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RUSH: Donald Trump has blown up the American left with his suggestion that we delay the election because of the fraudulent content of mail-in ballots. It’s amazing how the Democrats continue to fall for this guy and — after almost four years — still have no idea how Trump does what he does and why he’s doing it when he does what he does. But I, of course, the Trump expert in the American media, am gonna explain this to you as the program unfolds today.


RUSH: I have a story here from TheHill.com. The headline is this: “Obama Tells Donors He Fears Voter Suppression, Trump Questioning Election Legitimacy — Former President Obama on Tuesday told donors ahead of the 2020 election that his top concerns include voter suppression and President Trump potentially casting doubt on the election’s legitimacy.”

May I comment on this? Yes, I can because it’s my program and I’m duty-bound, ’cause this is outrageous. The Democrat Party has done more to damage the integrity, the honor, and the reputation of the American presidential electoral system than anything Vladimir Putin or any Russian or any ChiCom could have hoped to have done.

For four years they have perpetuated a lie that the 2016 election was illegitimate, that Donald Trump didn’t really win, that Hillary Clinton did. That Donald Trump was a traitor. That Donald Trump worked with the Russians to steal the election. That actual votes were tampered with, that voting machines were tampered with, even though nothing of the kind happened, there was never any evidence of any of this.

It was one of the biggest political scandals — it is the biggest political scandal of any of our lifetimes. And by hyping this and by promoting the idea, they still to this day cannot come to grips with the fact that they lost the 2016 election. And they claim because it was illegitimate, because it was a fraudulent election ’cause Trump cheated, the Russians cheated, the Russians meddled. They have done more to put the outcome of every election in question than anything Trump or Putin or any American enemy ever could have.

So for Obama to come along here now, say he fears voter suppression? Voter suppression and he worries that Trump is gonna question the legitimacy of the election? Why wouldn’t Trump? Trump has been the victim of an attempt to say he didn’t win, when it was one of the greatest human accomplishments in American history.

They are attempting to deny Donald Trump one of the greatest achievements of his life and in American politics. A genuine outsider who had never run for the presidency before comes along and defeats the biggest and most powerful political machine of his generation. That would be the Clinton political machine, the Democrat Party.

And look at the allies they had. They had the FBI leadership. They had the intelligence community leadership. They had MI5 in the U.K. They had the whole of the United States media. They had the Democrat Party electoral apparatus in state after state after state gunning for Donald Trump Donald Trump. They had what they thought was the smartest woman in the world as their candidate, and they couldn’t beat the guy, they couldn’t stop the guy, they couldn’t stop him with anything they tried.

They couldn’t stop him with the Access Hollywood video. They couldn’t stop him with Stormy Daniels. They couldn’t stop him with Michael Avenatti. They couldn’t stop him with Michael Cohen. They haven’t laid a glove on him. They’ve distracted him, and they have slowed down the agenda. Don’t misunderstand. Not saying there’s no damage done, but their objective has been to get rid of him.

Their objective is to be successful to the point that he goes to jail. Their objective has been to get him out of the White House and somehow get Hillary in there. Their objective has been to reverse the 2016 election. You know it and I know it. In the process, folks, Trump hasn’t done one thing to damage the electoral integrity of this country. Not a single thing. They have. And nobody calls them out on it.

They’ve been talking for two years about how the 2020 election is — Trump’s already cheating. Trump is already tampering. Trump is already working with the Russians to steal another one. They have made it appear that it’s some of the easiest work in the world to steal a U.S. presidential election. They’ve made it look like they’re impotent and can’t stop it.

They have done everything in the world to make it appear as though it’s one of the easiest things in the world to do, steal a U.S. presidential election, even though Barack Hussein O pointed out, I think in the spring of 2016, how impossible it is and how impossible it would be to actually tamper with and change a U.S. presidential election. It would not be possible.

So for Obama to come out here fearing voter suppression, Trump questioning — they know they’re gonna lose. That’s what all of this means. They’re already setting up excuses. And believe me, folks, if your candidate, if your standard-bearer was Plugs Biden, I guarantee you in the real world you’d be thinking you’re gonna lose too. Common sense gets buried here by the conventional wisdom of the day, but Plugs Biden? Can you imagine the lack of any kind of confidence that candidate stirs within the Democrat Party? They’ve got to run some kind of operation here.

So in the midst of all of this, what happens? Well, we get a tweet. We get a tweet from the Trumpster. And here is the Trumpster’s tweet. It happened at 9:02 this morning: “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” With three question marks.

So here comes Obama telling donors he fears voter suppression and he fears Trump’s questioning the election legitimacy, and Trump obliges. And they blow up. They literally blow up. We have the Drive-Bys wild here with this delay action tweet of Trump’s. Here’s sound bite number 2.

POPPY HARLOW: The president seriously just floated the idea of delaying the election.

JIM SCIUTTO: The sitting president suggesting delaying his own election.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He thinks that he can just delay the election.

JIM CRAMER: Why do we have to delay the election and why does it have to be crooked?

