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RUSH: Look, I don’t know about you guys. That was the biggest dud of a storm I have ever — I’m not kidding here and I’m not even gonna go into the political nature of what I think happened here. It was the biggest dud of a storm I have ever seen. Now, I know it’s not a dud now, do not misunderstand me. But they had all of us here in South Florida thinking like they always do, that we were on the verge of a catastrophic disaster. So we made the preparations. We got ready for a catastrophe.


RUSH: Folks, I can’t describe to you how big a miss this was. We’re watching this storm come up from, well, the Dominican, and it comes up through the Bahamas, and I’m looking the whole time — don’t worry, I’m not gonna spent a lot of time on this ’cause there’s a lot of stuff to get to.

The whole time I’m not seeing any rain. I’m looking at the radar. I’m not seeing any rain where they say the center of the circulation is. And I figure, well, we’re not seeing any rain because the weather apps we have do not have permission to run foreign country radar. So I said I’ll just wait.

Well, I waited and waited and went to bed Saturday night fully expecting to wake up Sunday morning to all kinds of mayhem, the kind of noise you get with a Category 1 hurricane, which is a lot of noise. It can sound like a 747 at full rev on the tarmac, even a Cat 1. I get up, nothing. I look at the radar. Nothing. The radar is all the way out — it’s 50 miles away. The closest rain’s 50 miles to the west of us.

I said, “What the hell?” Folks, we didn’t get a drop of rain where we are. We didn’t get any above-average winds at all. And yet all day yesterday and even Saturday night leading into it we kept hearing the catastrophe was on the verge of happening. And I’m thinking, did these people miss where the center of circulation is? ‘Cause, I mean, literally, folks, there was no rain associated with this storm where they told us it was. It was all the way west.

Now that the storm is nearing the Carolinas and Georgia, now the circulation and rain are meeting up, at least on radar and so forth. I mean, this was — A, the winds were never — you know, the strongest winds were 45 miles an hour. There wasn’t any 69 or 70-mile-an-hour winds in this thing. Maybe they were at altitude, but they weren’t on the surface. I looked. I measured. I looked at every app I could find because, you know, the wind speed is a crucial thing when you’re preparing for these storms.

I realize a lot of you don’t care about this because you don’t live where hurricanes hit. I know. Before I lived here I didn’t care either. And in fact I’ll tell you this. After a hurricane passes by here I don’t care anymore. So I know I have to find a way to relate it to all of you. Even though 99% of you are never gonna live — well, 90% will never experience a hurricane, at least where you live.

You cannot escape that there has been a politicization of everything. And the politicization of weather is about climate change. And one of the aspects of climate change is more and more violent hurricanes attacking and hitting the United States.

You know, I never watch local news anymore. Don’t know why. I just don’t. But I did for the purposes of study. And they’re reporting something that’s not happening. They’re talking about the surge. They’re talking about the high winds. Here! They’re talking about the rain. There was nothing going on here!

Everybody that I talked to about this stuff, “Can you ever remember a bigger dud than this?” (interruption) Oh, no, no, no. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying I was disappointed. I’m talking about dud as a forecast. Dud not just as a forecast, but as reporting on the current status of a storm. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. And it has been a long life, it has been a very involved life, been a very deep life, very productive life.

I’ve just never seen this before. I kept waiting. Sunday morning, something’s gotta happen here based on this forecast, and nothing. I put the shutters up for nothing. I lived all day long in a freaking dark room for the most part, for nothing.

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