized this. Well, no. No. I can figure that out. Folks, all these stories, all these polls, all of the news that Biden’s got it in the bag, that Biden’s up by 10, 12, 13, whatever it is, they aren’t true, they never have been true, they’re made up and the media knows it because they’re out trying to find evidence that they can’t find.

You can’t believe anything that you have seen reported on the presidential race where the Biden campaign is the subject matter two days in a row, where we get stories that essentially indicate the media knows the stories they’ve been running heretofore are largely BS.


RUSH: Joe Biden, couple stories here on Joe Biden. Joe Biden says that women need his help to succeed in America. Despite all the facts and evidence to the contrary, Plugs says that only he can help the dismal plight of women in America, because women are victims of this terrible place we call home.

They’re victims in their own homes. And only Biden knows — I’m not making this up. The Biden agenda for women was just posted on his media page, and he makes the claim that women need his help to succeed in America because they’re so disadvantaged. Crazy Bernie cochair: “Voting for Biden’s like eating half a bowl of [crap].” There’s trouble in paradise out there, I think, in the Biden campaign. That’s an actual quote.

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