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RUSH: Six years ago, the shooting of Michael Brown led to violent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. A St. Louis grand jury weighed all the evidence and found the police officer in the case, Darren Wilson, should not face charges because his actions were justified.

Back then, prosecutor Bob McCulloch came under heavy criticism for presenting the case to a grand jury – instead of giving in to the loud demands to just charge Darren Wilson with murder. In 2018, McCulloch was defeated by Wesley Bell, who became the first African-American to head the St. Louis prosecutor’s office.

Bell and his new team of prosecutors reopened the Michael Brown case. They spent five months reexamining everything: the forensic evidence, the witness statements the entire case.

Last Thursday, Prosecutor Bell delivered a somber message. He said his heart broke for the Brown family, but he would not be charging Darren Wilson. The investigation could not prove that the officer committed murder or manslaughter.

Which is exactly what the grand jury had found six years earlier. After being identified as a participant in a robbery, Michael Brown tried to take the officer’s weapon. It cost him his life.

Race was never the issue in this case, never should have become the issue. “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!” never happened! This was about right and wrong. And Michael Brown, sadly, was on the wrong side of this.

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