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RUSH: So, I just got an email. I check it during the break. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: How the hell is Bill Clinton was at Jeffrey Epstein’s private island with young girls…? How is that not the lead story in every newspaper and cable show in America today? Why isn’t The View all over the story today condemning the atrocious, sex-slave trafficking of Epstein and Bill Clinton?”

It’s a legitimate question in common-sensical times. You think the babes at The View are going to all of a sudden start condemning Bill Clinton? You think the babes at The View are gonna start defending the women who were part of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia ring, the victims? What planet you living on? You people remember the name Nina Burleigh?

Nina Burleigh wrote for TIME magazine.

During the early nineties when Slick Willie was president, Nina Burleigh actually wrote that she wanted to give Bill Clinton a “Lewinsky” — as many Lewinskys as he wanted — just for making sure that he kept abortion safe and legal. How is “Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s private island with young girls” not the lead story? The question is: How hard are they working to suppress it? How much argument is there in newsrooms about it?

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