KEVIN CIRILLI: Could they delay this election? I mean, you would have to go back to 1845.

DAVID FABER: Exacerbate the fears that he won’t accept the results of the election should it go against him.

DANIEL FLAX: Elections to our democracy are critical. I do think it’s important that they’re held this year.

RUSH: Now, the Democrats are all bent out of shape here ’cause Trump is talking about delaying the election because of universal mail-in voting being the most inaccurate and fraudulent way of voting, and there’s evidence, and I’ve got it coming up. We’ll get to that in just a second. But I had some people who fell for this even on our side. “Rush, what is Trump doing? This is the worst thing. Oh, my God. Rush you’ve gotta help me understand. What is Trump doing?”

Folks, he’s attempting to play them like a Stradivarius. You can’t look at this tweet in a vacuum. You have to look at it within the context of Obama out there telling donors he fears voter suppression and he thinks that Trump is gonna question the legitimacy of the election when these people have already destroyed that. They’ve already destroyed the legitimacy of the election and mail-in voting is a further attempt to damage the legitimacy of the election.

But what this is, it’s not hard if you understand Trump as I do. I may be, I may be the single most qualified media person to explain Donald Trump to people that don’t get him and to people who have made no effort to get him. What this is is a play. Trump is playing off Obama, worried about voter suppression, and fearing that Trump might question the legitimacy of the election. It’s only a common sense thing to do.

After everything the Democrats have done for four years, then you add in this universal mail-in voting. But it’s a play off, you know, the left is saying, “We can’t start school until we have a vaccine. We can’t go back to work until COVID runs its course.” The left is presenting impossible alternatives out there. We can’t start school until we have a vaccine. The hell we can’t. But that’s the choice they are attempting to set up for people.

We can’t go back to work until COVID runs its course. Well, that means nobody’s ever going to back to work ’cause COVID’s never gonna run its course. It’s there. It’s gonna be with us forever. Do we get a vaccine someday? Maybe. Do we get therapeutics someday? Maybe. Hydroxychloroquine, will it ever be used universally because of the success people had? Maybe. But it’s always gonna be around.

The left is using these false-choice narratives as an effort to dispirit you, to depress you, to think that there is no reason to even hope we can get back to some state of normalcy or the way things used to be. We can’t start school until we have a vaccine. We can’t go back to work until COVID runs its course. Should we delay the election until we get this mail-in ballot thing straightened out? He’s just ramming it back down their throats. And predictably, they’re going bonkers over him mentioning this delay.

And because they’ve made no effort in four years to even try to understand who Trump is and how he operates and the same thing about his supporters, they’re too dumb to realize what he’s actually doing here. So the left now has to choose one course or the other because this is what they’ve been presenting to us. They have to choose. Delay the election, mail-in voting. Mail-in voting go by the wayside or do we delay the election? This is the choice that he’s giving them.

He’s simply doing pushback. He’s simply throwing it right back in their face. The thing about this that is continually amazing to me is that these people, political experts extraordinaire, political professionals, consultants, they’re all over the place in the American Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party, they still do not get Trump or the people who support him. They look at everything through a prism of how things have always been, how things have always been done, because it’s comfortable.

But nothing in the past matters. Nothing yesterday matters. We’re in a new boat. We’re on a new ocean every single day. Nothing is the same. And the question is, can it go back? Can we return to the same? Is this the standard that we’re all seeking to meet and accomplish?


RUSH: The president of the United States sends out this tweet today suggesting that maybe we should delay the election. We need to delay the election because of the fraud that’s occurring in mail-in voting. And he doesn’t demand to delay the election, obviously, he suggests it with three question marks. And here’s the tweet. He said: “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???” Question mark, question mark, question mark.

So he’s asking, should we delay it? This predictably has blown up the media, blown up the left, and I should say it’s blown up Twitter, naturally. So what is this all about? Well, I have two stories for you here. “CBS News Experiment On Mail-In Voting Ends In Disaster.” The story is from today, from Houston.

“With Democrats across the country pushing mail-in voting over COVID-19 concerns, ‘CBS This Morning’ conducted their own experiment by mailing out mock ballots to fake election offices they set up. The results ‘ends in disaster’, as the Republican National Committee put it. CBS Correspondent Tony Dokoupil reports: For the experiment, a P.O. box was set up to represent a local election office. A few days after the initial ballots were mailed, 100 more were sent. The mock ballots used the same size envelope and same class of mail as real ballots, and even had mock votes folded in to approximate the weight. The biggest difference: real mail-in ballots have a logo that is meant to expedite them. ‘CBS This Morning’ was unable to include those [in] the trial.

“Out of the initial batch mailed a week earlier, 97 out of 100 votes had arrived. Three simulated persons, or 3% of voters, were effectively disenfranchised by mail by giving their ballots a week to arrive. In a close election, 3% could be pivotal. Four days after mailing the second batch of mock ballots, 21% of the votes hadn’t arrived.

“Another problem found by Dokoupil was that the post office initially lost the entire stack of initial ballots. It was later discovered. The Postal Service recommends that ‘voters should mail their return ballots at least one week prior to the due date.’ However, Dokoupil points out that nearly half of all states still allow voters to request ballots less than a week before the election.

