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RUSH: Now, folks, it’s not all bad out there. I found a piece today at the Spectator USA. This is not the American Spectator. This is the U.K. Spectator, but the U.K. Spectator has an American section, and they call it Spectator USA, and there’s a guy who has a piece on it today.

His name is Leonard Toboroff. I never heard of Leonard Toboroff. I said, “Who’s Leonard Toboroff?” So, I went out there, and I found out. I looked him up. Who’s Leonard Toboroff? Why am I reading a piece by Leonard Toboroff? Why did the Spectator choose to publish his piece? The title of his piece is, “Get Ready for Trump’s Second Term.” And the subhead: “Much depends on whose hands control each house of Congress.”So, what this is, this piece is an accounting of where we are in America and how Trump is going to win, and the guy offers four things that Trump can run on. So after researching Leonard Toboroff, I still don’t know who he is, other than he’s a writer at Spectator USA, he’s in his eighties, and he may be the founder of something called Steel Partners Acquisition Corporation.

So, other than that, he’s just somebody that this publication thought warranted being published. Let me give you a couple pull quotes. “In reality, the fake news about the fake polls seems illogical. How is it possible for Trump to have 54% approval on the economy and 70% disapproval on the virus — and in the same poll?”

How is that possible?

“Nor would 300,000 people have donated a total of $20 million in a single virtual fundraiser by Trump if they believed the near-unanimous propaganda that he’s certain to lose in November.” That’s an excellent point. Trump raised — in a virtual fundraiser — $20 million in a matter of minutes. So the question is, who in the world would throw $20 million down a sinking ship?

If everybody out there thinks Trump’s toast, if everybody thinks Trump is gonna lose and it’s hopeless and he’s already lost’ it’s just a matter of time, why — particularly in these economic times — would people part with that money? Because you don’t get write this off.

And donate to people ’cause you believe in ’em, because you want policy considerations. You want access. You’re expecting the guy to win! “Nor would the ‘peaceful’ … burning down of a courthouse in Portland, Oregon, cheered on by its mayor, edge Trump into a two- or three-point snap lead over Joe in a solid blue bastion.”

Nor would the peaceful — that’s Biden’s words — the peaceful — did you that Biden did say that the burning down of a courthouse in Portland was peaceful? (interruption) He got confused. They’re being told out there that protesters are peaceful people, mothers and — Biden got confused. He said peaceful protesters burned down the courthouse, or tried to. They have been trying to burn down the courthouse for two months, every night, by the way, in Portland. He says, “Rasmussen, the only national poll remaining has Trump at 48% approval and trending up.

“So translated logically, this gives Trump a wide lead in all battleground states that would translate into a bit more than 300 Electoral College votes.” By the way, we had evidence of this yesterday. Remember the Axios story where Trump in three battleground sections of Michigan is winning. They went out, they didn’t take a poll, they did a focus group. They did a focus group. They got actual people in a room and started interviewing them, and they found out that the polls of Trump losing battleground states is not true.

These focus groupers had no desire for Biden. They didn’t think he was capable of leadership. It was the exact opposite of what the polls are showing. So Mr. Toboroff here is basically citing this. If Trump is at 48% approval nationwide and trending up, then there’s a logical translation that gives Trump a wide lead in all battleground states that would translate into a bit more than 300 electoral votes right now.

So he says, “Let’s take this as grounds for examining what a second Trump term would lead us to expect. Much depends on whose hands control each House of Congress. Currently, and like Lincoln, he faces a House divided. But our logic here is that Trump brings both chambers with him next January.” So this guy, not only is Trump gonna win, Trump is going to hold the Senate, the Republicans are gonna hold the Senate and gonna take back the House. And he says that on Trump’s plate for a second plate — it’s gonna be full — the ChiComs, the judiciary, education, satisfactory redress for the criminal acts of the last four years — that’s the Russia hoax.

So this guy: get ready for Trump’s second term. He thinks it’s all but a fait accompli. I just don’t mean to pepper you here with the, quote, unquote, bad news. Actually, I don’t think it’s bad news. It can be interpreted that way. I’m trying to shed light on what I think is so bogus. I don’t think this country is anywhere near the destruction the Democrats and the media want you to believe.

I don’t think that Twitter is America. I don’t think Facebook is America. I don’t think any of these. I think all of this stuff is artificially suppressing conservative ideas and thoughts and presence and it’s artificially expanding the presence and the apparent dominance of the left. They are still a minority in this country, and the evidence of that is by their behavior.

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