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RUSH: It was Elizabeth Drew who has the piece in the New York Times, “Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates.” Oh, by the way, this piece is not written out of any concern that Trump will prevail over Biden in the debates. No, no, no. No, of course not, no, no. She makes that point. I am not suggesting we ban debates because I don’t think Biden will do well. No, no, no. I don’t think that presidential races should be decided by debates.

She goes on to say that they’re superficial, they’re never in-depth, they’re too predictable, and they’re not anything people ought to be voting on. Now, I will guarantee you folks that if the Democrat nominee were a superb debater or even anybody other than Biden, this piece would never have been written and certainly never published.

She doesn’t mean this. The reason they don’t want any debates is because specifically of Joe Biden and his inability to do one. And, by the way, as I told you, there are rumblings that the cognitive dissonance, the mental challenges are becoming even more pronounced.

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