More alarming is that when Dokoupil shared the results of the experiment with Philly Commissioner Lisa Deeley, she admitted that the results were actually better than she had expected. Three-percent of ballots lost and she thinks that’s a good thing.”

So CBS sets up an experiment. I don’t know what their thought was. I don’t know what they thought was gonna happen. My guess is that by doing the experiment, they wanted to prove that mail-in ballots are fine, that the post office can deal with it, don’t worry about stuff getting lost and don’t worry about it not being delivered on time and don’t worry about any of that. And the exact opposite was discovered and happened. The results ended in disaster.

So CBS, just to review this again, they set up a P.O. box to represent a local election office. Nothing untoward about that. Everything in this was fake except the attempt to make it real to see if people abiding by the rules and regulations would actually have their votes arrive in time and count.

So after they set up a post office box, a few days after the initial ballots were mailed, a hundred more were sent. The mock ballots used the same size envelope, same class of mail as the real ballots. They even had mock votes. So they had a hundred fake ballots. They threw everything at this test they could. And what they found was that it doesn’t work, that the fake ballots were treated as real, that it doesn’t take much to make fake ballots look like real ballots, it doesn’t take much to make ’em look the same size and weigh the same. It doesn’t take much to make them look as legitimate as the real ballots.

They also found that not every ballot arrived on time. They were all sent on a certain day, but not all of them arrived in time to be legally counted. And you know what’s gonna happen in a situation like that in what we would call “for real”? So if there are ballots that don’t arrive on time and it ends up being reported, you know what’s gonna happen? “It’s not fair. We have to count those ballots. It’s not the voter’s fault. It’s not the voter’s fault that his ballot didn’t arrive in time. It’s disenfranchisement.”

The Democrats will set it up so that no matter what route a fake ballot takes to get where it’s supposed to go in time in the mail, that it will count no matter how late it is. They will able to flood the system with fake ballots, fake votes. And the appeal to emotion, it’s not fair, this is disenfranchisement. And then we’ll hear that most of the votes that didn’t arrive on time happened to be from minority communities. I mean, I can spell this out, I can tell you exactly how this is gonna go now.

It is a recipe for disaster. The Democrats have cooked this thing up because they don’t feel confident that they can win in a traditionally fair and normal election. Same reason early voting was established. Early voting is an opportunity for fraud. And now mail in — by the way, mail-in voting is not absentee. Absentee, that’s a system we’ve got down pat. Absentee has been a voting system that’s been in play for a while. And everybody knows the rules, and the rules are upheld. But mail-in balloting is just a recipe, a purposeful recipe for disaster.

There’s another example here. This is from U.S. News & World Report: “NY Mail-In Voting Deluge Fuels Uncounted Ballots, Confusion –– New York’s quest to keep voters safe from COVID-19 by letting them vote by mail in the June primary has led to big delays in tabulating results, concerns about disenfranchisement.” See, right there it is. Some votes have not arrived. It’s not fair.

“That’s too bad they didn’t arrive on time. There’s a date certain they’ve gotta be there.

“But they didn’t show up. It’s not the voters’ fault. It’s disenfranchisement.” It’s all so easily predictable. And now because of the way this little trial run in New York has gone, there are questions about whether there will be an even bigger mess in the fall. And this is what Trump is talking about in his tweet: Universal mail-in voting will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. It will be a great embarrassment.

Mail-in voting has already been a disaster. If you want free and fair elections, then you don’t do mail-in voting. You don’t open up the obvious weak point that this opens up. This is even the AP reporting. The AP is not even trying to cover-up how disastrous this is. Even left-wing establishments have been forced to admit that an accurate and prompt counting is impossible with a flood of mail-in votes.

You know, everybody expects election night counting. Everybody expects election night tabulating. You stay up late, you expect to know who wins elections by the time you go to bed, unless it’s something really close and then okay, you’ll put up with maybe having to wait ’til the next day and then there are recounts and all that. But people expect a relatively rapid count, and when there isn’t one, the fist suspicions of fraud begin to trickle in.

And I’m telling you with mail-in balloting, immediate tabulation, like with absentees, is simply not possible. Democrats are fighting in New York over who won a primary election in June. We’re here at the end of July and we still don’t know who won a primary election in June because they used mail-in votes. But for the general election, I think the Democrats want this kind of chaos. I think they would love it if we didn’t have a result on election night or even the next day because they are going to make the case — Obama’s already set it up. He fears voter suppression and he fears Trump questioning the legitimacy of the election.

The Democrats want chaos in the general election. They want to manipulate elections ’til they can control or eliminate ’em. And I’m serious, do not doubt me. The Democrats are looking forward to the day where they can eliminate elections. Oh, the elections will happen, but they’ll be like elections for Vladimir Putin. So this testing in New York, at the end of the day, is probably a success for the Democrats. Primaries are all screwed up. We still don’t have answers, still confusion over who won, which means full speed ahead for the Democrats on mail-in voting.

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