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RUSH: I just saw something on TV that reminds me of something. Politico yesterday ran a story claiming that Kamala Harris is Biden’s VP pick. And then they scrubbed the piece. They scrubbed the story. Now, how does this happen? And look at this story, by the way. This is from The Blaze website. Look at the way this is written: “Politico made waves on social media Tuesday.” So what? So what they made waves on social media, big deal.

Anyway, “made waves on social media when they published and then promptly corrected a biography of Senator Kamala Harris, claiming that Biden had chosen her as his running mate on August 1st.” Well, it’s not August 1st yet. So here’s Politico labeling Harris as Biden’s running mate that he chose on August 1st, which was four days from yesterday when the story ran. They quickly take it down.

So, what does this mean? Does it mean that she’s actually the pick? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what else it means. It means that Politico has now made it official: They are an arm of the Democrat Party. And this was a mistake. Somebody in the Biden campaign told them this. And they made the mistake, somebody goofed up and posted this story four days early. But they have it written, they’ve got it written in The Politico as of yesterday just waiting and ready to go, and somebody mistakenly puts it out.

So, now the Biden campaign is faced with a dilemma. What if it isn’t? What if this story’s wrong? What if she’s not the pick? Do they embarrass Politico? Or do they make a move to actually choose her? “Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to become his running mate for the 2020 election on August 1, two weeks before the Democratic National Convention, after keeping his choice close to his chest for months.” This is how the story begins.

“In his announcement, Biden called Harris ‘a worthy opponent and a worthy running mate,’ alluding to the pair’s rivalry during the earlier stages of the Democratic primary. ‘She will bring her experience as a prosecutor, household name recognition, and skill as a debater to the ticket.'”

Then they added an editor’s note. “Due to a technical error, an earlier version of this graphic mistakenly reported that Biden had made his VP selection. We regret the mistake.”

It sure as hell, when you read it, it sure as hell sounds to me like Biden gave them the quotes, that somebody in the Biden campaign gave them the quotes, that Kamala Harris did. It sounds exactly like she’s the pick. And Politico goofed up by releasing the story four days early.

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